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The Legacy

The Warforged Pact formed in the name of stopping Garrosh and the madness he had wrought through the siege of Orgrimmar. They joined together again to march across the Dark Portal and stop the Iron Horde’s savage invasion of Azeroth. Now, as the campaign off-world begins to draw to a close, so too does the main cause of our three factions working together for the common goal of contributing to the saving of Azeroth.

It’s almost time for the KMG’s warriors to go home and hang up their axes, swords, spears and whatever else they may carry to sit on their laurels while getting discount drinks at the Tail for having saved the world; it’s almost time for the Scythe to go home to Lordaeron, swim in the plague canals and plot the utter destruction of all things living. Wait, you guys don’t do that anymore? Uh… right. Of course you don’t. Why would you? You’re loyal to the Horde. And it’s almost time for the blood elves to return to Quel’thalas and go back to their roots in the studious pursuit of ancient knowledge and power.

But let’s be honest….

Safety, security and serene calm is just downright boring (if you're not a mainland pandaren). Why hang up your weapon when you can swing it at something’s face? Why bathe in your plague pools when you can shower it on your foes and watch their skin melt off? Why research titan relics of power when you can claim them for your own?

The Warforged Pact dissolved at the end of our 6.2 main narrative, but that doesn’t stop its legacy from living on. Months of sharing a garrison together, charging into battle together, facing loss and victory alike… the factions’ members have built up strong ties that aren’t going to just go away so easily.

That brings us to the Warforged Pact 2.0… or, as it may be better known, the <Warforged Legacy>.

The Premise:

The guild’s story and concept are strongly interlinked into that of the game’s official lore, tying into the culture of the Horde and taking advantage of the nuanced world of Azeroth. As the overarching ever-changing story of Warcraft is premise continues, we follow close behind! Our plots and story arcs, driven largely by the events of the war, have taken us all over the wide virtual world of Azeroth and even into the nether itself!

We continue to maintain - the emphasis we put on developing believable characters, maintaining social awareness, and following the current story of the Warcraft universe. Every member has a personal storyline and a series of in-character quests they must complete to advance through the ranks of the guild, and in-character questing and guild-wide plots are constantly happening.

Warforged Legacy is one guild made up of three groups that roleplay together but maintain some separation based on their in-character homelands:
1. The Kalimdor Mercenaries - The faction made up by orcs, trolls, tauren, goblins, and pandaren.
2. The Scythe of Sylvanas - The Forsaken faction within the guild.
3. The Sunborne Highblades - The guild's sin'dorei faction within the guild.

Mentorship and Advancement:

Each character that’s an active member is eligible to have a personalized storyline and an in-character quest series that is directly tied not only to the character, but the guild itself. When you join, you spend your early weeks as a guild member seeing the different kinds personalities in the guild and who shares your availability.

Once you have found your place within the guild and got to know your surroundings, you can request a mentor, who will provide your character with a series of in-character quests. These tasks could be anything from lumber cutting in Ashenvale, collecting the ears of slain Alliance foes, or general reconnaissance missions. The types of jobs an apprentice will be tasked with differ depending on the characters involved, and will often prompt interaction through role-play with the other members of the guild.

Mentorship tasks will often take a few weeks to complete. Throughout this period, your mentor shall remain in contact with you and keep track as you progress through your quests and the development of your character. Upon completion of all your tasks, your name shall be given to the officers. If the officers and your mentor feel you are ready to be promoted, you will be presented with your new rank at the next guild meeting you attend.

Our ranks:

Stone Guards represent the core of Kalimdor Mercenaries and have proved themselves to both loyal and honorable. They provide aspiring Grunts with an example of what it means to be the Kalimdor Mercenaries’ finest.

Reapers are the long-standing veterans of the Scythe. They, like Constance Corvasius of old, are proven servants of the Banshee Queen who are ready and able to take arms in her service.

The Sunborne Highblades (Quel’Serrar) are the elite Sin'dorei whose loyalties to the Patrons and skills with weapons and spells alike is beyond reproach.

Apprentices are the member so of the guild who are actively working on their mentor tasks in order to be promoted to the veteran ranks of Stone Guard / Reaper / Sunborne Highblade.

Recruits are the newest members of the guild. These members are still finding their place in the guild and have not yet been assigned a mentor.