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The Burning of Teldrassil is a major event that's going to send major ripples throughout the entire world. How are your characters reacting to the news? What are their thoughts, on the act itself and what it says about Sylvanas and the current direction of the Horde? Has it driven them to take any particular actions?
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As for me...

Legren: Doesn't care a whole lot. His main concern is that it's likely to provoke retaliation on Lordaeron, which he will not even entertain the thought of losing. He's working feverishly to complete his current work before the fighting starts.

Nharos: Mystified that this is the faction her people chose to join. It's encouraged her to give up any notion of going back to them, and just remain Illidari-aligned/independent.

Velsaria: Horrified that this is what her people have joined and, in some small way, contributed to. Went back to Suramar and got blindingly drunk for the first time of her life in grief over the news.

Krolbrim: Legitimately lost consciousness upon being informed. Is currently having panic attacks on the regular and has no idea what to do with himself. Keeps having to talk himself out of trying to help the survivors (since, Druid or not, they probably wouldn't appreciate a Tauren's presence right now).

Redgate: Secretly amused by the carnage, though a little put off by what a swerve it was. The whispers make everything fine, though. He's going back to the church he used to preach at in life to burn it down, just in case Lordaeron falls and he never gets another chance.

Gundead: Some dim, buried part of him felt a pang of regret for all the lives lost. It was drowned out as he returned to the Undercity for maintenance and deployment as a frontline asset when the Alliance comes.

Torrag: Was violently disgusted. Has become adamantly convinced that all Forsaken are inherently evil and the Horde under Sylvanas' control is *terribly* similar to the Bloodtotem under Torok's. Is very much of the belief she needs to be killed. Also knows well enough not to express this. Yet.

Bloodsear: Considers this not just to be an ethical breach, but also plain bad tactics. He may not have a proper Orc's honor, but he does have standards. He's working overtime to get a tactical report ready on the situation before things go even more pear-shaped.

Dogann: Doesn't give a damn about the Night Elves' deaths. He's taken to prowling Darkshore and picking off survivors, though only if they're soldiers - he leaves civilians, or groups that contain civilians, alone. Slaughtering the defenseless doesn't satisfy him any.

Voranos: Horrified by his peoples' choice in allies at this point. Has started ranting about how 'in the old days' they would've taken a stand against this madness by now. He's falling back into old prejudices and becoming convinced that the Horde is inherently twisted, though it's mitigated by the fact that this is Sylvanas' fault, rather than the Orcs'.
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This should be most of them!

Grazzug – Horrified. Utterly horrified. Years ago he cheered as Theramore was eradicated. The battle before had been honorable, the Alliance had sent away most of (if not all of) the civilians beforehand, and Theramore was a militant installation who waged war against the Horde during the Cataclysm. There was a reason to attack directly, to shatter it in the Horde’s name. He has since softened a bit after the events of Mists of Pandaria. He has been against re-ignited the faction war (and not just because he thought the Horde would lose, having, until the Broken Shore, seemingly taken far more casualties than the Alliance in the last few wars). He was silently against this instigation as well but believed there could be some merit to occupying Teldrassil and using it as leverage. He didn’t like it but it could avoid future bloodshed. Now he stands on the ramparts, staring out to the north, knowing the justice of the Alliance is coming and that he’s likely to die for an honorless warchief… and it just makes him angrier.

Talarien – He was in Dalaran at the time, writing a missive for one of his fellow Patrons, when one of his apprentices came in. She tearfully informed him what had happened. He sent her away immediately and then set down his quill and buried his face in his hands. He had chosen not to be involved. He knew it wouldn’t end well but he couldn’t have even imagined it would be this catastrophic.

Braktar – He was fighting in the woods alongside a few other shadow hunters when the burning started. They rushed to the shoreline and turned their attention north, seeing the Horde’s demolishers opening fire and seeing Sylvanas watching the world tree burn. They looked out in horror and asked themselves ‘Is this what Vol’jin saw?’ Braktar was willing to fight for Sylvanas, follow her, because Vol’jin had said she was destined to rule the Horde. The Loa had confirmed it to Braktar as well but have still not explained why. His faith in her is just about gone… but it was with Garrosh too. The Horde would endure without her and he knew he would have to be there to help herald in the better days.

Dusthorn and Fenrosh – Blissfully unaware. Oskenon packed up his things after the Ancients scattered the satyr cabal and packed his things to return home when he was approached by other Cenarions who were en route to Silithus. He decided to join them, as it was at least closer to home, and has been there since. He felt the reverberations of the world tree’s death but wasn’t sure what had happened. Fenrosh is down in Silithus as well and while he did feel the spirits cry out in agony, their cries were drowned out by those of the spirits in Silithus. He and his students are assisting Magni in keeping the dangerous Azerite elementals at bay.

Magrag and Glaerion – The old warlock also had felt the impact of Teldrassil’s burning but was not sure what had happened. He didn’t know for a few days, until Mefimur (his wyrmtongue assistant) came to him with a letter from Veli. He is puzzled by Sylvanas’s actions to say the least and doesn’t’ share Veli’s enthusiasm for the burning. Glaerion, in turn, is horrified. A lack of honor is one thing but an utter lack of humanity is another. He is disgusted by what Sylvanas has become. He respected her as the ranger-general, even fought against the Scourge alongside some of her people, but now…?

Arestra and Valtenath – They were some of the few Highblades to actually take to the field in Darkshore. They weren’t quite sure why they were there but Grazzug had asked for some support… so they provided it. When they saw Teldrassil burning it was Arestra’s instinct to rush to the tree and try to save who she could. Valtenath had the same instinct but he knew that by the time they’d gotten across the water there would be nobody left to save. He held her back as she tried in vain to make for the shore. Eventually the two of them just fell to their knees and took a moment to mourn for the dead. Valtenath led a prayer to the Light that their souls find peace.

Dithavus – He was present. He didn’t care. His thought entirely revolve around keeping the Undercity from ending up like Teldrassil. He immediately sought to manipulate the Horde forces around him, playing on their oaths to the warchief and the fact the Alliance wouldn’t just target the Forsaken. They’d be coming for everyone and thus everyone had to stand together if they hoped to survive. He, again, doesn’t care if they die… but self-preservation is pretty high on his list of priorities.

Kezzik – Completely unaware. He’s too busy working on creating suits of Azerite armor and Azerite-based weaponry. Better late than never but his company finally got a few decent contracts with the cartel.

Agrol Scarblade – While there are glimmers of his old personality coming through again with the war finishing and his would be shadowy puppet master loosening the reins, he doesn’t care for much these days. He recognizes how cruel and dishonorable the act was but, again, doesn’t care outside of the echo in the back of his mind.

Lao - Lao was cooking food for some guests when news reached his village on the Wandering Isle. The dwarf present – Rumbul Kegsmasher – immediately got up and left the gathering, leaving Lao with far too much food and fewer one friend. He sat down and had a drink, wondering aloud what had happened to the world. This was supposed to be a time of rebuilding and burying the hatchet, not going right back to killing one another…
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Hedva - Baffled. She couldn't care less about the night elves or their tree. She has never had reason to doubt Sylvanas before, but doesn't understand the strategy.

Huuza - Tired. Seeing the army assembling in the Barrens reminded him too much of Hellscream's Korkron. The idea of so many civilians being killed in Teldrassil was shocking and horrifying. He figured that Sylvanas as warchief was a bad idea, but had no idea of the sheer magnitude of what she would do. He sees nothing but endless fighting in the future.
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Zelch - Pretty shocked. He can't understand the action of destroying Teldrassil when capturing it would have been a far greater net gain in the long run. It's just bad business. Now he's scared for Riah and trying to figure out whether it's still safe on the Broken Isles or in Orgrimmar.

Zeimer - Solidly neutral. He doesn't have any strong feelings toward the Night Elves or the tree as anything other than potential obstacles to the Dark Lady's Will, so it's destruction doesn't affect him. What DOES effect him is the ensuing battle for Lordaeron, the only home he's ever known living or dead. To have it lost is something he can barely comprehend.

Zaguld - Horrified. The world tree's death is a scream of pain that any shaman would feel, and he is no exception. He's pretty solidly in the Saurfang camp that this was no act of honor, just a destructive act known all too well to him from the days of the Old Horde.

Zhyntalah - Being a younger Blood Elf, Zhynt has never really known Kalimdor or the World Tree from anything other than stories. He's been far too busy slaying demons and struggling with his sanity to care. But he does recognize the pain that many around him are feeling, and acting on that pain is enough of a cause for him.
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Finally caught up with these...

Bauron: In recovery from an ambush in Northrend, he heard about this news as well as the loss of Undercity far later than it had occurred. He's horrified, to say the least. All the innocents dead at the Horde's hands, not to mention the loss of a World Tree. It's seriously shaken his faith in the Horde, that they (himself included) have let things get like this only two years after the end of Garrosh's reign. While he's never fully trusted the Alliance to keep grudges buried, it's his belief that the Horde shouldn't be seeking out a war with the Alliance, rather they should be prepared for one and make sure the Alliance knows it. Once the rebellion comes, you best believe Bauron will join that camp. He is fully aware that the Horde would be militarily weaker afterward and that the Alliance are extremely unlikely to give the Horde a pass a second time, but it hasn't changed his mind. Bauron maintains that he made the right call leaving the Ashenvale campaign to go to Northrend, even if it led to him being out of commission for a while. Not just the Horde, but the whole of Azeroth would suffer should a new Frostmourne be created and he doesn't trust the Ebon Blade not to try and use it for their own ends. Or the Dark Lady for that matter...

Strakk: Pissed. He was enthusiastic about holding Teldrassil hostage. It's a good war strategy and there would be an entire capital city's worth of resources for the looting. But now all those resources have been denied to both him and the Horde for no good reason. Furthermore, the mass genocide has him shocked; there's something fundamentally wrong with people who can kill innocents in that magnitude without batting an eye. Sure, Strakk helped blow up Gnomeregan once, but that's nowhere near the same. Also worth noting, prior to the Horde's attack on night elf territory, Strakk was devoting his undivided attention to hunting Alliance spies in Orgrimmar, thanks to that outstanding 1000 gold bounty Saurfang put on them in “A Good War”. He didn't catch any obviously, so his mood was already pretty sour. That being said, once things have cooled down, he's planning on visiting Teldrassil's remains if he can and scour it for fireproof loot that he or a Spy Squirrel would be able to get to.

Hectur: For the most part, delighted at all the dead night elves. He doesn't understand the strategy of burning the tree, but he attributes that to his insanity. Surely, the Dark Lady knows best. He's looking forward to getting to kill more Alliance members later in Tirisfal, and has completely forgotten about the situation in Northrend.

Rastath: Annoyed that this war has started up. The horde and the alliance should be preparing for whatever world-ending threat comes next. Fighting each other is only going to make Azeroth's defenses weaker. The fact that Sylvanas has been hunting Malfurion leaves Rastath pondering what Illidan would've done if he was still around, for if the Betrayer had decided to turn his glaives against Sylvanas, Rastath would've readily joined him. Regardless, he'll continue to be neutral and hunt Legion remnants unless the Illidari as a group act against Sylvanas. Will want to check if Sylvanas is a demon in disguise if he ever gets the chance.

Clorg: Has mixed feelings. He hates night elves. REALLY hates night elves. He actively wants to make them pay for slaying defenseless tree-cutting peons. However, after that event in the Ashenvale outpost, it's now occurred to him that the night elves probably had children in the tree too. Slaying children is dishonorable and cowardly.

Yongo: Mourns for the countless dead night elves. He's on his way to Stormwind to help feed the refugees.

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