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"While exceptions can be made to the unwritten rules, it's best to go along with the flow of the main story and enhance it rather than cheapen it." - Roleplay tips, Page 47 - World of Warcraft Official Strategy Guide


Q: I have a question about the guild and/or recruiting that isn't listed here. Who do I talk to?

Our officers are:

Please contact them through this website, or by mailing/whispering them in WoW.

Q: What are your level requirements to apply?
A: Level twenty or higher for all classes except Death Knights, who must be level seventy or higher.

Q: Do you allow characters of unique backgrounds/races?
A: Only characters that are lore compliant as members or allies of the Horde are allowed to be roleplayed in the guild.

If your character is from a subrace that is not of the normal Horde population but is allied with the Horde, you need to have a good explanation of why you'd be looking to join the guild. This applies to the nonplayable groups such as the Revantusk trolls, not the playable allied races like the Highmountain tauren.

Characters not allowed to be roleplayed in the guild: High elves, Death Knights that are anything other than third generation, characters that are actually dragons, characters that are san'layn, characters that are not Forsaken that are being roleplayed as Forsaken.

Q: Is guild chat in-character or out-of-character?
Guild chat is out-of-character.

Q: How often do you have events, and on what days? When do they typically start?
A: We usually have 2 or 3 RP events each week. Our regular RP events happen on Tuesday and Saturday. Other RP events can happen on other days throughout the week.

We always schedule our events using server time (Wyrmrest Accord is a Pacific Standard Time server). Normally our events start at 7:00pm PST.

Q: I'd like to use the guild or some of the guild's members in a plot / roleplay event / storyline / scene. How do I go about getting that set up?
We generally do not partake in roleplay outside of our own as a guild, though you are welcome to approach one of the guild officers if you have an idea for a larger roleplay story. Individually, our members can partake in whatever roleplay they want.

Q: I'm considering server transferring and / or race changing to join Warforged Legacy. May I apply and be interviewed in-character before I spend my money?
Yes, absolutely. Mention your situation on your application and we will accommodate you if you are approved. Applicants transferring or race changing are common.

Q: Why are some of your rules and policies they way they are? You don't offer explanations for many of them.
We intentionally don't explain why some of our rules exist. They aren't arbitrary, but we sometimes don't disclose our reasoning because we've found that fewer applicants debate or protest the structure of the guild this way. Everything about Warforged Legacy is take it or leave it, and if we have a policy that you don't agree with, then we encourage you to pass us over in favor of another guild and not to tell us about it.

Q: What are your events like?
Asides from roleplay events, we run dated raid content for roleplay gear and achievements. Our roleplay events are varied and never the same week to week. Some pertain to our current guild plot and some are more generic events like training drills, ingredient gathering for the Royal Apothecary Society, etc.

The fans of Blight Boar love drinking Undercity "Skull Shocker" at the band's performances. Remember this if you're applying, it will show you've paid attention.

Sometimes we put a PvP twist on an event and will do something like attempt to rob graveyards of Alliance towns in-character or hold a specific building in Alliance territory. With the exception of events that take place in instances or raids, we accommodate members of all levels.

Q: What mods do your players use for roleplay?
Our mod of choice is MyRoleplay, though it's not a requirement.

Q: Do you raid?
Yes, when we have players at the level cap with an interest and proper make up. We occasionally run the older content raids like Ulduar and ICC as a group, and we attempt the flex version of the current tier of raids when there is enough interest. Many of our members run the LFR each week. We do not consider ourselves a raiding guild, but we do see all of the content.

Q: Do you PvP?
A: We do not have an official rated battleground team, but we do have members that enjoy PvP. There are guild arena teams, and guildmates running battlegrounds together is as common as guildmates running heroics together.

Q: What is your guild culture like, out-of-character?
A: We like to joke around and are probably a little too silly in guild-chat for our own good. We're very passionate about the story of Warcraft and will often have long discussions about it or prompt each other for feedback on our concepts and characters.