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The Legacy


In the aftermath of the war against the Lich King, the Horde entered a nearly unprecedented time of peace. Returning veterans often had to reacclimatize to life away from the battlefield. For some it was easier than others.

Daguluaga, a seasoned veteran of the Northrend campaign, returned home to little. His skills were entwined with his weapon – a sturdy orcish crossbow – and the life of the low-class civilian laborer was not for him. Daguluaga and his young but industrious magus sister, Felika, thus sought to form a company of blades for hire that could serve the Horde throughout all of its holdings.

The company they formed would eventually become the Kalimdor Mercenaries (lovingly called the K.M.G. by many of its members). In the beginning the group was little more than a band of orcs, trolls, tauren and goblins that had joined together to further the agenda of the Horde and its great warchief, ‘unofficially’ crush Alliance pigs from shore to shore, and earn some gold in the process. Despite their position as mercenaries they were a far cry from being unscrupulous, and they were commanded to carry themselves with honor in every task they did.

Soon came the Shattering, and, while the war with the Alliance never came officially, battles began to rage. The Kalimdor Mercenaries quickly began to make a name for themselves in victory after victory.

Things changed rather quickly for the K.M.G as Daguluaga began to grow weary of battle in favor of a life of wealth. He sold the band to his long-time friend and ally from the Northrend campaign, Dargeth Armbreaker. Under Dargeth’s command the mercenaries became increasingly bound to the Horde as a military body, and due to the strong connections within the group, the mercenaries joined in several official military campaigns. One of their greatest feats during Dargeth’s tenure as leader was partaking in the siege of Theramore, where they proved to the entire Horde how ready and able they were to serve their warchief.

Dargeth meeting the troops at his first gathering in command.

The mercenaries saw an upswing in popularity after Theramore fell. Posters with their sigil began to mark Warchief’s Command boards and many new aspiring members line up to join the ranks of some of the Horde’s finest as the Pandaria campaign readied.

The members of the K.M.G set out once again with new pandaren allies to bring glory to the Horde. However, shortly after Pandaria’s discovery, on what was supposed to be a simple operation to earn the pandarens’ trust, Dargeth vanished into the wilderness… and was not to be seen again for some time.

Taking advantage of their leader’s disappearance, the goblins Kezzik, Prazz and Dacks took over the K.M.G in secret. They formed what became known as the Council of Three Goblins and led the mercenaries disastrously until Grazzug, Dargeth’s overzealous top lieutenant, returned from active duty in Pandaria to forcefully seize power from the three.


Grazzug spent many months repairing the damage caused by his predecessors and he capitalized on the positive reputation the mercenaries had within the Horde to secure work with the Kor'kron. Through these ties, Grazzug brought the mercenaries new and challenging contracts, piles of gold and their insignia imprinted on 'Warchief's Command' boards throughout the cities of the Horde. Rogue factions of druids were defeated, powerful foes such as dragons and liches fell under the blades and spells of the mercenaries. Glory was theirs!

Unfortunately, the strong ties formed with the Kor'kron led the mercenaries against former allies in the early days of the Darkspear Revolution. Loyal to the True Horde and its warchief by oath, but unwilling to outright slaughter those who were until recently allies or imprison their own troll members, the Kalimdor Mercenaries opted to stay out of the battles relating to the Darkspear Rebellion whenever they could. Because of this reluctance the mercenaries' ties to the Kor'kron began to falter.

The scales tipped when news reached Grazzug of the fact the Kor'kron were bringing the beating heart of Y'shaarj, a befouled 'Old God' into Ogrimmar. Misled to believe this was treachery, Grazzug led his mercenaries to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. It was there in Pandaria's heart that the mercenaries realized that they had been betrayed by one of their lieutenants and the Kor'kron they once considered allies.

After that catastrophe the K.M.G spent weeks of working alongside the Darkspear Revolution. Eventually they marched into the capital that carries the name of Orgrim Doomhammer and joined in the brutal and bloody siege.

Months after the Siege of Orgrimmar, on what was supposedly a routine scouting operation to find a missing mercenary in Uldum, one of the most respected mercenaries of the company was slain in an ambush by a wicked human raven priest who wielded the power of the void. In response the mercenaries mustered their forces and marched down to Uldum to find and slay this 'Raven Man.' What began as an attempt to avenge their fallen captain, the mercenaries soon found themselves at the center of an evil plot that could see the end of all life on Azeroth. The human paramilitary force known as the Korriban Company battled the mercenaries across all of Uldum before finally meeting their end in a dramatic battle in the Temple of Uldum.

Content with their victory and their vengeance against the fallen Raven Man, the Kalimdor Mercenaries have returned home to deal with the consequences of their former actions.

After months of regaining the good will of the Horde, the KMG were called upon to cross the Dark Portal. Reluctant at first, the mercenaries did decide to cross and rallied with their allies - the Scythe of Sylvanas and the Sunfire Seekers - to reform the Warforged Pact. together they crossed the portal.

After months of combating Thunderlord orcs, massive gronn, legions of ogres and the might of the Iron Horde, the garrison of Grazza'kar - built into Frostfire Ridge - was laid siege upon. The siege was eventually broken but the damage was done.

While the reconstruction of Grazza'kar had begun, the Warforged Pact divided its focus... with the sole intention of wiping out the Iron Horde and its ability to wage war. The KMG led the charge north into Gorgrond to stop the Blackrock general, Gorath. Unfortunately they were too slow in cutting their way north through the wild jungles and barren wastes of the land and Gorath left on his mighty carrier, Gorath's Hammer.

The mercenaries followed Gorath with their allies marching at their side. Together the Warforged Pact members fought and died throughout Talador, struggling to hold the tide of the Iron Horde at bay. It wasn't until the Iron Horde's failed siege of Shattrath that they were broken and forced to retreat back to their holdings. The KMG continued to pursue Gorath as he retreated into Nagrand and eventually confronted the old general on his carrier on the seas off of Draenor's southwest coast. There they learned the old Blackrock had become bitter and disenfranchised by Grommash's failed campaign of destruction. In a surprising move, the two factions formed a detente while Gorath sailed for Tanaan, seeking to find and stop Grommash and his mad campaign.

It was too late though. Gul'dan had already seized control of the Iron Horde, remaking it in his image.

The mercenaries marched to war once more, joining in Khadgar and Frostwall's siege of the Tanaan Jungle. There they encountered the wicked Dalera Vilefang, a Warsong windspeaker turned member of the Shadow Council. They fought the witch across several fronts, dispatching her demonic servitors, preventing the corruption and arming of the spawn of magnaron and even preventing the forced aging of children... which had once occurred in the primary timeline. Dalera was eventually found leading a demonic host in Shattrath City, where she attempted to summon in unfathomably powerful demons to serve at the hand of the Defiler. She was defeated and thrown into her own portal, which erupted into flames... promptly incinerating her and ending her threat once and for all.

Unfortunately the sweet taste of victory turned to bitterness once again. Not long after their victory at Shattrath, the mercenaries were requested by the Auchenai of Talador. A foul beholder had set itself within the Tomb of Souls and with their Pact allies, the KMG dispatched the creature. In doing so they 'released' a draenei from its imprisonment. The red-eyed, pallid skinned draenei who called himself Elum, thanked the Warforged Pact for saving him... but disappeared shortly after during the chaos of battle.

Not long after Elum's disappearance a massive host of the dead marched on Tanaan, led by a vile sorcerer astride a demonic steed. This 'Dark Rider' besieged the Rangari Refuge and mercenaries led in its defense, barely holding out until reinforcements from the heroes of Draenor came to stem the tide. The rider, discovered to be called 'Lord Daalis Vile', was the first of the death knights of this alternate Draenor... a warlock spirit inhabiting the body of one of Draenor's blessed draenei. And this death knight was trouble.

Over the course of the campaign, facing off against the unholy death knight and his Legion ilk, the KMG and their allies discerned that Daalis Vile was the reincarnation of Dalera Vilefang as the alternate Draenor's first death knight. In an epic battle atop Hellfire Citadel, they faced off against the sorcerer and narrowly defeated it. Vile's soul was locked away in a specialized 'soul anchor' and was hidden away for what one can only hope will be an eternity.

The mercenaries and their allies then returned home Azeroth to enjoy a reprieve from blood and battle, but it was only a matter of time before the Legion reared its ugly head once more. After dealing with the nefarious Satyr Xalsin, the mercenaries could only watch in horror as felfire rained from the skies over Azshara. The now dissolved Warforged Pact was then kept alive in spirit as the three factions worked together to repel Legion invasions all throughout Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.

After the disastrous Broken Shore and the rise of a new warchief, the mercenaries joined their Horde allies once more to pursue the Burning Legion's forces onto the Broken Isles and bring justice down upon them.

Initially they sought to do so by retrieving the fabled Aegis of Aggramar, but their aspirations were abruptly cut short after an encounter against the venerable titan-forged warrior Yotnar. After failing to best the titan construct and learn how to advance in the trials necessary to claim the Aegis, the mercenaries instead turned to forging a coalition of vrykul clans to join them against the Burning Legion.

While assembling the vrykul of Vrekt, Jandvik, Valdisdal, and even some of from among the Northrend clans, the mercenaries also established ties with the Highmountain tauren and worked with them to defeat the pit lord Aggodon and his Feltotem servitors.

Aggodon was a dread servant of the eredar known as Mel'korath, who the mercenaries contended with years previously. A long and arduous campaign was fought to bring down the eredar prince and only concluded when they tracked the fiend down to his citadel on Argus. He was slain there and his soul was shattered by the Soulreaver blades that he had forged ages before.

The mercenaries returned to Azeroth expecting to find peace but between the hijinx of a covert group of goblin sappers and thwarting some lingering Legion-loyal Nightborne in Suramar to secure the allegiance of the Shal'dorei... they weren't able to find much reprieve before their warchief ordered the siege of Ashenvale and the domination of the night elves.

The mercenaries fought their way to the boughs of Teldrassil and were horrified to see it burn. Days later they joined the defenses of the Undercity only to watch their own be blighted and their city lost to Sylvanas's continued reckless use of the blight.

The Kalimdor Mercenaries have been left at an impasse. They need to choose between their honor and their loyalties to the Horde they love. So far they have aided the Horde in recruiting the Zandalari, but some others have retreated from Kalimdor to find safe haven on the South Seas. There Grazzug has begun the construction of a fortress, Lohn'gol, and plans to further the mercenaries' own interests. Whether those are in line with Sylvanas's Horde or not is to be seen....