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- Troll Roleplay Information -

Timeline information:

Year 21 - Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
Year 25 - World of Warcraft
Year 26 - World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade
Year 27 - World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, Wrathgate, Battle for the Undercity
Year 28 - World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, The Shattering, Hour of Twilight
Year 30 - World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, Attack on Theramore
Year 31 - World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor
Year 32 - World of Warcraft: Legion

From a roleplay, or in-character perspective it looks a little like this:

Prior to Year 21 - The Darkspear tribe originally were part of the Gurubashi Empire and lived in Stranglethorn Vale. The empire crumbled in a civil war approximately 1,500 years ago. The resulting tribal rivalries eventually forced the small Darkspear tribe to leave their homeland. They settled on the remote Darkspear Islands, troubled only by the islands' nagas and murlocs.

Eleven years ago (Year 21 - the Third War) the humans of Kul Tiras built a marine base on the Darkspear Islands and started trying to purge the islands of the troll population. These hostilities came at the same time as the naga sea witch Zar'jira emerged as a powerful enemy. The Darkspears seemed doomed until a group of orcs lead by Thrall also arrived at the island. The trolls and orcs worked together to defeat Zar'jira but were unable to save the Darkspear leader Sen'jin. Vol'jin - Sen'jin's son - took control of the tribe and the surviving Darkspear pledged allegiance to Thrall. The trolls built ships and followed the orcs to Kalimdor, and started to create a new home off the shores of the new orc kingdom.

Kul Tiras remained a threat, sending their ships lead by Daelin Proudmoore to harass the trolls. The humans were eventually driven off, but this further weakened the Darkspear. Many of the tribe fell under a dark mind control spell by witch doctor Zalazane. The rest of the tribe fled inland with Vol'jin to create a Sen'jin village.

Seven years ago (Year 25) the events of the original World of Warcraft game took place. The Darkspear are allies with the orcs and the Horde, but are unable to free the rest of their tribe members from Zalazane. Darkspear representatives make their way though Azeroth as adventurers.

Six years ago (Year 26) the Dark Portal was opened and the events of the Burning Crusade expansion pack took place. The Darkspear aided in the Horde's campaign through Outland, setting up a large village named Zabra'jin in Zangarmarsh as a base of operations.

Five years ago (Year 27) the events of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion took place. The Darkspear continue aiding in the Horde's campaigns as they move to Northrend. Vol'jin was instrumental in helping Sylvanas regain control of her territory during the Battle for the Undercity.

After the Lich King fell, Vol'jin renewed the struggle to defeat Zalazane. This time the witch doctor is finally defeated, the remaining members of the tribe are freed, and the echo islands are turned into a true city for the Darkspear.

Four years ago (Year 28), the events of the Cataclysm took place. Thrall has named Garrosh Hellscream as the new Horde Warchief - a decision that does not sit well with Vol'jin. The Darkspear leader and many of the Darkspear leave Orgrimmar to resettle in southern Durotar. Zul approaches Vol'jin to bring the Darkspear into a new troll empire with the other tribes. Vol'jin decides to remain with the Horde, and warns both the Horde and the Alliance about the troll uprising.

Hellscream commands Vol'jin to bring his Darkspear to help in the attack on Northwatch Hold. The trolls take part in the attack, only for Vol'jin to realize that their Warchief has sent them on a suicide mission to draw out the Alliance before the mana bomb is dropped. He saves as many of his people as possible, and then retreats from Orgrimmar once the battle is finished.

Two years ago (Year 30) - the events of the Mists of Pandaria are taking place. The Darkspear tribe as a whole are not included in the Pandaria campaign because of Hellscream's doubts over the trolls' loyalty. That doesn't stop many members of the tribe from making their way to Pandaria, including Vol'jin himself. Warchief Hellscream organizes a failed assassination attempt on the Darkspear leader, and sends his Kor'kron troops to put the Darkspears under martial law and execute any troublemakers. After Vol'jin heals from his wounds, he returns to Kalimdor to form the Darkspear Rebellion. The rebels set up a blockade and siege Orgrimmar, culminating in Hellscream being overthrown and Vol'jin being named the new Warchief.

One year ago (Year 31) - the events of the Warlords of Draenor expansion took place. Vol'jin is the Warchief of the Horde. Many shadow hunters and members of the tribe go to Draenor to help end the invasion of the Iron Horde.

Now (Year 32) - the events of the Legion expansion will be taking place. Vol'jin is gravely wounded during the Battle for Broken Shore, he passes the warchief title to Sylvanas and then dies.

Where does your Darkspear troll come from?

The Darkspear only joined the Horde and moved to Kalimdor 11 years ago. Only small children can claim that they were born in Kalimdor or on the Echo Islands. If your troll is above the age of 11, they would have been born on Darkspear Island. Any troll that wasn't a young babe 11 years ago would remember Sen'jin as the leader and their voyage to Kalimdor.

Your troll may have been among those captured and held in mind-control by the witch doctor Zalazane. If this happened, you would have spent six years on the Echo Islands. You may or may not remember what you did while your mind was controlled by Zalazane. You would have only regained your free-will 5 years ago.

If your troll was not among those captured by Zalazane, you would have fled inland with Vol'jin and possibly helped settle Sen'jin Village. Your character may have gone to Outland - to either fight with the Horde forces, or to help settle Zangarmarsh.

Roleplaying a troll that is not Darkspear

The Revantusk tribe are trolls that live in the Hinterlands and are allied with the Horde (though not actually members of it). The Revantusk helped with the Darkspear rebellion and were seen around Razor Hill. If you play a Revantusk, you would have been born and grew up in the Hinterlands. Aside from regular hostilities with the nearby dwarves and other troll tribes, you would have lived in relative peace. You could have joined the Horde sometime in the last 10 years.

The Shatterspear were a tribe that lived in Darkshore. This tribe was recruited into the Horde by Garrosh Hellscream, and subsequently decimated by the Alliance. Some refugees of the tribe still exist in the Horde. If you play a Shatterspear, you would have been born and grew up in Darkshore. You would have joined the Horde no more than 4 years ago. You would also be quite alone in the world - your home, your family, your entire tribe has been wiped off the face of the planet.

All other tribes of trolls are hated and are enemies of the Horde.

Troll Appearance:

Trolls of the Darkspear tribe are jungle trolls. As a subspecies, the jungle troll has skin colors that range from light blue to green, and is covered in short fur. Jungle trolls also tend to be very lean and acrobatic, as opposed to the other tribes with heavier builds.

Trolls have long pointed ears, long noses, and elongated, sharp faces. In addition to the long protruding tusks, troll teeth are myriad and pointed. When not slouching, troll males tower over humans and orcs, averaging a height of 7 feet.

Trolls generally have very messy, matted hair. Many males and females keep their hair in wild updos or thick braids.

Troll Ages and Lifespan:

According to the Warcraft RPG source books, trolls reach maturity at around age 17, middle age at about 30 years of age, can be considered “old” at 50 years, and can live to be about 80 years old. Of course, the average life expectancy for a troll is much shorter than 80 given their almost constant state of being at war with each other and the other races.

Darkspear Leadership:

Vol'jin was the undisputed chieftain and leader of the Darkspear tribe, having inherited the position from his father.

The Darkspear currently have no leadership other than being under the loose authority of Orgrimmar and Saurfang.

The Darkspear and the other Trolls:

The Darkspear are held in contempt by most trolls and are considered hated enemies by most tribes.

There are two tribes which are friendly with the Darkspear:

1. The Revantusk tribe of forest trolls live in the Hinterlands. This tribe was once a part of the Amani empire, but are now considered enemies by most tribes. They have a pact of friendship and mutual assistance with the Horde.

2. The Shatterspear were a tribe of jungle trolls which split off from the Gurubashi empire and settled in Darkshore. This tribe was recruited into the Horde by Garrosh Hellscream. The tribe disbanded after their leader was killed by the Alliance, and some of the surviving Shatterspear remained with the Horde.


Shadow hunters are masters of voodoo magic, and are considered the highest authority of the jungle trolls. They have a special bond with the Loa and can speak directly with them. Their connection to the powerful voodoo spirits give them the ability to curse and heal. Shadow hunters are seen as the sacred keepers of the jungle trolls' ancient beliefs.