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Before journeying to Draenor, the KMG was a unified coalition of the races of Kalimdor. All were united under a love of coin and a devotion to the Horde. Look in here to read of their exploits in the field.
Before making the journey to Draenor, the Scythe of Sylvanas was a disparate coalition of Forsaken, all loyal to few but the Banshee Queen (and sometimes one another). Look in here to read of their feats, their correspondences and their schemes.
Before journeying to Draenor as a part of the Warforged Pact, this collective of elves once traversed Azeroth... seeking out powers behind imagining and the knowledge to wield them. Look in here to see some of their tales.
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[Pinned] KMG Character Roster

Because the other two have them!KMG Character Roster.Please reply to the original post and add the information for your own KMG characters.This is to be a short summary of the information about your toon and may be linked to our 'Faces of the KMG'...
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[Pinned] Scythe Character Roster

Scythe Character Roster.Please reply to the original post and add the information for your own Scythe toons.This is to be a short summary of the information about your toon, this is not to take the place of the longer character introduction posts....
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Legren Kerrel

Name: Legren KerrelAffiliations: Royal Apothecary Society (Associate, not a member), Council of the Black Harvest (Associate cooperating with the warlock coalition, not a member).Skills: Skilled Warlock, knowledgeable magic scholar (specializing i...
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Denfehlath Zephyrwise has always been, if nothing else, impatient. As a result, she paced the halls back and forth inside Ebonvale Manor, her eyes locked on the walls in either direction she strode. By now, she wasn’t sure if there had been a smal...
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Tales of Togrum's Son

((This thread is just going to be where I toss in some of the short stories I had written (and likely had not finished) about Grazzug, or that feature him. ))
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Do Forsaken Dream of Undead Sheep?

Do Forsaken Dream of Undead Sheep?The Epilogue of Izmennik.Part I.Space surrounded her, no ground beneath her, no strings above her; just the void of space and a planet in all its splendor before her. A voice thundered and thumped inside her head....
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((So yeah, Rastath doesn't have a bio yet, so I made him one))Name: Rastath (His last name, whatever it was, is lost to history)Outside Affiliations: IllidariSkills:Fluent in Orcish, demonic, and Thalassan. Mastered the use of his glaives (which h...
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Denfehlath Zephyrwise

Your character's full name: Denfehlath ZephyrwiseOutside affiliations The Valarjar, Reliquary, and old ties to the Kirin Tor Academy and Order of the Cloud SerpentsWhat skills does he/she have? Professional, personal, any particular talents? Remar...
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The Return of the "Friendly Fire" Goblin (Hazk Character Prompt)

Sometime after Hazk's near fatal (and 'totally' justified) escape from what would've been his execution at the hands of the K.M.G and their allies, he retreated into hiding to nurse his injuries and to keep a low profile until he could seek out ne...
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Countess Viktoria of House Velikay of Gilneas

Name: Countess Viktoria S-- Velikaya of GilneasOutside affiliations: The Black Harvest, Gilnean Nobility (formerly), Scythe of Sylvanas. Skills: Tea Making and Pyromancy.Appearance: A short little Undead,Tea kettle at her side,Fire upon her breath...
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Illarinae of the Illidari

Character Name: Illarinae BrightdawnOutside Affiliations: Illidari What skills does he/she have? She is well-educated and fluent in Orcish, Thalassan and Demonic. Skills in diplomacy, glaive-play and her demon hunter abilities. She has a notice...
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Simon Redgate

Name: Simon RedgateAffiliations: Cult of the Forgotten Shadow (tenuously), Twilight's Hammer (formerly)Skills: Excellent interrogator, skilled sermonizer, can see through others' eyes (but not his own), is already insane and thus can't go mad(der)...
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Name: Krolbrim (has discarded his surname)Affiliations: The Cenarion CircleSkills: Skilled druid, excellent healer, natural affinity with and extensive knowledge of many beasts and animals, semi-trained ambassador/diplomat.Appearance: Krolbrim is ...
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Hedva's Bio

Name:Hedva DeathborneOutside affiliations:NoneSkills:Trained soldierWell skilled in the use of a large variety of weaponsAppearance:She is almost always hidden under a battered suit of heavy plate armor, with at least one very large weapon strappe...
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Huuza of the Darkspear

Name: HuuzaOutside affiliations: Former member of the Horde militarySkillsLimited control over the elements/lightningAbility to use healing magicSkilled in hand to hand combatExcellent with throwing weaponsAppearance:He is a typical male jungle tr...
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More than you need to know about Hectur

Name: Hectur Banebreath (also refers to himself as the Murder Conductor when leading a mission)Outside Affiliations: The Ebon Blade (former)Skills: Mastery in the use of his death knight powers of unholy, frost, and blood. Raising the dead (alth...
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History of Zelch

Name:Zelch WheelgreaserOutside affiliations:Steemwheedle CartelUndercity (Former)Black Harvest Warlock CoalitionMiscellaneous warlock cabals and organizationsSkills:Expert of Affliction and Demonology Magic and Lore (Specializing in Curses, Dispel...
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Clorg Crush!

Name: ClorgOutside Affiliations: Peons of the Horde (Former)Skills: Can barely read Orcish and speaks it somewhat okay. Good with lifting things, can ride a Worg, shoot a gun, and hit things with his fists or objects. Has incredible determination...
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Strakk's Short Shorts

Name: Strakk CrashgearOutside Affiliations: While Strakk had run several scheme/organizations to try and get coin, he was never really affiliated with anyone other than himself.Skills: Combat with blades and daggers, skilled with explosives and r...
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Bauron Ironhorn's Tales

((Yes, I split "who he is" into "history" and "personality". Also, all of Bauron's stories have now been moved here.))Name: Bauron Ironhorn (AKA: The Iron Bull)Outside Affiliations: Tauren ConfederacySkills: Martial combat with a strong and pow...
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