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The War of Thorns

Word reached Grazzug that the Horde were initiating an offensive in Silithus to secure the newly discovered azerite there for the Horde’s benefit. Once they had gathered at the Dranosh’ar Blockade they were met by General Gyger Strongbomb of the Bilgewater Cartel and Dread Commander Gallagher of the Sylvanas-loyal Order of the Broken Mask.

Little was known about the Order of the Broken Mask. They were some of the warchief’s best warriors outside of her personal dark rangers and each had their own unique power that enhanced them beyond the idle warriors of the Forsaken army.

Gallagher, on the goblin’s recommendation, informed Grazzug that the campaign would not be taking place in Silithus. Tyrande Whisperwind had dispatched Darnassus’s armies by boat to the south in hopes of outrunning the Horde’s offensive… but in the end only served to isolate her own territories.

What was to come would be the end all war between the factions. The Night Elves’ territories were isolated in Kalimdor and without their defenders. The definitive conquest of their territories would mean the Horde had uncontested control of mainland Kalimdor.

And to secure a lasting peace the boughs of Teldrassil – Darnassus and Dolanaar, as well as its other settlements included – would be taken by the Horde and its people held to maintain that peace.

The Kalimdor Mercenaries and their allies were enlisted to serve as an advance offensive. They were to infiltrate the forest and were to dispatch the Silverwing Outpost before the Horde’s armies arrived proper. They needed the outpost dispatched so that the offensive could reach Astranaar unimpeded.

The mercenaries and their allies journeyed into the forest and landed in the hills near the outpost. To their surprise they were able to do so undetected… but quickly learned that the Order of the Broken Mask handled the elven scouts with their own rogues, who were led y a particularly deranged shadow who called himself the ‘Smiling Man’.
Grazzug is disturbed to see that the outpost had many civilians present. He ordered they be taken as prisoners and be interrogated for possible information.

He then directed his forward team to assault the outpost proper.

The elves, led by Captain Lyleth Ravenarrow of the Sentinels, were caught by surprise. A runner was dispatched only to be shot in the back almost immediately so that her body never left the hunter’s hall. The others stood their ground longer but one by one were dispatched until Caprtain Ravenarrow ordered her forces to stand down.

The rest of the Horde forces started to arrive shortly after. Some began pulling down the elven banners, replacing them with Horde and Forsaken colors. Others simply started looting the elves’ food and weapon stands.
Eventually Dread-Commander Gallagher and his robed minion, Allister ‘The Darkmaw’ McCallum, arrived. Gallagher expressed confusion at the hostages the mercenaries had taken and advised Grazzug as the officer in charge that he was taking too many risks. A runner nearly escaped and now any civilian they had as a hostage might do the same and warn the others before the Horde were ready.

Grazzug objected, gesturing to a father clutching his traumatized daughter, and told the Forsaken his people were not butchers.

Gallagher looked to the child as well and corrected Grazzug. His butchery of the Sentinels likely set that young girl on a trajectory to become a Sentinel herself in the future. He then turned to his companion and asked that he handle the hostages. They were taken out back and magically cajoled into a state of calm and serenity… before being slain and thrown into a mass grave.

In the coming days they worked under the authority of Warlord Ujamba of the Darkspear Tribe.

Since the events of the Silverwing Outpost and the massacre of Astranaar the mercenaries and their allies had been moved up a few times towards the wisp wall erected by Malfurion Stormrage. Some Horde had already managed to get through the wall and into the Master’s Glaive and Grove of the Ancients, where there were some battles happening, but the wall still stood as an obstacle for most of the Horde army.

The response was, naturally, that heavier artillery would be needed to finally break through that wall.
Ujamba then introduced the party to another troll. This one, a headhunter named Lan’ki, spoke of how her group tried to move demolishers to the front lines only to be ambushed and slaughtered by a group of dryads known as the Laughing Sisters.

The mercenaries, reinforced by multiple Scythe agents and some of the Quel’Serrar’s new recruits, made their way north until they found the massacred caravan from before. They cut the roots holding the demolishers in place but were attacked before the could take any further action.

Six lightly armored dryads appeared seemingly out of nowhere, giggling like jovial children, and assailed the party. When the battle turned against them they retreated, luring the mercenaries and their allies into a battle against an ancient protector as well.

It dealt some damage but the ancient did not last too long as Velikaya turned her fires against it. The dryads did not fare much better with Velsaria burning them, Clorg severing ones front legs, Invar running one over with his motorcycle, and the new recruit from the Quel’Serrar shooting one in the head as it stumbled from a previous injury.

In the end the Laughing Sisters and their ally were slain and the demolishers were brought to the front lines. The war pressed forward to the Wildbend River until the stalemate was broken by Varok Saurfang attacking the Alliance’s flank.

At this point the mercenaries were enlisted again. They made their way to the ruins of an old Shatterspear village and met with Dread-Commander Gallagher, the banshee-possessed corpse of Lyleth Ravenarrow (known now as Lady Dreadwood), and a Shatterspear troll named Jin’kar ‘Elfkilla’.

Gallagher led the offensive to the Ruins of Mathystra, where the elves were disembarking from their ships to break the siege of Lor’danel… which was under assault by Saurfang’s army. The party rode to the front lines, dispatched an ancient of war, and pressed further in until they were ambushed by a group of sentinels led by a druid of the talon.

The battle carried on for some time until something peculiar happened.
In the distance the Horde’s artillery seemed to have turned its attention to Teldrassil. Some force carried the flames up the living tree and caused it to properly catch fire.

The battle stalls for a moment as both factions are bewildered. Dread-Commander Gallagher gawked and shouted to The Darkmaw to see if the burning was indeed Sylvanas’s will. He nodded and stated it was. That only left the Forsaken more conflicted.

Grazzug, seeing the destruction and knowing the untold number of innocents that could be dying by the moment, bellowed to the elves they were fighting to go and save who they could. When they didn’t leave immediately, not trusting the orc’s word, he threw down his axe and practically pleaded that they go.

When Gallagher did not contest Grazzug’s order the others stood down as well and the druid and her kin retreated with reticent thanks.

Those present knew the war ‘to end all wars’ had actually triggered what was going to be possibly the bloodiest war yet. The retaliation against the Horde would be swift and decisive and they would seek out Sylvanas’s head directly. They made the journey to Tirisfal to hold the line should the Alliance attack.

Some days passed as the region was fortified but the siege was far more intense than even the Horde could have imagined. The Alliance’s forces shattered the coastal defenses and erupted through Tirisfal, causing more destruction to the land than the Mad Aspect had in years past.

The Kalimdor Mercenaries and the Scythe stood against the Alliance at each opportunity but were slowly pushed south until even Brill was reduced to nothing by rubble.
The mercenaries were stationed outside the walls of Lordaeron’s Capital City and held the line the best they could. Days have battle had left them exhausted but it was insisted that they hold the gatehouse to the Alliance could not break through and take the upper city.

During the final hours of the siege Grazzug dispatched a group of mercenaries to aid the Scythe of Sylvanas in evacuating the Undercity. Things deteriorated quickly as the Alliance shattered the Horde’s Azerite War Machine and broke the Horde’s ranks. Sylvanas responded by launching the blight onto the battlefield, both against the Alliance… and the Horde’s own people.

Grazzug and many of the mercenaries stationed at the battle were among those who were fired upon. Few managed to crawl away from the wreckage and retreated from the battlefield. Those who remained fought with all they had until they were able to retreat from the city as Sylvanas triggered her trap against the Alliance’s leadership.

Grazzug, disenfranchised with what the Horde had become under Sylvanas, took what mercenaries he could rally from the battle and disappeared. He instigated the Broken Quiver Contingency, where the Marauders that served as his officers could maintain things in his absence.

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The war raged for some time and through the chaos Bauron overhears that the Horde is trying to establish ties with the Zandalari. Braktar, eager to do something beneficial for the Horde, volunteers to organize the venture under the authority of Warlord Ujamba and the two leave with a team to Zuldazar.

They arrived a few days later to instigate negotiations but things quickly soured. The Zandalari under a Shadra loyalist named Sim’bi arrested them upon their arrival. She recalled that the Kalimdor Mercenaries were involved in the death of Zul’ambwe, Blade of Rastakhan, upon the Golden Fleet, arrested them. She then had them stripped of their arms and saw them exiled to Vol’dun to die in the dunes.

Several days passed without word ever reaching the mercenaries or the Quel’Serrar as to what had happened.

They ended up journeying to Zandalar as part of the planned second venture to back up the first.

Upon their arrival a search is conducted into Bauron’s seemingly missing party. They eventually stumble on a young urchin with a pet spider who leads them to Captain Sim’bi… who sees the second party arrested and dispatched to Vol’dun with no weapons, armor, and magic impairing truesilver shackles as well.

In Vol’dun the party were found by a vulperan caravan. They were taken in by the caravan’s leader, Krennic, so long as they could actively assist the caravan. The vulpera gave them some pieces of salvaged weapons and armor to use and they started to plan their next course of action.

After a few days the party found a confused and sun-addled Clorg in the desert and learned from another of the vulpera, Stehla, that one of the mercenaries was found dead near Sethrak territory.

The found the corpse of an orc who had the mercenaries’ crossbow sigil etched onto his shoulder. From there they found tracks leading into Sethrak lands.

They found some of Bauron’s party imprisoned by the snake people and freed them from their shackles. Only Alyarra was missing as she was about to be auctioned off by a sethrak slaver named Atazjak.

The party kill their way through the sethrak to get to the slave auction. Its interruption results in chaos, with
vulpera and Zandalari exiles retrieving weapons from the guards the party killed; tortollans simply waddling away; and, amongst the chaos, Arestra picked the lock on Alyarra’s cage so Valtenath could scoop her up and get her away from the battlefield.

As they fled Atazjak appeared on the rafters of the nearby temple and cursed the party, pledging revenge.

Another search effort a few days later resulted in finding a few Reliquary agents. They had come to Vol’dun in search of an ancient artifact but only found sand and death. A group of Sandfury trolls attacked them near the ruins of Atul’Aman and took some of their crew captive.

The exiles failed to save the Reliquary magus Rentorin but did escape with the others. The artifact the trolls had stolen though? It was taken by a large pink saurid that seemed to gravitate to it during the conflict.

Another few weeks passed. While the caravan was passing the Withering Gulch the exiles overheard the sound of pouring water. They disengaged from the caravan and found a fountain of clean water. They were confronted by a hozen named Jahg-Jahg… who was part of Bauron’s expedition. He led the party back to Bauron’s hideout in ancient ruined tunnel that once linked Vol’dun to the eastern swamps.

Bauron and Braktar explained that the troll captain, Sim’bi, had arrested them as well. She was operating under the orders of a Zandalari prophet called Zul and since then they had been suffering in the deserts. To make matters worse they were pretty sure they were being sought out.

And, as if to legitimize that worry, Farraki assassins descended upon the hideaway.

Braktar was fatally stabbed in the battle that followed. The blade – poisoned with Shadra’s venom – meant the troll would suffer before his death. Braktar himself was shocked as he was immune to natural poisons as a gift from his patron loa, Hethiss. But the resistance did not hold against the venom of a different loa.

The party determined the only way to purge a loa’s venom was to seek the aid of another loa.

The vulpera suggested the Temple of Akunda and the party journeyed there to try and save Braktar’s life.

They arrived to find Akunda the Exalted. He beckoned that the party deliver Braktar to him that he could give the troll a second chance at life… but the party felt uneasy about his offer. Braktar, sinking into delirium but still hearing the whispers of the loa, mentioned Akunda was crying out in pain. The party chose not to let the Akundas have Braktar.

The party consulted the vulpera and chose this time to seek out Kimbul. Perhaps the tiger loa would be more helpful.

The journey north was long and, alas, Braktar did not survive.

Tabaki beseeched the loa of death and struck a bargain to save Braktar’s soul.

And Bwonsamdi actually agreed.

The party found themselves magically transported to the Echo Isles as shadows to perform what the loa of death called ‘a bit of property damage’. They were to seek out a drum and destroy it.

They did so but the act was more difficult than the loa let on. The drum contained the spirit of an ancient witch doctor that had defied Bwomsamdi by taking a shred of his power in creating the drum… not as a tool to worship the loa as he said but as a vessel from which his descendants could consult his spirit. The witch doctor, Braal’jin, and his ashen tiki spirit guardians, were dispatched and the drum was thrown into a brazier enchanted momentarily by the loa of death.

Bwomsamdi took the old witch doctor’s soul – so rich with anima – and restored Braktar to life to allow him to continue his service. What Bwonsamdi never mentioned, and maybe spitefull so, was that Braal’jin was actually Braktar’s ancestor.

A venture was made into Nazmir where the party set up a secondary outpost. It was there that they found a crashed rocket. It seemed to relay a signal from the Kalimdor Mercenaries that they were coming to find their own.

Some of the exiles were camped out in Nazmir when they heard cannonfire to the northeast. They rushed out to investigate and found that the Kalimdor Mercenaries and the Sunborne Quel’Serrar had sent aid… only to be assailed by naga.

One of the ships, the ‘Chieftain’s Pride,’ was dragged into the depths while the other boats pressed forward.

The other ships were the Torygg’s Fist sent by Grazzug, which the party helped to push the naga back from, and the two ships sent by Talarien Sunvalor: The Sunvalor’s Lament and The Serenity.

Those who were rescued were allowed a reprieve from the torments they’d suffered through for weeks. Over the next several weeks the KMG and the Highblades entrenched in Nazmir and Vol’dun, working the local Zandalari against the blood troll threat.

They first found the Zandalari in Gloom Hollow shortly after the death of the loa, Hir'eek. The Zandalari, knowing the Horde were helping out in the region, allowed them into the camp. A more official alliance was struck after the mercenaries and highnlades helped hold off a blood troll attack.

Working alongside the followers of Talanji’s expedition introduced the exiles to the famed War-God Jor'kala. Jor’kala was a follower of the Golden Fleet for years who grew disillusioned by Zul. The prophet had the Sight but the path he was leading the trolls on was an ominous one and Jor’kala stopped trusting Zul’s words. When he stopped trusting Zul he went to Talanji with his concerns and she helped him see the true threat from the north.

He marched out to help put an end to the blood troll threat.

After a great battle against blood-gorged dire troll who exuded G’huun’s corruption, Valtenath approached the venerable troll and explained the full breadth of the group’s situation, including the nature of their exile. Jor’kala was initially furious to learn that he had been working with those who murdered his old kinsman, War-God Zul’ambwe, the Blade of Rastakhan, but realized that he could not let his pride stand between him and a potentially valuable ally against Zul.

He used his power and authority to re-establish the exiles’ freedom to journey back into Zuldazar.
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**The Scythe Reclaim Lordaeron**

While the mercenaries were questing throughout Vol’dun and Nazmir, the Scythe of Sylvanas was determined to hold the line in Lordaeron.

Under the orders of Knight-Captain Adaman Bligtheart – and carrying a missive from the warchief herself – the Scythe journeyed to Shadowfang Keep to secure the keep as a base of operations for the Order of the Broken Mask.

There they were met by a group of rotbrain Frosaken serving under a ‘Lord Gaias’. They refused to forfeit the castle and used a catapult they’d kept inside the keep to fling Horde prisoners (oddly mostly naked tauren) at the Scythe.

They charged the gatehouse and smashed their way through, carving down rotbrains until they confronted and slew the castle’s apparent lord.

Over the next few weeks they held operations throughout continental Lordaeron. The initial efforts were badly strained by the Alliance’s seemingly overwhelming will towards victory.

Southpoint Gate was attacked by a group of Bloodfang worgen armed with heavy armaments from General Cornwallis's personal stock. The Scythe and Quel’Serrar present only narrowly avoiding death courtesy of the bat riders that flew in overhead with plague cannisters targeting solely the living.

In a similar affair Gaius Shadowsbane, a paladin of the Silver Hand and self-declared Redeemer of Lordaeron, assailed Andhoral and had already taken the city before the Forsaken could become aware. The Scythe were on their way to back up the garrison there before finding themselves ridden down by the paladin and his knights.

They only narrowly survived again due to intervention from others.

To start turning things around The Darkmaw helped arrange the defense of Tarren Mill. An Alliance force was coming south from the plaguelands to set up a garrison in Strahnbrad. From there they were going to conduct raids on Tarren Mill. Naturally, the Scythe would fortify the position and hold the line there.

The Scythe went to Strahnbrad and set up a series of traps before going into cover. When a unit of Stormpike dwarves showed up not long after they unwittingly stumbled into the Scythe’s trap and were massacred. The Scythe then took their artillery and used it against the dwarves’ reinforcements, wreaking havoc upon them. The Frostwolves showed up to support the undead but after the battle things grew tense.

The Frostwolves denied the Forsakens’ rights to claim the bodies of the dead to bolster their war machine. The already wounded Scythe could not stand against the Frostwolves, especially when one of their own joined the orcs’ side against them. This defiance led to Viktoria Velikaya being cast out of the Scythe of Sylvanas. Alloraine, who was there to aid the Horde, took Velikaya to join the Sunborne Quel’Serrar.

The Darkmaw was displeased to hear of the Frostwolves’ defiance and declared that they would need to be hunted down once the Alliance were dealt with. A group of dark rangers moved into Strahnbrad to hold the position.

For the time being though there was other work to be done.

After a few days the Scythe were rallied again and dispatched to Dun Garok. They found the grave of Captain Ironhill and dug it up, retrieving a hammer that the former captain was given as a symbol of his station. The dwarven spirits were drawn to the hammer and seemed to believe that its wielder was their deceased captain and followed their orders. These dwarves were thus unwittingly placed into the Horde war machine.

They also besieged Alterac City and cleansed it of the ogres who remained inside, subjugating the ogre mag Krig’glak and binding his body to the soul of the Second War era ogre specter, Drog’hal of the Twilight’s Hammer. The ogre – effectively disguised as the Crushridge ogres’ leader – led them into an ambush and had them massacred by the forces of the Banshee Queen.

A few weeks later, as one of the Scythe’s contacts, Dreadguard Lawry, was starting to investigate occurrences where the names of the former Desolate Council were being scribed throughout the Forsakens’ holdings, they learned a small Alliance army had managed to get into Gilneas and across the Northgate Woods undetected.
With Dread Commander Gallagher leading the Order against the armies of High Exarch Turalyon in Arathi; Dark Ranger Ilysaria’s forces holding the passage to Alterac, and Knight-Captain Blightheart still holding off the Alliance from Andorhal… they were left with little they could do but lock themselves within the keep and try to hold the line.
And so they did. The Scythe retreated inside and held the bridge as a battering ram tried to smash the gate. Simon Redgate enthralled one of the Alliance operating the shield wall that defended the ram and had the man throw himself off the bridge to his death. With that opening in the shield wall the battering ram’s crew was fired upon and deterred.

But things became more tenuous on the walls nearby. Three magi teleported onto the ramparts and froze the defenders there. The Scythe once more intervened and managed to chase off the mages, Hedva disorienting their leader with a punch to the temple, before throwing him off the wall to his death. Wormgut shot a second one in the heart, while the third one – and a night elven rogue who was backing them up – fled through a portal. As a party of gnomes jetpacked onto the opposite ramparts, a hole was broken into the wall by artillery, and the gates started to falter. The Forsaken started retreating into the main courtyard to rally. One of the castles’ tenders, an apothecary, decided to plague the castle rather than risk it being taken… but had his leg shot out from under him by Dithavus.

The situation began to favor the Alliance but the casualties did not match. The Alliance had spent thrice the effort that the Horde’s forces had and yet their casualties were through the roof in comparison.
So when the val’kyr arrived and began to raise the Alliance dead against their former kin… things turned to the Forsakens’ favor quickly.

With the val’kyr came the Darkmaw and he brought Ironhill’s hammer – as well as the spirits of Dun Garok – and turned them upon the Alliance with reckless abandon.

The paladin who led the Alliance host was captured and executed before being raised by the val’ykr into undeath and being bound to the Order of the Broken Mask.

Dreadguard Lawry was put in charge of the castle and the Scythe were granted commendations, honoring them with the new moniker of the Scytheguard. Named for their forebear organization who once fought in Northrend.
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**Back in Zandalar**

The situation in Nazmir was slightly more secure when Zu’beh reported to the KMG leadership in the area (Agrol, Azgrimm, and Bauron) that there were swelling numbers of undead serving under a troll lich called Draxxis the Eternal.

The lich’s skeletal forces were crushed and he was forced to retreat. He actually fled to the husk of the loa, Hi’reek, and sought to awaken the bat loa. He was cut down once and for all then and the loa’s body was kept from Agrol Scarblade… who seemed to have similar intentions for it.

Word reached them that the mogu had attacked a harbor near Zuldazar. Bloodsear suggested that the mercenaries take advantage of the chaos to look into the missing artifacts taken by the Zandalari under Sim’bi….

They searched the guard captain’s office and learned from reading her different documents – and by simply inferring based off of them – that she was involved in the conspiracy against the king. Worse yet, she allowed several entities into the royal vault to steal the artifacts.

With these facts in hand, the mercenaries and their allies absconded to the Horde embassy. They split up, with Bloodsear taking the documents, ready to use them as evidence against Sim'bi...just as soon as they figure out what her plot was.

They reported into War-God Jor’kala, who told them there was an attempt on Rastakhan’s life. The reason Sim’bi wanted to join his retinue at Zanchul suddenly became clear. She was involved with the conspiracy.
Jor’kala sent the mercenaries and their allies to the Garden of the Loa. The Atal’Shadra were heavily involved in the conspiracy. They needed to know if the spider loa herself was involved in the treachery.

The party found Shadra’s remains and fled the temple to try and hunt down the Zanchuli traitors only to meet Gonk shortly after. The loa warned the party that the water source of a nearby fountain was tainted by blood magic and was warping the loa’s spawn to evil. He sent them to deal with the corrupted waters.

Tabaki and Huuza purged the corruption from the font as the others contended with the great stone golems that were designated to protect the fountain.

After a few days War-God Jor’kala sent the party down to Tusk Isle. While Rastakhan was taking the m,ajority of his forces and marching on Zul, the Zandalari fleet was in a tenuous position. A powerful mogu sorcerer had gotten hold of a potent artifact that he had used to create a massive magical storm off the southern coast of Zuldazar. He and his forces had overtaken the Zandalari garrison on Tusk Isle. Now the Zandalari ships there and on the Isle of Fangs were imprisoned by the storm.

The party makes their way to the island and seeks out the sorcerer. The mogu, Qiang-Dao¸ surprisingly proved rather passive about Zul’s revolution. He simply wanted to claim the homeland Zul promised him. And more surprising than that was the fact he was using Storm’s Vigil, Blessed Blade of the Thorignir, to conjure the great storm. It was a gift from Sim’bi and her ilk.

Zelch intervened before there could be violence and negotiated with Qiang-Dao. He advised him that the conquest and the death it wrought Lei Shen would only repeat itself with the new effort.

Qiang-Dao actually agreed and departed the island, killing Zul’s loyalists before taking one of the Zandalari vessels out to sea.

Some time passed after that event. While the Zandalari fleet was spared, the army suffered heavy losses – including the life of Rezan – against the forces of Zul.

In that time the mercenaries did some work with a vulperan rogue named Corsac, saving prisoners from the Alliance and killing agents of the slaver, Atazjak.

Eventually we learn that Sim’bi was sighted heading towards Atal’Dazar. The party make their way there and work alongside High Priest Al’awa, patron of the lesser loa called Odalla, to track her down. Eventually they find Sim’bi and confront her and her fellow heretics. Strangely, they were transformed by their fallen mistress, Yazma. Some had multiple more arms, other multiple more legs than they should’ve had. Sim’bi in particular had four arms and eight eyes as her twisted mutation and she wielded Shadra-envenomed daggers as she fought against those she had once exiled.
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**The Desolate Path**

Over the next little, with western Lordaeron temporarily secure, the Scythe were asked to look into a series of disappearances and the strange propaganda of the Desolate Council names appearing throughout the Silverpine holdings.

In the end Hedva led an investigative team and learned of a faction called the Desolate Path. She followed what tenuous leads she could find (assisted by Invar’s detective skills) and eventually found her way to the Deep Elm Mine. There she and her team found several Forsaken scattered about, discussing their old families, friends, and even their vocations from when they were alive.

They realized that one of the civilians who helped maintain the war camp – thus forging strong ties with Dreadguard Lawry – and who helped with the refugees, Lucille Langdon, was the leader of the organization. She worked with her still living father, Finthias, to help move Forsaken into Alliance territory where they could live away from the war with those they once loved. They fled to live free of Sylvanas’s oppression.

The Scythe did not trust Finthias or the Desolate Path’s intentions. As Hedva observed the meeting she saw Finthias open and portal and after several of her fellow Forsaken fled, the Scythe drew their weapons. In the end Lucille and her father narrowly managed to escape and collapsed the old mines on top of the Scythe’s agents as they did so.

Deathguard Lawry arrived shortly after and helped dig up to the mine Hedva, Dithavus, Hectur, and the others. He heard their report and was horrified. He reported to the Broken Mask and the Darkmaw came to Silverpine.
To ensure the peoples’ loyalty he utilized the dark powers at his disposal to torture many Forsaken of questionable judgement and broke their wills to serve Sylvanas mindlessly.
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While everyone else was adventuring on Zandalar and back in Lordaeron, Grazzug and the bulk of the mercenaries were stationed in the Barrens still.

The orc commander was content remaining there in defense of the Horde’s territories. This only changed when Grazzug warned about a dark ranger actively seeking him out with the intention of arresting him for desertion after Lordaeron.

Grazzug, rather than dealing with Sylvanas’s people trying to crack down on him and his, rallied what mercenaries he could and journeyed onto the seas.

Eventually he and the mercenaries, as well as some of the Highblades, found an island inhabited by strange ogres. Grazzug decided it would be a worthy conquest and that this island would be The Hero’s Home… or Lohn’gol in orcish.

They came crashing onto the island and were quickly embroiled in conflict against the mysterious Goremaul ogres. After breaking through the ores’ front ranks and descending into island proper the landing party encounter an ogre wielding a magic staff that allowed them to use druidic powers. The ogre buried dozens alive with entangling vines.

In another event the party explored a seemingly abandoned coliseum only to be confronted by a powerful ogre mage that claimed to be the leader of a faction known as the Shaperate. The party killed his elemental minion before he vanished again.

Later the ogre druid was sought out again in an ancient arena overgrown by wildlife and she was slain. Her staff was taken and the party learned of a mysterious ‘Keeper’ of the island.

**Siege of Zuldazar**

Some mercenaries and Quel’Serrar were at the siege of Dazar’Alor. During the battle they encountered a group of void elves who seemed to be in possession of artifact staff once held by Zelch: the Eye of the Basilisk.
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This is where our events halted in Battle for Azeroth. Attendance diminished as many felt a lack of enthusiasm towards the expansion and its narrative and soon we were operating on a skeleton crew unable to participate in any larger RP narratives anymore.

That being said….

A general narrative was planned for our story to continue for the expansion. It went as follows!
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**Lohn'Gol Continued**

The next event on our docket was to continue the claiming of Lohn’gol. Grazzug was going to organize a covert night-time raid of Goremaul Fortress to claim Jharghan, the Battle Horn of the Aesir. Jharghan is a warhorn that imbues those who hear its claron call with the power of the titan Golganneth. Their skin hardens like iron and their swings carry the power of storm and sea. The horn is, however, made for a titan-forged to blow into it. Doing so would kill an average person.

While a party led by Agrol Scarblade would distract the ogres with the façade of a possible threat from the south, the strike team would infiltrate the hold and we’d arrive to find only one guard remaining at the tower. He’s already distracted by the fires in the nearby forest. We rush to the door, use a method of opening it – whether magic, smashing open, or picking the lock – and get inside. As we go to retrieve the horn we hear Hornblower Aegrinde arrive. She is a powerful ogre warrior who was raised from childhood with the honors of being one who would blow the horn at the command of Armsmaster Zolmaug.

She enters the tower to retrieve the horn – just in case it’s needed – and we have a choice of trying to hide. If we fail or actively engage her we find her a formidable enemy. The guard, a dolt named Boglat, joins in the fight. Aegrinde is garbed head-to-toe in layered plates of armor and an ornate robe. She has frazzled orange-ish hair with a singular horn propping out from it and one pronounced eye. She scans her surroundings intently.


The next events would’ve been about making allies on the island. There are two gnoll tribes on the island who have lived in relative peace under the boot heels of the Goremaul ogres. The Cacklers, which are hysterical and cannibalistic gnolls who fight with crossbows, flails, bolas, and eat who they kill. The others are the Blackhide gnolls, who practice shadow magic, and who worship the Old Gods.

We could either back a faction and see it overtake the other, gaining allies and throwing the ogres’ influence falter, or do something to instigate turning them against one another and causing general havoc that distracts the ogres and pulls away their resources as they force the gnolls back into compliance.


The next event would start with the mercenaries and Highblades preparing for a final strike against the ogre leader when a massive arcane barrier is erected over his lair at the Keeper's Sanctum. Talarien determines the spell's origins to be southeast of Lohn’gol and a party is dispatched to dismantle the ogres’ defenses. The party travel to the Molten Quarry and find it infested with rock and fire elementals.

Even stranger are the earthen present. These earthen aren’t as dwarven as their normal compatriots. They’re particularly strange looking because they are larger and have some ogre-like features. Regardless, they are hard at work fortifying the position with titanic runes to defend against intruders and are crafting weapons and armor by using the magma in their environment.

Continuing inside we find a group of elemental-infused ogres who, like the Breakers back on Draenor, are immune to certain magics. They are immune because they've been bound to the elemental planes in question. They believe this brings them closer to the gods.

As the party enter the throne room they can see the weathered old ogre, Grand-Magister Magh’nor, waiting for them. He stands tall with a craggy face and a long beard that's been singed. He wears ornate robes and wears many earrings, lip rings… and even has rings on his eyebrow.

Magh'nor accuses the party of interrupting the gods work and attacks the party. He uses Vulralis to summon golden earthen with flaming hair and beards from the two pyres surrounding him and he sends them into battle against the party. We later learn he had essentially been working to create his own titan forge akin to the Halls of Stone.

As the battle continues and he’s gradually worn down he declares that nobody can partake of his years of work. He’d sooner see it destroyed. He smashes the hammer into the ground and the entire complex begins to cave in. At this point we have three turn rotations to kill him or the cave collapses around us.

** Aggran’darr and Uldanir**

The final event to claim the island would feature the odd cameo from some old allies, possibly including allies from Legion (Highmountain tauren, vrykul, etc.) and would consist of pushing our way towards the Keeper’s Sanctum. There we would fight through a few ogres while the KMG and Highblades’ forces are fighting around us. We would make our way up the steps of the sanctum and would meet Armsmaster Zolmaug there. He would fight like a WCIII Blademaster, spawning duplicates, going invisible, dodging rolls of 1-4 to reflect his evasiveness, and would be able to whirlwind aoe.

After cutting him down we would enter the sanctum proper and find two lines of stone and metallic skinned ogre-like statues forming battle lines on either side as we progress towards a massive throne where the ogre, Aggran’darr the Sighted, is waiting for us. This is no regular ogre either. His one eye and the massive, craggy, spikes that protrude from his head and from his back reveal him to be one of the mysterious 'ogre lords' that mark the missing link between ogron and ogre.

He wears a heavy breastplate that is covered in glowing runes and elaborate gems; he also wears gilded armguards and sandals that fit somewhat awkwardly around his massive, craggy limbs.

One colossal hand is wrapped around a staff of titansteel and gold that is crowned by a ring of arcane energy containing within is a crackling storm. Resting upon his lap is a blade nearly the size of a tauren that seems to emit the sparks of a great furnace from its core.

Behind him, strapped to the upper part of the back rest, is a humanoid figure. The strange entity is dressed in tattered, once ornate clothes, with a jeweled belt and... much of the rest of him is broken or missing (including his right arm and both legs below the knee). His head hangs limply and his eyes are vacant of life.

The party quickly realizes the strange being was some sort of titan keeper.

The ogre lord, Aggran’darr the Sighted, provides a bit of a lore dump. He conquered the island years ago after deserting the Horde during the Second War. He discovered an ancient titan facility on the island and usurped control of it from the keeper whose body was mounted to his throne.

His words are bitter. He regrets damaging the facility, Uldanir, during the conquest, as he did not know better at the time. Still, he insists that his people were more worthy than the initial keeper of the island had ever been. He believes the Shapers, through the red star, are watching proudly over the Goremaul ogres.

He tells us we have one final chance to leave the island before he destroys us. He claims that if we do not leave he will kill us and then he will rebuild the forges of the Shaperate, leave the island with an army of titanforged, and that he’d conquer the Horde and pitiful Alliance once and for all.

In battle he uses Orundor, Spark of Creation, to blast the party with auto-crit chain lightning. He does this once per turn and rolls a d6 at the start of his next turn to see if it has recharged. A 1-3 fails to recharge, a 4-6 recharges. He also uses Vaschalach the Earth Render, as his primary weapon.

Once he is defeated/killed the KMG put the rest of the Goremaul ogres into their place and the survivors are allowed to continue living on the island so long as they officially serve as allies to the mercs. Any who continue to stand against them are executed or exiled.


Within a few weeks the mercenaries would discover the deep subterranean vault of Uldanir. It’s largely in ruins and non-functional but Talarien and the Highblades move in to learn what secrets they can from the vault and even begin work at repairing it.

Without proper knowledge on how to work titanic technology – and lacking access to the archives of, say, the Explorer’s League, the Highblades and mercenaries venture to Zandalar. There, either in Vol’dun or in Nazmir, they track down a latent titan watcher.

The Watcher is disabled when we find it and we raid either a sethrak or blood troll (again, depending on which zone I would’ve chosen) to recover the Watcher’s data core. We teleport the Watcher’s body back to Lohn’gol and reactivate it.

Fortunately, due to the disuse it had sustained over the centuries, the titan watcher is a relatively blank slate. It recalls little outside of its initial conflict with the servants of the Old Gods and the Elemental Lords and barely remembers its own name: Watcher Totec.

Watcher Totec is given the cracked disks of Norgannon that we retrieved from Aggran’darr the Sighted and is able to retrieve most of the information from them. He provides us with another lore dump, involving the origins of Uldanir as a facility built by Keeper Agumel to create weapons and vessels that would serve as foci for the sparks of the Pantheon after Sargeras had destroyed them.

Agumel had created great forges to build both armaments, armor, and even titanic entities. His primary feats of creation were a series of artifact weapons that we would’ve gathered by defeating the Goremaul ogre leadership.

- Orundor, the Spark of Creation. A lightning-empowered staff that wields the power of Aman’thul. Icecore Staff + Thunderlord Enchant

- Vaschalach, Earth Render – Sword imbued with the power of Aggramar. The sword imbues strength beyond strength to its wielder and enhances his/her warrior’s tendencies (for good or ill). *Calamity’s Edge (Mythic) + Bleeding Hollow*

- Jharghan, Battle Horn of the Aesir. A horn that imbues those who hear its claron call with the power of the titan Golganneth. Their skin hardens like iron and their swings carry the power of storm and sea. The horn is, however, made for a titan-forged to blow into it. Doing so would kill a mortal. *Doesn’t have an in-game model. Maybe… Malevolent Gladiator’s Endgame. Only horn in game. <.<*

- Vulralis, Hammer of the Shaperate. A hammer that wields the power of Khaz’goroth. The hammer is, in the right hands, capable of shattering the land and causing great seismic eruptions. In a smith's hands it can effortlessly forge titansteel armor. *Hammer of Crushing Whispers + Coldlight (2handed) or Caress of Insanity + Thunderlord (1handed)*

- Saschenal, Rod of the Life-Binder. A staff that wields the power of Eonar. The staff’s touch restores hope to those lost to despair, energy to the weary and life to the dead. Holding the staff lets the wielder feel the very heartbeat of creation. *Kihrawr's Scratching Post with Breath of Yu'lon. When freed from the ogre influence the staff might shatter the iron and reforge itself as the Earthwarped Bladestaff (coloration the PCs choice) or the Pillar of Ferocity.*

With this knowledge the KMG and Highblades, working with Watcher Totec, gradually rebuild the complex by looting other facilities in Zandalar, the Broken Isles, Northrend and Uldum.

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**The Scythe’s Choice**

Dreadguard Lawry was outraged to learn what had happened with Lucille Langdon. She had been a trusted, even beloved, figure at the forward command post. She helped the refugees from Lordaeron Keep, comforted the grieving, and helped keep everyone fed and warm.

The fact that she was slowly ushering people out of Lordaeron and into the hands of the Alliance was beyond the pale. And if she could turn, Lawry pondered, who else could?

The Order of the Broken Mask opted to aid Lawry in seeking out other potential traitors by sending the Darkmaw to aid them. Dread-Commander Gallagher was still occupied on many different battlefronts and was not able to supervise… which, in turn, allowed things to escalate. The Darkmaw interrogated many of the refugees, tearing their minds apart, and those who were found to have performed suspicious deeds were impaled – still living – to the walls of Shadowfang Keep for others to see.

Some in the Scythe of Sylvanas, chief among them Legren and Wormgut, felt increasingly uncomfortable and petitioned the Order of the Broken Mask to do something about the increasingly paranoid Dreadguard Lawry. Dread-Commander Gallagher responded with orders to dispatch the Desolate Path. Once the traitors were dealt with they could handle Lawry. Hedva had her doubts and only tried to stop Lucille because she believed it was Alliance trickery on her father’s part. Hoping to de-escalate matters among the Forsaken she followed her orders and sent out agents to track down where Lucille and her father had escaped to.

In the end the rogue Forsaken were tracked down to several farms along the eastern coast of the Arathi Highlands.

A strike force was organized and flew down to the farms only to find that Forsaken and human alike were there tending the fields. There were bright smiles and optimistic expressions. It was… bewildering.

When the Scythe were finally noticed the humans cowered and their Forsaken kin stood between them and the Scythe, begging them to turn away and forget they ever saw them. Eventually Lucille and her father came from their home nearby. Lucille begged the Scythe to see the world as they did.

Humanity had rejected the Forsaken. It was true. But at the time the world had just been wracked by the Scourge. Lordaeron had been lost and Sylvanas herself had killed the Alliance’s only authority in the region. But now the humans and Forsaken had been given a chance to see one another for who they were. They were still individuals, still people, and they could be together. The Forsaken did not have to cower in ruins and repurposed Scourge citadels. They did not have to languish in the dark. They could re-acclimate and rejoin the world that had once abandoned them.

Some in the Scythe were made nervous and looked to Hedva for her reaction. She listened.

Lucille argued that Sylvanas had lost any redeeming aspects she may have once held. She sought to rip away the Forsaken’s humanity and wanted to turn them into monsters. Others in the crowed behind her nodded, some saying Varimathras had twisted her against the world while others argued it was her lack of purpose after Arthas’s death. Lucille asked the Scythe to reject Sylvanas’s emphasis on hopelessness and death as those in the Desolate Path had.

It was up to them. Would they murder this colony of Forsaken innocents whose only crime is wanting to reconnect with their former lives?

The Scythe briefly discussed among themselves and in the end they chose to leave the Desolate Path unharmed.

Their change of heart did not resonate among all in the Scythe.

Dithavus retreated from the Scythe, journeying to Orgrimmar to report their treachery to the high command.

The next few weeks were spent as the Scythe approached the Order of the Broken Mask’s leadership abroad and tried to turn them away from their cause. It took some effort but Dread-Commander Gallagher and his lieutenant, Knight-Captain Adaman Blightheart, eventually listened and considered the Scythe’s words. They had been unnerved by the fate of Teldrassil and felt after Lordaeron that Sylvanas didn’t care how many died on the field.

The loss of Lordaeron’s capital and the desolation of the Tirisfal Glades wounded the death knight in a way he had not expected. The Scythe relied on this feeling, one shared by the Lordaeronians of the group, and in the end they convinced the death knight to willingly turned his back on Sylvanas. Dread-Commander Gallagher joined the burgeoning revolution against her but the action shattered his order.

The Scythe found themselves in an odd position. They now, working alongside Saurfang’s revolutionaries, were forced to undo all of their work from earlier in the Fourth War. They helped the Horde and Alliance chase the dark rangers out of Strahnbrad, allowing the Order of the Broken Crown (renamed from the Broken Mask to emphasize loyalty to Lordaeron over Sylvanas) to claim it as a citadel once again. They then fought across the plague-riddled ruins of Hillsbrad, killing the ‘Smiling Man’ when he led a company of assassins against them.

While the other factions of the Warforged Legacy marched against Sylvanas in Orgrimmar the Scythe led the siege against Shadowfang Keep. There Dreadguard Lawry stood screaming obscenities from the walls of the castle. The garrison was poorly manned though and soon its commander was dragged out and executed. His victims were freed from their places, shackled or impaled to the walls, and the Scythe stood lastly against the Darkmaw and his spectral army.

Once their work was done the Scythe were left considering their own name. The Scythe of Sylvanas… was hardly an apt title any longer. Some among their ranks considered the Scythe of the Desolate, the Scythe of Desolation, or claiming the title of Corvus’s Scytheguard of old.

Their deliberations were interrupted by the news that N’zoth had arisen from the depths of the Great Sea. The Old God was free and intent on the ruination of Azeroth.

First thing was first though.

Sylvanas needed to be deposed.
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**The Highblades and the Telogrus Eternals**

The Sunborne Quel’Serrar present at the Battle of Dazar’alor were astounded to see the Eye of the Basilisk, the powerful staff once wielded by Zelch, in the hands of the ren’dorei. They watched in vain as these Alliance-loyal elves used the staff’s power to eradicate a full regiment of Horde warriors, crystalizing them and aborbing them. They then crossed through a void portal of their own making, leaving the KMG and the Highblades to do little more than react in horror.

Over the next few weeks the Highblades did what they could to try and track the location of the staff.

The discovery eventually came from a bizarre source. From within the channels the Patrons’ agents operated within.

The Quel’Serrar were dispatched to the Ghostlands to meet with a source regarding the elven group who possessed Zelch’s staff. They were called the ‘Telogrus Eternals’ according to their source and more information was needed.

They journeyed to a ruined homestead and after fighting off stray Scourge in the area they found a void elven woman waiting for them. Her name was Etheline Starbinder and she was once an agent for the Patrons. She had been sent to investigate the research being performed by Magister Umbric and his ilk when she ended up collateral damage of Silvermoon’s conflict with the rogue magister. She was transformed against her will and rejected by Silvermoon when she sought to return.

The Telogrus Eternals, she revealed, were once the Brightflame Eternals. They were another sect led by the Patrons and their leader was a Patron named Tel’andran Brightflame.

They recruited her into their ranks and for a time she believed they were a way for her to find her new purpose… but over time she came to realize that Tel’andran was losing his mind to the corruption wrought by Nether-Prince Durzaan. His physical body was continuing, despite everything, to be warped by the void. At the moment he was seemingly half way to becoming an ethereal unabated… despite Alleria and Umbric’s teachings. She believed it had something to do with the magic staff he wielded. It exuded the power of the void.

The others in the group seemed either blissfully unaware as the voices in their minds grew louder and mutations started to spread among them. Etheline sought help not to destroy the Telogrus Eternals but to save them from themselves.

Talarien counselled with the other Patrons and decided the best approach would be purging the group from existence. Their existence was a threat to the Sunwell and they believed it needed to be expunged.

Eronya, however, strongly disagreed. She believed they could be saved if given a chance… as others, such as Viktoria, were. She petitioned the other members of the Quel’Serrar over their next several missions and enlisted aid of the KMG on several bouts into the field.

Over time they would quest together, going to titan facilities all over the map. They would brave the halls of Uldaman, traverse the installations in the Storm Peaks, cross through the waygate into Un’goro Crater, and even traverse a facility deep below the Great Sea. Each time they would either be pursuing an ancient titanic secret or would be actively trying to prevent the installations’ destruction at the hands of the Telogrus Eternals, who seemed to be driving towards some intention of sabotaging the titans’ great works. They seemed intent to prevent the Keepers from interfering in some future task.

Over time the Quel’Serrar began to put together that the lieutenants of the Telogrus Eternals that they faced all boasted to be blessed by the void, that they heard the truth spoken at the core of the great dark.

They slew Lyranis Darkspear, whose physical body was completely contorted to the point where she more closely resembled a voidwalker. She had been attempting to sabotage a titan facility in the Storm Peaks built by Mimiron’s mechagnomes to track Old God activity.

They killed Noctis Darkraven, a sinister raven priest who was overseeing the creation of a saronite bomb. Its detonation would be aerosolized saronite into the air and would fill the lungs of any who’d breathe it in. This would force its victims on a term path to madness and despair.

They found the assassin, Shadowblade Dormin, and stopped him from assassinating a thalassian nobleman in Silvermoon. The nobleman, Emris Brightcrown, revealed himself to be one of the Patrons and was put in the Quel’Serrar’s debt.

They found a ren’dorei who seemed to be possessed by the sha in Pandaria but realized it was simply residual corruption from the essence of Y’shaarj within a magic tome she wielded. She called herself ‘the Hungerer’ and seemed to be a bottomless abyss of hunger for magic and death.

Eventually Etheline sent them intel about Tel’andran’s second in command, Aeternus Voidwrath, who wielded Zelch’s staff.

They stopped Aeternus Voidwrath in a facility deep below the seas of Azeroth. They rode in a Kezz & Co. submersible and found him in the process of crystalizing the titan guardian of the facility. The group defeated the ren’dorei but Etheline petitioned on his behalf to let her try and convince him to see the light. Aeternus revealed that Tel’andran, now calling himself Lord Tenebrae, had the staff built from the shattered core of a fallen Naaru. The longer he was apart from the relic the more clearly he thought and he had begun to realize on his own that his master was falling too far.
He agreed to join Etheline in hiding and yielded the staff back to the party. Zelch may or may not have kept the soul of the fallen titanic guardian for himself.

Alyarra, Leryssa, Cal’thaelen, Viktoria, and others combined their research efforts to figure out how they could possibly stop ‘Lord Tenebrae’ and wondered if his involvement with spurning the titans had any connection to the recent events involving Azshara in Nazjatar.

They ended up developing the theory that Lord Tenebrae was trying to make it more difficult for the forces of Azeroth to contend with the Old God N’zoth.

The party rescued Etheline’s contact within the Eternals, Shadow-Warden Anisette, and stopped Tenebrae’s assailant, ‘Shadows Eye’ from tracking her down.

Aeternus, Anisette, and Etheline managed to create a portal to the void realm where the Telogrus Eternals operated out of. The party went to their small corner of the void and they worked together with agents from the KMG and the Quel’Serrar to convince the laymen and women of the Telogrus Eternals that their minds were being clouded by Lord Tenebrae and his influence, that the Old God N’zoth was going to rise, and they were in part to blame. Etheline argued Alleria’s teachings to control the voices.

One by one the Eternals looked at themselves and then at the party, realizing the mutations and the voices they thought they had maintained control of… were slowly but surely taking over their minds.

Some were already lost to the madness of the Old Gods and erected void portals to flee the area, intent on warning their master of the mass defection. The rest of the Eternals apologized for all that they had become and offered a piece of information to the Quel’Serrar and the mercenaries. Lord Tenebrae had left already for the distant land of Uldum. He sought to open a tomb there and by doing so would set his final piece into motion. None knew the meaning of the phrase, including Aeternus….

Grazzug and Eronya immediately knew the tomb in question. Deep below the dunes of Uldum was the long interred mad tol’vir, Dark Pharaoh Arkhuul.

The combined forces of the KMG and the Sunborne Quel’Serrar rushed to Uldum and warned the tol’vir. They then journeyed to the tomb and found Lord Tenebrae there, alongside two of his lieutenants – K’tharii and K’thras – who he sent to hold the party at bay.

The battle between the two ren’dorei and the group lasted a short time before Lord Tenebrae returned with the dark pharaoh at his side. The two boasted that the final piece was now in play. N’zoth had arisen in the northeast and the ancient lieutenant who served the darkness had returned to serve it once more. Arkhuul flexed his powers for the first time in millennia by transforming the two ren’dorei the party were fighting into full-fledged faceless aberrations. He and Tenebrae then vanished to perform their work for N’zoth.

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A Momentary Interlude

While the mercenaries marshalled their forces to track down N’zoth’s devotees they were visited by a Darkspear representative of Varok Saurfang. The troll petitioned Grazzug and his forces to journey to Dustwallow Marsh and join Saurfang’s rebellion against Sylvanas Windrunner. It was the Horde’s chance to restore their honor.

Grazzug reluctantly agreed, leaving a token force in Uldum to monitor the situation, and dispatching scouting teams to try and find where the Old God loyalists had crept off to.

The mercenaries journeyed to Dustwallow and joined Saurfang’s procession through Horde territories, liberating each from Sylvanas’s control on route to Orgrimmar.

It was only a matter of time before the army reached Razor Hill and set up their forward base there. Grazzug recalled how, mere years earlier, he was held at the city as a prisoner. He recalled fighting and killing his former friend and colleague, Dargeth Armbreaker, in the Razor Hill barracks where Saurfang and his rebels’ leadership now met.

While encamped at Razor Hill the mercenaries and Quel’Serrar were met by the Scythe. The Forsaken had abandoned Sylvanas and her tyranny but felt astray, lost, and unsure of themselves. For many their identity was in question but for others it was swift and well-earned retaliation for what was done to their beloved Lordaeron. Sylvanas, in her selfish pursuit of war, had taken Lordaeron’s capital city from the Forsaken and left it scarred and broken worse than Arthas himself had ever managed. Feelings of spite had evolved into full rebelliousness among some (namely Legren and Wormgut, though also among others) and they embraced their companions’ change of heart, using it as a springboard to bring the Scythe into Saurfang’s rebellion.

It was an uncomfortable reunion and Grazzug expressly stated his distrust of the Forsaken, who, he claimed, only turned when it was convenient, but the three factions stood together as the assault force pushed north.

The armies were delayed by Bilgewater sappers, Forsaken plague catapults, and Mag’har berserkers utilizing guerilla tactics, and the combined forces of the former Warforged Pact were sent in to dispatch them. Dithavus was leading the plaguing efforts and is cut down in battle, refusing to his dying breath to yield or reconsider. With their deaths it was only a matter of time before a small assault force of Horde and Alliance forces stood before the gates of Orgrimmar.

Varok Saurfang’s death at the hands of Sylvanas marked the end of the Fourth War. Her treachery and retreat, calling the Horde she claimed to lead nothing more than beasts braying about ‘honor,’ allowed the peoples of the Horde to recognize she had never cared about their best interests.

Sylvanas disappeared, assuming a smoke-like form and fleeing into the skies to the north, and the Horde watched her retreat with disgust.

Some retreated from the Undercity in an effort to continue the guerilla cause for their mistress.
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The War Against N’zoth’s Loyalists

The mercenaries and Quel’Serrar agents continued their hunt for the dark pharaoh and the rogue ren’dorei across Uldum before losing their trail. They conferred with the Ramkahen and learned of mysterious dreams starting to afflict the tol’vir and became aware of a qiraji incursion from the northwest.

As the mercenaries prepared to help deal with the qiraji invasion news came from the south.

Lord Tenebrae and a legion of K’thir had besieged the City of Tol’vir. The locals were captured, many sacrificed, and the titanic watchers there were corrupted by dark magics.

Meanwhile, Dark Pharaoh Arkhuul had spitefully warped the minds of the tol’vir dwelling in Neferset City, twisting them into mindless stone or void-warped aberrations and left a simulacrum of himself – a construct of pure void energy – to rule the city. He also – through his master’s will – summoned a great darkness that overcame the land.

The mercenaries besieged Neferset City, thinking the dark pharaoh had cornered himself out of arrogance… but the Quel’Serrar recognized the ruse. Using divining magics the elves realized both Tenebrae and the dark pharaoh had escaped to the high seas. The Quel’Serrar secured boats from the local Ramkahen and sailed after their quarry.

Days later they encountered Tenebrae and the dark pharaoh once again. At sea they spotted a great dark shape in the skies. It turned out that they were astride a floating stone pyramid surrounded by an array of floating platforms and monoliths, all of which were covered in a wide array of staring, unblinking eyes.

The elves and their ships were assailed by naga, void-touched mur’ghuls, and a fearsome kraken. While the great beast was forced to retreat and the naga were slain, the Quel’Serrar were held at bay long enough for the mysterious aerial fortress to blast the seas with a beam of dark magic that pierced down to the bottom of the sea.

A massive C’thrax, slain millennia before the Sundering, arose from the seas with new life. The creature, Uul'thajz, arose from the waters and joined N’zoth’s loyalists atop the flying fortress.

The elves could do little to keep up with the flying fortress. A strange storm seemed to form around of dark purple clouds surging with black and violet lightning before it disappeared from sight. Once they lost its trail they returned to Lohn’gol to consult with Keeper Totec within Uldanir. No leads could be found as to where the fortress had disappeared to. Little was known of Uul'thajz either, other than its title of ‘the Unmaker,’ but the titanforged did find an entry in Agumel’s ancient memory logs of Uul’thajz’s original killers: the mogu.

The Quel’Serrar send agents to Pandaria to search the Mogu’shan Vaults for further information but find the area under siege by N’zoth’s minions. They fight and kill their way into the facility and kill a massive living tumor of Old God power that was attempting to drain the arcana that fueled the archives there.

In the end the party learned that the Korune clan of the mogu kept a mention of Uul’thajz in their oral histories.

This proves problematic. Shan Kien and the mogu of Clan Korune were either slain taken prisoner by Garrosh Hellscream in the waning days of his reign. Again, the Quel'Serrar's researchers studied Reliquary notes and even managed to get entry into some Kor'kron archives. They eventually learned that some of the mogu prisoners were somehow lost in transit to Orgrimmar from Pandaria.

It unfortunately ends up a dead end. The ship transporting the mogu prisoners was sunk in a naval battle against Alliance forces and none that actually arrived in Orgrimmar survived the siege.

The Quel’Serrar accept the setback but make the best of it, joining the Golden Lotus in defense of Pandaria against the mantid and C’thraxxi forces alongside reoccurring ally, General Nall Yezhou.

While the elves pursued their research the mercenaries continued their more direct approach. They reclaimed Neferset City from the N'zoth loyalists and scored a few decisive victories around Uldum.

The mercenaries’ former ally from the region, Zaras – revealed to be the red dragon Zarazstraz – delivered a warning that the Amathet besieged the Halls of Reorigination and broken through the defenses of the Ramkahen. The mercenaries and their allies battled their way into the citadel and forced Sun King Nahkotep to retreat from the Forge of Origination as his artificers tried to operate the elevator, stopping Azeroth’s destruction. They then faced the void corrupted wraith of Earthrager Ptah within the complex itself. They dove deeper into the Halls of Reorigination and liberated the titanic sparks of the Forge’s guardians from N’zoth’s influence.

The mercenaries learn from the titanic spirits within the Halls of Reorigination that another keeper exists in Uldum who has been long buried after being felled in battle against Lei Shen's armies. She was Keeper Ailuros, considered to be a protector goddess among the Tol'vir, and who had the head of a lioness.

The mercenaries uncover the Amathet trying to dig the keeper’s body out from the dunes and during the battle to claim her the amathet leader transforms into a faceless one, killing its companions – who were none the wiser – and turning against the Warforged afterwards.

It was dispatched and Ailuros’s body was transported to Uldanir. There the azerite was used to revitalize her spark and give her life. Her entire body - but for that covered by her marble white garb – then shone with vibrant gold tones. Her eyes were blue with azerite power.

Keeper Ailuros assessed her surroundings and found them unfamiliar. Keeper Totec briefs her on the nature of Uldanir, her history, and her death. He informs the other keeper of N’zoth’s threat to Uldum she immediately turns to the party and demands her return there to aid in that cause. It takes some convincing but she is eventually talked into assisting the Warforged with the threat of Uul'thajz the Unmaker when they inevitably have to face it.

Meanwhile, another joint force infiltrated the Lost City of Tol’vir in a rogue-led mission and sought out Arkhuul’s top lieutenant, Dark Prophet Thestas, at the Oasis of the Fallen Prophet. While fighting him they also fight an engorged and tentacle-covered crocolisk (that may have once been Lockmaw from the dungeon).

During the battle the prophet lets slip that ‘The Dark One shall rise from his slumber but his dream shall be made real!’

The mercenaries confer with the 'Champions of Azeroth' earthen about the prophet’s mysterious claim and learn how Ny'alotha is N'zoth's dream made manifest. They share this information with the Scythe and Quel'Serrar. From that the elves realize Arkhuul's citadel actually retreated into N'zoth's dream.

The arc progresses as the elves essentially build their own versions of Wrathion's cloak. Each is an azerite artifact (personalized to its user, not necessarily a cloak) that functions as a tether from the character to Azeroth itself through the azerite. The enchantment could only work for a limited time but mitigated the effects of the madness N'zoth sought to inflict.

More one-off island expeditions are held as the mercenaries and elves gather the azerite they need for the items… which are forged in Uldanir and distributed among those who need them.

We even visit the Chamber of Heart with Keeper Totec, who learns the spellwork necessary to facilitate the resilience enchantment.

In the end the combined forces - all empowered by their azerite artifacts - are dispatched into Ny'alotha and there seek out Arkhuul's fortress. the dark phaoroh and his minions are defeated.

The campaign is not without casualties. Simon Redgate is among those who are twisted to N'zoth's side. He and others are assuaged by the dark one's whispers and are slain because of it.
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Shadowlands and... Closure

Normally an expansion would start and two weeks would pass. At this point we would start our RP events again. But attendance did not restart. Enthusiasm remained critically low and the Shadowlands story didn't initially give us much to work with so... we didn't get people to show up.

No narratives really picked up. I had pre-expansion stuff pretty well planned out. It involved chasing down some of Sylvanas's dark rangers. Basically it went as thus:

Contracting for the Horde Council, the KMG spent months hunting Sylvanas Windrunner’s remaining agents. They found leads in Dragonblight, in Nazmir, and in other lands throughout the continents of Azeroth.

In Dragonblight they joined a group of Argent Crusaders in warding the corpse of Galakrond. In Nazmir they stalked agents of the Widow’s Bite who worked with Nathanos.

Ultimately, the mercenaries received a hint while in Zandalar. A woman had been spotted on a ship leaving Zandalar. It was bound for Tanaris and the one on the ship was an elven woman garbed like a dark ranger.

The mercenaries tracked this dark ranger down to Gadgetzan. After tracking a dark ranger through the streets of grime riddled city and into the western deserts, they tracked her down to a temple in Zul Farrak. She was meeting there with a group of priests dedicated to the troll death god, Mueh’zala.

The dark ranger was killed in the ensuing battle but one priest was kept alive. He simple laughed at the mercenaries’ efforts, saying death was coming to rule over all. He then, while still laughing, began to actively decay and his head fell back.

The party would then find another lead a few weeks later regarding Lady Dreadwood – once from the Order of the Broken Mask – and would learn she was spotted in the Eastern Plaguelands. We arrive to find several dead Argent Crusaders and we pursue her trail until we’re ambushed by Scourge as well as living Cult of the Damned members. She retreats further and onto a ship bound for Northrend.

We pursue her, resulting in a naval battle between two ships where we board hers and take out her crew. In the end she escapes by assuming a banshee form - discarding the corpse of Lyleth Ravenarrow - and disappears into the night.

Finally we track her to a Scourge outpost in the Howling Fjord that is far more numerous than it should be. Lady Dreadwood dies there, staring at the heavens, and smiling as she says she can see the hand of her Lady reaching down to her. There is a sudden flash and the skies blast open.

The next few events would consist of different teams – either defending Quel’thalas, the Barrens, or other lands, alongside the Argent Crusade, or fighting the Scourge in Icecrown. Then we would have started the expansion story arc.

But that never came to be. In the end I think it's fair to say the closure of N'zoth's campaign actually gave the members of Warforged Legacy an opening to settle down for awhile. Lohn'gol serves as the headquarters for the mercenaries and has enclaves for both their allied factions to lounge about. From Lohn'gol they can live in relative peace, studying the facilities of Uldanir, working with their titanic allies, and doing what they can to help Azeroth heal as the azerite crisis apparently has come to an end with the Fourth War.

I heard some business about dragons lately. Maybe something will come up then. Maybe not.

If not, I'd like to think of the characters living their happily ever afters...

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