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The Legacy

In the Beginning…

After the Sundering, as the Kaldorei found their place in the new world as its druidic guardians, there was a small dissident faction of the old Highborne – the mage caste of night elven society – who wished to maintain their ways despite the societal upheaval around them. With the practice of magic outlawed and punishable by death, many ancient and powerful families suffered in withdrawal and could not accept the cultural shift around them. While some, like Dath’Remar Sunstrider, openly protested the edicts of Malfurion Stormrage, many leaders and patrons within these rebellious families organized in secret. These family heads would become the first of the shadow organization known as the Patrons. They practiced magic in secret and sent parties far from the narrow reaches of Ashenvale in pursuit of ancient magical artifacts lost in the War of the Ancients. Many among their number believed that Azeroth’s days were numbered and that the Legion would return. If the elves did not regain their power and re-establish their dominion over the world, all could be lost….

It proved difficult for these ancient kaldorei, as they were watched and hunted and even killed by the new regime. In desperation and in protest the druid’s law, they joined Dath'Remar and his followers as they unleashed a magnificent and terrible storm of arcane energy upon Ashenvale.

As they acted in tandem with so many others, and since, at their core, the druids were bleeding hearts… the Highborne were exiled from the shores of Kalimdor.

A New World Order

Seven thousand years before the opening of the Dark Portal these ancient Highborne traversed the Great Seas to escape those that sought to deny them the magics of their birthright. After crossing the Maelstrom and being changed by their long journey - separated from the blessings of Nordrassil - the newly deemed 'high elves' settled on what would become the Eastern Kingdoms.

When they landed, it was on the western shores of the Tirisfal Glades. There the Patrons of the old and the powerful families continued their work. They recognized that the lands were once part of ancient Kalimdor and knew that this ‘new’ land likely contained the same wealth in ancient power that their homeland had possessed.

Dath'Remar Sunstrider led the Quel’dorei to the verdant Eversong Woods, and there his vision of a new magical utopia was brought to life. The new kingdom of Silvermoon flourished for four thousand years. In this time the old Patrons passed on as their families went in and out with the ebb and flow of the new civilization. Many families forgot their old titles, choosing new lives… while others entrenched themselves in the pursuit of ancient knowledge and allowed their noble titles to die away in favor of scholarly ones. Some sons and daughters of generations before still continued to meet and to discuss ancient knowledge and lore, but they had a civilization to help build for the time. They had position of power in which they needed to entrench themselves and their bloodlines.

During the millennia that followed the Patrons grew in power and prestige, but remained ever secretive. In order to pursue their goals, they helped to fund and institute organizations devoted to strengthening the Quel’dorei and seeking out powerful relics world-wide. They believed that ancient powers, whether those of the supposed Makers or of the ancient Kaldorei, would empower eternal Quel’Thalas.

In this time of relative peace, the elves still often quarreled with the savages of the land, the scattered forest troll tribes of northern Lordaeron. They were initially easy to keep away, but after those four thousand years the trolls amassed their bravery and laid siege upon the elves. In desperation, King Anasterian Sunstrider took up arms alongside the human chieftain, the wielder of Strom'kar, Thoradin of the Arathi, and together - at the foot of the Alterac Mountains, they broke the troll armies. The Amani empire was decimated and their lands were sacked and burned… with hundreds of ancient trollish artifacts going missing overnight.

The Highblades

Many years later, the Patrons were forced to meet once more and the issue at the table was the security of Azeroth. For the first time in many long ages, the latest generation had now witnessed what could mark the dawning of a new invasion of Azeroth by the dreaded Burning Legion of old. The human magi of Dalaran, who the elves had educated in the ways of arcane magic, had quickly became reckless in their newly founded magocracy and the waves of arcane energy they conjured caught the attention of the foul demons of the nether…. Soon many ushered into Azeroth, wreaking havoc.

When the humans openly refused Silvermoon’s requests to moderate themselves, the Patrons formed their own sub-militant organization known as the Quel’Serrar, under the command of Addonis Sunborne. Sunborne was a grizzled veteran of the Troll Wars and he, alongside his loyal soldiers and spell breakers, made clandestine movements to fight against the reckless use of magic by the races of the Eastern Kingdoms and the demons that came to discover Azeroth.

The order served for over a thousands years, inheriting the moniker of the Sunborne Highblades on its founders death at the hands of the demons Addonis had so ardently opposed. It swelled in numbers, drawing on a pool of Silvermoon’s best warriors, magi, and even researchers… but, unfortunately, the original incarnation of the order ended on a dour note. Two hundred and thirty years before the Dark Portal was opened, linking Draenor and Azeroth, news reached the Patrons that the Dark Iron dwarves’ sorcerer-thane, Thaurissan, and his wife, Modgud, had begun a war with their dwarven kin… enacting dark and vile incantations and curses upon the Bronzebeard and Wildhammer. The Highblades left Quel’thalas for the Redridge Mountains and were never seen again.

Now, nearly three centuries later, the Patrons have reconvened as threats from beyond Azeroth have begun to stir. The Sunborne Quel’Serrar, the Highblades, have been deemed necessary once again to defend Quel’thalas once more.