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What makes us different
"While exceptions can be made to the unwritten rules, it's best to go along with the flow of the main story and enhance it rather than cheapen it." - Roleplay tips, Page 47 - World of Warcraft Official Strategy Guide

Our Standards:

We consider roleplay in this game to be a lot like PvE or PvP: it's just more fun when you have a good group of players to play with. Many people confuse our having standards with having an ego, and the truth is we're just looking for other like-minded roleplayers to enjoy the game with. Not everyone shares our expectations, and just because you don't agree with a point listed here doesn't mean you're going about your roleplay in the wrong way. We just have specific, clear preferences. Our guild has both new and veteran roleplayers alike, but we all follow these standards in our roleplay and character creation:

- The lore is the language you use to create and communicate through your character. It's not bendable; it's not subjective; it's not something that can be applied to some aspects of your character but not others. It's the story of the universe we are playing in.

- Your character concepts and backstory must be explained within the lore and current story of Warcraft. Character concepts that involve explanations like, "There's nothing saying I can't..." are unacceptable.

- We are roleplaying in World of Warcraft, not writing fanfiction for it.

- The NPCs around us are a part of the game world and acknowledged by our characters. For example, the Deathguards in Brill would react to our characters if they drew weapons on our Horde allies.

- The knowledge we have as players and the knowledge our characters have are not the same, and we always make sure not to confuse the two.

- We can create characters that are engaging and unique while staying true to the lore. The story of the game does not hinder our creativity or remove possibilities for our characters; it adds to them.

- Characters can be singular without being overly powerful, if their abilities and differences are scaled believably. For example, Jim may be the only Forsaken to try and replace the embalming fluid in his veins with hot chocolate so he can remember better days. That's fine. We don't like it when Jim is the only Forsaken to successfully turn back time or brew emotions as an alchemist. We consider it to be a matter of impact on the universe. Hot chocolate blood is going to (hypothetically) impact the world less than time travel.

- Believable characters have multiple flaws. We mean "flaw" in the true sense of the word, in that it impacts the character in a negative way.

- When creating your character you should reflect on the NPCs and lore figures on Azeroth. It’s from these NPCs that we can measure our own characters. RP characters should not behave drastically different from their in-lore counterparts already in the game world.

- Lore characters are already spoken and written for. Our characters do not need any kind of special relationship or interaction with them.

What Makes us Different:

- We have an average of two to three guild events a week. Some are RP, some are not. Some pertain to our current guild plot, and others are just excuses to get together to do something fun. Our events are varied and will get you out of the cities and into the game world for reasons your character can get behind. We have a lot of action in our plots, and we don't limit ourselves to social situations in our roleplay.

- We believe in being all encompassing and letting everyone get a chance in the spotlight, and our in-game events and stories reflect that. All players have a chance to participate and grow their characters when we roleplay as a group.

- A lot of guilds operate by casting their net and taking in anything they catch. We're different. We think a good guild is made by being selective, and so we only take in players who have a lot of emotional intelligence, are active, and have fun making stories and playing this game.

- There's nothing worse than joining a new guild and feeling alone when you're in-game. Warforged Legacy is welcoming! Your personal story with the guild starts right away. Because we are choosy, our members have no reason to distance themselves from new players.

- Every member gets a personal story and series of in-character quests tailored for their character and a roleplay partner in the form of one of our veteran members (that you get to pick!).

- We do everything together. We are very involved - from our active forums, Mumble server, to our in-guild writing contests, and more. We run deep.

- Last but not least, we pride ourselves on not having a single character in our guild that ruins roleplay by being too powerful to be realistic, or too perfect to be believable. Our characters are all Forsaken with goals, ambitions, and concepts that pertain to the story of Warcraft. Struggle with the story of the game? We have a complete guide here.

As an aside, we never expect a member applying to join to have special knowledge of the game beyond having read the quest text in some of the early Forsaken zones; they tell you everything you need to know. We're more than willing to teach and help new players along if they specify they are such on their application.