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1, What is the full name of your character?
Pal'ovin Sunblast

2, What is the name of your character as it appears in-game (including special characters)?

3, Level and class:
Level 107 Hunter, Beast Master

4, How long have you been roleplaying in WoW and without?
I've been roleplaying in WoW since just before Legion's release. I believe it was around February, 2016. Outside of WoW, however, I've been roleplaying off-and-on in various forums since 2008.

5, What is your age range?

6, What is the back-story and history of your character?
Pal'ovin Sunburst, or 'Palov' as he often goes by, grew up in a small family of a lesser house in Silvermoon. Though life was never truly difficult for him, he was always constantly aware of his place in Silvermoon's social hierarchy. However, just as he was reaching adulthood, Arthas attacked leaving the city and its people torn asunder. As it happened, Palov quickly became one of the luckiest elves in the city; both of his parents were still alive after the attack. However, with the city in ruins and the undead crawling across the land, Palov did what he could to survive while his parents left Silvermoon with Kael'thas to fight off what they could, leaving him alone.
After the Magisters returned to retake Quel'thalas and begin Silvermoon's rebuilding, Palov found himself under the wing of an old artificer and tinkerer. Training as an apprentice, Palov learned much and developed a love for the artificial. Things seemed to be getting better, as he'd received news that he would be able to join his parents with Kael'thas in Outland soon...
But that never came to be. It didn't take long after the first sin'dorei pilgrims sent word of Kael'thas's lies. Eventually, Palov would learn that his parents had also became corrupted and were slain by a group of adventurers at a Sunfury encampment in Shadowmoon Valley. Not long after that, the artificer that was training him was killed as he attempted to recover materials from the East Sanctum. Once again alone, Palov decided he would take what he had learned and travel, seeking out engineers, artificers, and tinkerers that he could learn as much as he could from.
Over the next few years, Palov learned from goblins, Forsaken, orcs, and even a gnome and two dwarves. He'd learned about clockwork, arcane infusion, recovered titan technology, and - his personal favorite - explosives. This odd collection of schematics, techniques, and trade secrets allowed him to develop his own sense of artifice. However, the most important thing he learned was the power of gold and how, with enough of it, you could achieve nearly anything.
So now, with this unique skillset and an eye for making cash, Palov began to sell his explosive expertise to the highest bidder.

7, Tell us about the personality of your character.
Palov has a weakness for three things; gold, flesh, and drink. More often than not, the times he's gotten himself into trouble is in an effort to pursue one or the other. That aside, Palov is a mercenary who holds true to his word whenever he can, but is rarely surprised when no one else does. Spending time with the Goblins in Aszhara taught him to keep an eye out for any trick and any time.
In truth, his honesty comes from his upbringing. He was always raised to be straight-forward and, even if his parents found a less than noble end, he'd be damned if he died because of a lie.

8, What does your character look like?
Palov is a relatively attractive elf, but nothing too far out of the norm. His high cheekbones, chiseled jaw, and lithe form and little more than par for the course among his people. He sports short golden-red hair that appears to be windswept back, which he prefers, so the hair is kept out of his face while he works. After all, the slightest mistake could result in a missing limb. What sets him apart, however, is his attire and gear.
Like most elves, Palov is a somewhat vain creature, being all-too aware of his good looks in comparison to other races (especially among the Horde). He wears a chestplate that leaves his midriff exposed, claiming it's for mobility's sake, and low-riding trousers, set with light, protective plates and a wide array of pockets. Atop his head, Palov sports a set of goggles of his own making, with multiple lenses and sight settings to assist with his precise work. Slung over his back is a rather unique orc rifle, adjusted to fit in his arm and modified to fire his own brand of explosives rather than bullets.
Palov brings an off mixture of utility and vanity, which is sure to gain notice.

9, What does your character think of their warchief, Sylvanas Windrunner?
While not her biggest fan as of late, Palov had always admired her skill in life and, now, can appreciate her swift and rather explosive action, as well as her abilities to utilize the work of her engineers and alchemists.

10, The following questions are designed to get a better grasp of your character within their race and position within the Horde. Only answer the question(s) specified to your character’s race. If the question does not apply to your character perfectly, still try to answer to the best of your ability.
Blood Elf: In the time before the Sunwell was restored, how did your character deal with their addiction to the arcane?
Before the restoration of the Sunwell, Palov made do with what he could, scavenging for what mana crystals he could find and resorting to bloodthistle when all else failed. Before the magisters returned, he would occasionally join with groups of Farstriders, citizens, and even a group of fellow orphans at one point. After the magisters' return, Palov found mana crystals much easier to come across, especially while working and studying under an artificer, who often worked on repairing arcane guardians.

11, Which pages of the site did you read?
I read whatever I could come across; Who We Are, How to Join, What Makes Us Different, RP Guide (admittedly just the timeline and Blood Elf Guide), FAQ, and Rules. I even looked over a few other applications in an effort to make sure I completed one as best as I could.

12, What do the fans of Blight Boar love to drink at their concerts?

13, Can you initiate roleplay on your own? How often do you? How do you?
As someone coming from Alliance-side on Moon Guard, I'm no stranger to initiating roleplay. I do, however, take care to invite people to roleplay with my character rather than drag them into it, as many Moon Guard roleplayers are unfortunately known for. I'm usually trying to get some roleplay in whenever I'm online (which is most nights), and, more often than not, I find that I need to send out the initial post. If they don't reply to it, I'll politely ask them if they saw my post. If I still get no reply or they tell me they aren't interested, then I move on to what my character would do next.

14, What does the goblin's trike use for fuel?

15, How involved do you like to be in the guild community outside of the game? Do you enjoy using forums / Discord, etc?
I will admit that I'm not always the most vigilant when it comes to guild site forums, I am nearly always using Discord and more than happy to keep up with everyone and guild events through there. If I'm needed to use the forums, however, I will do so. Habits are easy enough to build, after all.

16, Why do you want to join Warforged Legacy?
I'm looking for a guild that is both active and consistent. I want somewhere that I can go when it's time to roleplay and actually get progress on my character outside of the occasional brawl and bar-chat.

17, Do you know anyone in the guild, and how do you know them?
I sure do not. But I'm more than happy to change that upon approval of this application.

18, How did you hear about us?
Honestly, I saw your listing in the LF Guild section. I'd just dropped this character's old guild, as it had dissolved nearly a year ago and decided to go on the prowl for a group of like-minded roleplayers.

19, On average, how often do you log into this character and play? Try to be specific.
Well, it is a bit hard to say, as I am returning from a six-month WoW hiatus. Though I can see my self easily logging on 4-5 times a week.

20, What was the name of the last guild you were in, and why did you leave it?
The last guilds I was a part of were <Hellheims Angels>, a WrA Horde motorcycle gang / protection extortion themed guild, and <Maidens Folly>, a MG Alliance pirate guild. I'm still a part of Maiden's Folly on Alliance-MG, but the guild isn't very active and I don't really spend much time on Moon Guard anymore. <Hellheims Angels> unfortunately dissolved as activity declined during my hiatus. It was a small guild with a group of people who collectively lost interest in the game.

21, Anything you would like to add? (Tell us about yourself, etc.)
I'm a 27-year-old DnD dungeon master from Texas. I love my friends fiercely and am always on the looking to make more. I've been roleplaying since I was in middle school via GaiaOnline and moved onto bigger things like WoW and DnD. I play Magic: The Gathering in my spare time, which seems to be dwindling these days, but I make it work, haha. I'm damn-near addicted to Warcraft lore and am always excited to discuss it. Just last week, even, I had a rather long talk about sin'dorei lore with a coworker who had no idea what she was in for when she asked "What's a Blood Elf?".

22, If you understand that a reason will not be provided if your application is denied type: "I UNDERSTAND" in response to this: I UNDERSTAND
"Lovin' being Pal'ovin."
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We're a bit on the quiet side right now as a few members are having a bit of BFA fatigue. With that in mind I'd be happy to interview you if you'd still like to have it done. Go ahead and reach out to me in game. I may be on Grazzug, Talarien, Fenrosh, Magrag, or a whole other onslaught of alts. Looking forward to hearing from you!
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