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Grazzug / Jun 25, 2020
It's probably a rather obvious fact by the lack of updates, but we've been on hiatus for a little bit now. Between burnout and Grazzug currently going through some hard times (that limited his playtime and thus the event schedule) we've not been terribly active lately. As Shadowlands draws closer we will be filling in the blanks.

Grazzug will be filling in the library with a general account of events leading up to the hiatus in the form of reports. We will then, as a guild, do a brief walkthrough the arcs Grazzug had planned for the ending of Battle for Azeroth and will make the necessary narrative decisions to catch up the guild to Shadowlands.

We're looking forward to whatever Blizz has cooked up for us in the coming months and will be restarting events and recruitment when the time comes.
Grazzug / Oct 05, 2018
*A note has been nailed onto the KMG bounty board, sealed with the sigil of Grommash Hold*

Warforged Warriors of the Horde,

We have recently been made aware of the bad blood between your kin and the Zandalari Empire. This history of theft and assassination has led to some tension since your first landing parties set foot on the Port of Zandalar. In fact, from our understanding you've had your two initial landing parties exiled to the deserts of Vol'dun.

Be assured that negotiations continue to return your people from exile. Your orders stand even in these uncertain times. You are to continue working alongside the Zandalari, with the goal of winning their trust, even if you must do so from the dreary swamps of Nazmir and the wastelands of Vol'dun.

We shall be in touch as our negotiations continue.

Grazzug / Jul 28, 2018
*A note has been nailed onto the KMG bounty board, sealed with the sigil of Grommash Hold*

Warforged Warriors of the Horde,

The time has come again for you to march in the name of the Horde. For too long the elves of the western woods, of Teldrassil, of Darnassus, have stood against the Horde. They have impeded your lumber efforts in the Warsong Gulch and, at the same time, denied the Horde trade. They have killed your settlers in ‘their’ woods and even in the Horde’s own lands.

Now they stand against us as the Alliance’s sole power in the region, trying desperately to deprive the Horde and its beloved warchief the Azerite. They would bring it to their boy king in Stormwind and use its immense power against us. This will not be allowed.

Join us, soldiers of the Horde, in glorious battle against our hated enemy. Let us bring low the Alliance in Kalimdor and claim it at long last for the Horde.

Grazzug / Oct 04, 2017
Grazzug has pocketed the writing prompt prize (because y'all are lazy and didn't write anything all summer) and will soon be working on new forum threads for the WrA forums and macros to bother people in trade chat with.

Members don't forget to utilize our suggestion forum on the Discord server! Ideas for events and story arcs, updates to the site, and recruitment-related suggestions will all be appreciated.
Grazzug / May 22, 2017
The theme for this prompt is both simple and complex. Delve into your character's psyche by exploring an 'internal struggle' they have gone through at some point in their life/unlife.

All entries posted before August 31st will be put in for random draw and the winner will receive a prize! What sort of prize? You'll know if you win!
Grazzug / Feb 15, 2017
As the last few folks prepare their biographies (including a very lazy Grazzug), our next prompt is themed 'The Holidays.' Maybe tell of a time your character received a card during Love is in the Air, or perhaps something to do with Winter Veil? The Lunar Festival? The Dalaran Pub Crawl...? The list of options is long.

All entries posted before March 31st will be put in for random draw and the winner will receive a prize! What sort of prize? You'll know if you win!
Grazzug / Oct 08, 2016
Congratulations to Velikaya for winning our Summer contest. Enjoy your gold and your calamari! Our challenge for Fall season is to have our members update their character biographies. Plenty of us wrote these things back in Cataclysm or Mists of Pandaria and they are in need up an update. Post your updated bios - one thread per character - to the Library! These can serve as 'master threads' for your short stories about these characters!

These biographies will consist of the following:

Your character's name (Would ideally be in the title to help identify)
Outside affiliations - the groups outside of the guilds that your character is involved in. For example: the Deathguard, Kor'kron, Blood Knights, Deathstalkers, or the Black Harvest.
What skills does he/she have? Professional, personal, any particular talents?
A brief description of appearance
Who he/she is - This is more detailed than the other entries. Please make this several sentences or longer. Include anything pertinent to your character's story. Their personality, their motivations.
Have they had a mentor? If so, who was it?
...and feel free to add subsequent categories
Grazzug / Jun 29, 2016
After an unofficial hiatus in our RP, we're now back at it with our pre-Legion story arc. Reports are coming in and events are up and running. To accompany this we're also going to be running another writing contest. The theme for this prompt is simple: catching up with (or re-introducing) your character. Months have passed since the events of Tanaan Jungle and the Spires of Arakk. There are dark tidings once again for Azeroth. What has your character been up to? How do they feel about recent events, whether Draenor, the interwar period or the infamous Broken Shore?

Post your story to the library forums by the first of September. Everyone who submits a story will be entered in a random drawing for an awesome prize.