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From One Green Skin To Another

The letter appears to be hastily written and slightly moist with grease stains in several spots.To the Mean Green leader of the KMG, I seek to join your Mercs as you operate here on Draenor. You might've heard about me from your underlings as I ha...
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A scrap of paper

It is unsure when this paper is found. Perhaps it is between fighting the waves at the portal, or one of the many conversations the Mercenary is dragged into as a leader of the Warforged Pact. The paper itself is nondescript, a mere scrap of parch...
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Rinshu Frostbrew (Jazari's Alt)

Born to parents Pao Frostbrew and Mei Windpaw in Morning Breeze village, for Rinshu the world's borders seemed to end at the edges of Shen-zin Su's shell. Life consisted of farming, keeping an eye on nearby hozen, and avoiding the wrath of Momma's...
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Taking it easy (short)

(Occurs a few days before the The Lohn’Kosh: Mak’Rogahn)The troll huntress sat in the botanical gardens of Hardwrench Hideway. Her growing tolerance of goblins and their facilities had disturbing implications; suicidal tendencies and being agreeab...
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"The Lohn’Kosh: Mak’Rogahn" - The Heroes' Axe Tournament

Grazzug sat at his desk in his home. It was just passed dusk and the firelight of a torch was all that lit the room. He sat and reviewed reports from recent events and he couldn’t help but notice that things were pretty chaotic of late. Fightin...
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One of 'those' visits

(No idea what brought this on. Enjoy!)Aliyah stepped unto the familiar porch on the outskirts of the Echo Isles. The troll had admittedly not been here for ages and this visit was long overdue. She bade her tiger to wait on the platform they stood...
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September Writing Entry: New Deals

Zelch Wheelgreaser walked slowly into his cave, nestled into the cliffs of Shadowmoon Valley overlooking the cold iron beams of The Deathforge. With a word of demonic, green runes hummed to life as the small carved out hovel was illuminated. Wizen...
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Talgar Goreblade: Home (May writing prompt)

Talgar had missed the cold. If there was one thing that Orgrimmar and, more recently, Uldum, had been lacking… it was the bitter cold.The orc tugged at his wolf’s reins. It was a gentle reminder for the wolf to remain focused. Frosthowl, not on...
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February Writing Entry - Fishing in Uldum

The KMG had an RP event that was fishing in Mar'at, this takes place during (and after) that.--Huuza of the Darkspear sat on the Mar’at dock with his legs dangling in the water and his fishing pole laying forgotten at his side. He had already fil...
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February Writing Entry - Fel Fish Feast

Felpik hummed to himself as he weaved his way up the bank dodging, several good sized fish dangling over his shoulder. Closer to the tree line, the goblin could see smoke trailing from his campsite. “Hey big guy, should have enough now for some de...
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February Writing Entry - Fishing with the Nitris'

Grazzug had never been much of a fisherman, but now that the Kalimdor Mercenaries were to participate in what would be no doubt the glorious siege of Theramore…Yes, he didn’t see a connection at first either.That was until he met with his contact ...
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February Writing Entry - Down By The River

(My first writing entry here. I'm a bit rusty, but hope you folks like it!)Zelch felt the wind against his face, heard the slow yet constant flow of the river."Calm. Be calm."The goblin let his mind wander, freeing himself of his surroundings. His...
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Gurgrok, Son of Grot

Standing upon the precipice Gurgrok looked down at the city of Orgrimmar. They hauled the bodies of the dead away and fixed the broken city. The mongrel races of the Horde had betrayed Garrosh and sided with the fucking Alliance in some desperate ...
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Seeking Work

[a note written in methodical hand sat curled in the scorching heat, nailed to the command board near the Orgrimmar Counting House]Lok'Tar Ogar, Kalimdor Mercenaries. I seek work and have heard word of your leader, Grazzug. I am Zurrig Ironshaper,...
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Ginzi's Desert Journal ((January Entry))

First entry, first day in da camp. Seen some of de others taking a journal account of our trip, da new guy Felpik t'ought it might be good for me to do da same. He seems ta be t'inkin' I gonna go crazy at some point and dis be a good way to k...
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A second chance - Felpik

“B-b-b-but you can’t do this to me! I am here as a representative of Stormwind and the Alliance!” The human stuttered as he yielded more ground inside his quarters. “The War-Mage will hear of this!”The goblin’s mouth split into a cruel smile, leer...
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Change of Plans - January Writing Entry

Author’s note: Bauron has given me permission to borrow Strakk. This is a continuation of Friday’s KMG event and picks up after Harpo returned with the wyverns and everyone headed home after their failure in Uldum. Change of PlansNietrayt slumped...
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Nietrayt Silverspring (Nidra Alt)

(Image by yours truly!) Name: Emmonaym Nietrayt Silverspring, Freelance Material, Object, and Apparatus Chaperone.Goes By: NietraytAppearance:Nietrayt is vertically challenged, even for a Goblin; the highest arch of her pigtails is still three inc...
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Bloodshed ((Dec Entry))

(( My entry for the December contest. This story is about Bauron and Strakk, but Clorg and Truzzak both make small appearances. Enjoy ))It was a tense night at Razor Hill. The place was more crowded than it had ever been with a siege coming up ...
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(( y'ello, Senkul here, figured I'd start posting stories about my troll's past ))If the island had any name, it was lost to Sen'kul. A tropical rock in the endless blue of the South Seas, a land the Jungle Trolls of the Darkspear called home sinc...
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