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How to apply:

** Please note that we have a minimum level requirement for applying. All Death Knights must be level 70 or higher, and all other classes must be level 20 or higher. **

Read our website, especially the Rules and the FAQ pages.

Find our applications in the recruitment forums

Read through the post, and then copy the application questions. Create a new forum post, paste the questions, and then answer them. Please make sure the formatting of your thread is easy to read.

One of the officers will (usually) reply within twenty four hours. If you are approved, you'll be given a list of names to contact in order to schedule your in-character interview. If you are denied, applications are not subject to deletion, no exceptions. You may reapply after 14 days if you wish.


Common mistakes we see applicants make:

- Poor knowledge of the English language: We adamantly require that all our members have a basic understanding of English grammar and spelling. You must understand the differences between you're/your and to/too/two; know when an apostrophe denotes an abbreviation or possession, when to use to/two/too; end your sentences with appropriate punctuation marks; and capitalize proper nouns. If you struggle with proper spelling, we recommend the Misspelled adon. If you struggle with English grammar, we recommend starting here. (We don't care about regional spelling; we're not that picky.)

- Rushing through the application: Recruiting a new member takes hours of time on our part. If we feel a player couldn't be bothered to take their time while they were applying, we can't be bothered to recruit them.

- Not reading the site: Every member applying should read our Rules pages and the pages for the guild group you would be applying to. We have questions on the application that will check to see if you've read the sections of the site we consider to be very important (the ones we specify you to read twice).

- Tell us a story with a beginning, middle and an end. Tell us why certain events have happened to your character, don't just tack them on awkwardly. Let us know about goals and motivations your character has, and why they are the way they are. When in doubt, explain and elaborate.

- Asking for criticism and feedback on their application, even if they are denied. We only respond with 'approved' or 'disapproved' on applications, and we're very clear about that. Asking for more than that when you apply is not a positive way to present yourself to a prospective guild.

- Most importantly, be gracious if you're denied please. Do not contact us in-game if we've turned down your application.