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#13835559 Aug 13, 2018 at 12:49 AM
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The Undercity has been lost, the city left a blighted husk. The culprit is none other than its own ruler, Sylvanas a sense, anyway. That, combined with her "dishonorable" tactics in the battle, has made her a rather divisive figure to some...

How do your characters feel about the current situation? The loss of the Undercity, the upcoming war, Sylvanas' behavior? What are their feelings going into the Battle for Azeroth, essentially?
#13835564 Aug 13, 2018 at 01:10 AM
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As for me...

Legren: Furious beyond description. Lordaeron was his home, and having it lost like this has completely devastated him. He's intent on making the Alliance pay, but has also had his loyalty to the Dark Lady severely dented. He's not quite traitorous yet, but is very much...considering his options, and assessing just how 'friendly' other members of the Scythe may really be.

Velsaria: Combined with the atrocity at Teldrassil, this has convinced Velsaria that the Horde is in desperate need of a leadership change, and that the Forsaken are either under the control of a monster, or simply monsters themselves.

Krolbrim: "Good riddance" about sums it up; as far as he's concerned, the Forsaken are unnatural monsters and they all need to be put down. After what they did to Teldrassil, he's only disappointed that the Alliance didn't kill more of them, and off Sylvanas too. If he had a say in it, the Horde would disown the Forsaken and allow the Alliance to destroy them. He only regrets that proper Horde lives were lost defending the city - murdered by the mad Warchief, of course.

Redgate: His homeland was, in a way, one of the only things tying Simon to reality. With it lost, he's...well, not changed much. But he's become a little more sure of himself...

Gundead: Troubled by the tactical issues with losing the city. Unconcerned with the 'it was our home' aspect. The new facilities in Orgrimmar are lackluster. That's disappointing.

Torrag: Considers the Forsaken to deserve it at this point, but is frustrated with the Horde having lost a battle at all. Considers them obligated to defeat the Alliance elsewhere now, to avenge the loss. That's just how these things work.

Bloodsear: He's frustrated that he can't actually disagree with Sylvanas on a tactical level - every move she made was 'right' given the situation. If anyone is at fault, it's operatives like him for not having intel on the Void Elves' plot or Proudmoore's ridiculous flying boat. Still, there's a line where pragmatism goes too far and becomes monstrous - and this crossed that line, in his estimation. Part of him is hoping SI:7 manages an assassination, at this point.

Dogann: Those who died were weak. That's all. There's no need to think about the situation any further. Everyone needs to shut up and fight until the Alliance is dead.

Voranos: Can appreciate Sylvanas' brutal tactics, but as a patriot himself, her disregard for her peoples' homeland has disturbed him immensely. Sylvanas Windrunner is definitely dead and buried, and this thing makes a mockery of her memory. He'll stand for Quel'thalas, but not the Horde. No more than he has to for them.
#13838161 Aug 16, 2018 at 11:04 PM
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Bauron: Had he been present, Bauron would've been executed for treason trying to stop the forsaken from blighting the Horde's own people. His opinion on the warchief and her forsaken has only gotten worse if that's possible. Going forward, he plans on aiding the Horde in getting allies so they can better defend themselves from the Alliance's wrath after Sylvanas is inevitably overthrown, as well as trying to do good and better Azeroth's situation however he can.

Strakk: This battle confirms to him that Sylvanas has become more of a nutcase than all of the Scythe nutcases combined. He's pretty sure that one of two things are going to go down. Either Sylvanas is going to take over the world and turn it into a plague-ridden hellscape or the Alliance will grind the Horde to dust (regardless of whether or not the Horde dethrones Sylvanas). He's secretly trying to build anti-deader weapons to cover his own hind in case of the former. Honestly considering ending his association with the Horde and becoming a pirate or independent treasure hunter, though he'll hold off on that until he's sure there are no more profits to be had. Given the Horde's plans to ally with the world wealthiest trolls, Strakk will probably wait to see what happens.

Hectur: Not holding up well. He's convinced that the remains of his sanity have begun to deteriorate thanks to the invasion of his mind by the Houndmistress, because he's beginning to think such thoughts as, “Is our lady under the influence of some Old God, or a group of terrible writers? Lordaeron was our home, returned to us from the Scourge by the Dark Lady, but now she has decimated it just for a chance to kill the Wrynn boy and his people. Why?”

Rastath: Hasn't changed his position. Saw this coming. Still thinks someone should check if Sylvanas is a demon in disguise.

Clorg: He's gone from having mixed feelings to enraged. If there's one thing he's learned from Garrosh's reign, it's that even a warchief can betray the Horde. Blighting the Horde's own troops definitely qualifies. He actively hates all the forsaken now too, Scythe included, believing they were all personally involved in this. At this point, he's really just waiting on word from Grazzug, Saurfang, or some other important orc (or maybe a non-orc) to go mete out some Horde-style justice. That being said, he's still pro-war with the Alliance and said war will probably re-occupy his attention until the time comes.

Yongo: He thinks back to a speech given at the pandaren gathering in the Jade Forest, regarding the need for Sylvanas to be overthrown for her genocidal nature and tyranny. At the time he considered that perhaps these could be rumors and they should give Sylvanas the benefit of the doubt. Now he's taking those words to heart. He holds no ill-will for the Horde itself, believing them to be enslaved to yet another villainous warchief. He feels pity for the Horde having to go through this again, and he has some strong words for Sylvanas.

"Profit, profit, profit. A word so nice, you say it thrice." - Strakk Crashgear
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