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Warforged Legacy is an RP guild with an emphasis on lore-abiding, serious roleplay that is consistent with the type of race you are playing. As such, we place particular importance on the behavior of our members while they are engaged in In-Character behavior.

When you are out-of-character, you may do as you wish as long as it does not break TOS or reflect badly on the guild.

When you are in-character, you are expected to behave appropriately for a citizen of Azeroth. (For example: Do not swear using modern profanity. Only use mounts and pets that you have a good in-character reason for possessing. Do not commit criminal activities in front of guards. Do not enter a city with a demon minion summoned.)

If a guild member is determined to be behaving in an in-character manner that is at odds with the our expectations, they will be approached by a guild officer. The officer, on their discretion, may put that person on a probationary period to change their behavior or may remove them from the guild.


The relationship we have with our members is not parental.

What does this mean?

It is not our place to educate our members on how to interact with others, to teach them what is and isn't acceptable behaviour, to reprimand them, to scold them, or to punish them. Every member of our guild must have a level of maturity, intelligence, and empathy necessary to carry themselves as a well adjusted, socially aware human being. We lay out our expectations, if a member fails to meet them they are removed.


Our expectations:

- Take some time to observe the culture of the guild before hitting it with the full force of your personality.

- Do not trade on your femininity or masculinity for favours, attention, or validation.

- Do not wear your emotional baggage on your sleeve. Freely sharing intimate details of your real life with the guild as a whole is unacceptable. We realize the anonymity of the internet makes sharing about yourself easy, but as a general rule when talking about yourself: If you wouldn't say it while making small talk in line at the grocery store, don't say it in guild chat.

- Do not use any member of the guild as a therapist or councilor. You must have enough emotional intelligence to know the difference between seeking advice from a friend online and burdening a stranger in World of Warcraft with your personal problems.

- No fanboyism. Do not vehemently defend things you enjoy and claim anything else like it is bad or wrong. Do not state your opinion as fact. This is especially true when speaking about Blizzard Entertainment. We do not want to hear how your experiences mean World of Warcraft developers are ruining the game, wrecking something, or hate a certain playerbase.

- This is a guild made up of adults, and both guild chat and mumble can contain adult content. Please know your limits, and be aware of others. Please refrain from sexist/racist/derogatory language and avoid overly controversial topics. On the other side, if you are made uncomfortable please react like a mature adult. Log off mumble if/when you need a break, politely request a change of topic, or privately whisper the speaker or an officer. If you are aware of someone being purposefully disruptive or antagonistic, please inform an officer.

- In discord: We strictly enforce broadcast etiquette. Headphones are mandatory, and it is expected you behave and speak with people as if they were in the same room as you. Do not yell, do not interrupt, and take your finger off the hot key when you're done speaking. Please do not be overly unpleasant or use excessive amounts of swearing. The server info may not be freely shared. Try and use the right channel for what you're currently doing.

Wearing our Guild Tabard:

When you join this guild, you represent us wherever you go, and your actions will directly reflect the integrity of the guild. Inappropriate conduct with other guild members and the Wyrmrest community is not permitted.

- You are expected to respect one another and members of other guilds.

The goblin's trike runs on the ashes of Teldrassil. Remember this if you're applying, it will show you've paid attention.

- Do not police other people's roleplay. Keep your reactions to other players in-character and do not offer criticism. Ignore and report players who grief roleplay. Remember: In-character actions should have in-character consequences.

- Do not troll or deliberately bother people who are roleplaying. Do not be disruptive to roleplay by deliberating walking yourself or your mount near or through roleplayers, using a spell or item with an overt graphical display to interrupt people who are roleplaying, or any of variety of other rude and disruptive behavior.

- Do not bother people who are not roleplaying. If you are roleplaying in a location and there are other people there - you need to adjust your roleplay for that fact. You do not own that location. Do not tell them to leave, or be inappropriate to make them uncomfortable.

- Do not violate the terms of use for World of Warcraft. This means if you are found doing anything that's a reportable offence in-game, you will be removed. This is especially true regarding any grey market involvement, like gold selling or account trading.


Blizzard has recently changed how players are viewed in the game. Previously, each player was a minor character, a cog in the Alliance or Horde machine. Starting with Warlords, players have been recognized for what they've accomplished by being made the leader of the faction's army, personally recognized by the faction's head.

Warforged Legacy still supports the first viewpoint.

The members of our guild are not the leaders of the Horde army, they are not Thrall's best friend, and they were not present on the Lich King's throne when Arthas was struck down.

Anyone who is the leader of the Horde army, Thrall's best friend, or took part in Arthas' death would have no reason to be a member of a small mercenary group.

- We have high standards for roleplay that you must meet in every scene you do, whether it's with the guild or not. Be aware of your character, your environment, and how your actions would be seen by those around you. Do not use excessive suggestive or disgusting behavior as an attention-getting behavior. If you ERP, be sure that it's in private, and that it disturbs nobody.

- Criminal activities in front of city guards, travelling with a demon in a city, and other forms of low-quality roleplay are not encouraged.

- All of our organized RP events are optional. If you get bored during an event, find a way to involve yourself in the activities or politely leave. Do not entertain yourself by doing anything that is disruptive or a distraction to the rest of the people at the event.

- Use godmoding appropriately, and only if all parties are in agreement. (Characters in an IC position of authority are considered to have permission to some degree of godmoding but should use that judiciously.)

- Avoid getting in-character confused with out of character.

- Maintain a character that is lore compliant with being a person living on Azeroth. For example: As a player, you have numerous dragon mounts in your mount tab. But Azerothian dragons are long-lived sentient beings that have their own business to attend to and who don't deign to be taxis for the mortal races. Riding a dragon is considered to be an OOC action, and should not be done during roleplay.

- Be a roleplayer, not a storyteller. We expect our members to be flexible and spontaneous in their roleplay. While we understand everyone has a story they want to tell, we want members who react to the world around them with a character to see what happens. This is much preferred over a player who wants scripted scenes and for everyone to play their part.

Regarding Officers:

- You may not always think that your officers are right, but what they say goes. If you have any concerns, bring them up with an officer in private and they'll do their best to sort them out.

- If someone whispers you about recruitment, feel free to direct them to an officer.

- If an officer speaks to you, you will not be petulant, snide, rude or victimize yourself.

- Logging off in a huff while an officer speaks with you means that you forfeit your stake in the discussion.

- Our officers define out of character drama as anything that disrupts the harmony of the guild, they do not tolerate it.

We're aware our rules sound harsh, but based on past experiences within the guild they are designed to make everyone's roleplaying experience the best it can be.

Activity Policy:

We're looking for members who play their character and want to be involved in our guild. We don't tolerate ghost-like members (in that they're on the roster but we never see or hear from them) or players who suddenly disappear without warning. Anyone who is offline for more than two weeks without any advance warning may be removed from the guild on discretion of the guild officers.

The minimum we expect each member to log on is three times a week (on average; we don't chase after you with sticks if you had a busy week). By logging on your character - we mean roleplay, run an instance, PvP, quest, or just hang around and socialize with other members.

Members must take the initiative to make their own fun and get involved with the guild. Logging in briefly, saying something to the effect of "Any roleplaying going on?" and then logging off minutes later is unacceptable. Each member must be able to create their own entertainment within the guild.

If your game time is about to be compromised and you have a mentor or underling, you must send them an in-game mail letting them know as well. This is something we insist everyone do because it's courteous to other players that may be waiting on you to advance a storyline or plot. You never need to give us reasons or details when you saying you'll be away.