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Uula Stormthrower
1, What is the full name of your character?

Uula Stormthrower

2, What is the name of your character as it appears in-game (including special characters)?


3, Level and class:

110 Warrior

4, How long have you been roleplaying in WoW and without?

I've been role-playing in WoW since early Wrath and was an officer of a semi large Rp guild on Moonguard, late cata my character died IC and I took a break from WoW. I have continued to RP off of WoW since then.

5, What is your age range? (Options are 14-17, 18-21, 22-25, and 26+)


6, What is the back-story and history of your character? (Feel free to be as detailed as you would like.)

Uula was born in chains to a pair of Frostwolf Shamans who named her after the Myst. Her parents knew that any life lived in the captivity of humans would be wasted so when they got their chance they fled. During their escape Uula's mother gave her life to ensure the rest of the families survival. By the time Uula was 3 her father had escaped Lordaeran, stolen a boat, and sailed to Kalimdor.

Uula spent her childhood training under her father to preform the Shamanistic rites of her ancestors however, always to great disappointment. Into her adolescents her father knew that although the Stormthrower blood ran through her veins, the elements did not. Thus instead on the plains of the Barrens her father taught Uula to track, and to fight should she need to. Years later as the tension between the Horde that surrounded them and the Alliance grew. Uula and her Father traveled to Orgrimmar to start a new life.

A few years passed before the great Cataclysm, Uulas father knew that he must join with the forces of the horde to defend both his daughter, and the world in which she stood. He soon lost his life in battle on a far away field, leaving Uula alone.

Uula continued to train through her grieving until the day she was able to begin her path of a defender within the Orgrimmar Guard.

7, Tell us about the personality of your character.

Uula puts on a strong front, as would any guard of Orgrimmar need to. However behind that first layer she is afraid and doubtful. All her life she trained to become a Shaman but was always met with failure, thus she is fearful that in her every endeavor, failure lurks around the corner. She is perhaps a point smarter then the average Orc but it does not benefit her much. Her strength however is competitive as through her training and determination to be stronger then the foes who oppose the horde and defeated her father.

8, What does your character look like?

Adorned in standard issue Orgrimmar Guard armor Uula is a burly bald headed orc female with young features she walks with a feigned confidence and speaks assertively until challenged

9, What does your character think of their warchief, Sylvanas Windrunner?

Uula believes that the Horde in regards to leadership has been downhill since thrall. She works to ensure that once the Horde get a War-chief she deems as valuable, she can protect them.

10, The following questions are designed to get a better grasp of your character within their race and position within the Horde. Only answer the question(s) specified to your character’s race. If the question does not apply to your character perfectly, still try to answer to the best of your ability.

Orc: What clan was your character born to? How has your clan heritage and upbringing affected your character? And lastly, what effects did Garrosh Hellscream's tumultuous tenure as warchief have on your particular orc's experiences in the Horde?

Uula Stormthrower was born to clan Frostwolf to a small family of Shamans, Uula is affected by this heritage as she has shamanistic rites flowing through her but is unable to yield them. She strives to continue training and working to a point in which she is able to follow in her families footsteps. She also is forever regretful that she was unable to guard Thrall in his time as war-chief as it would be a great honor to watch over an elder member of the frostwolves.

11, Which pages of the site did you read?

I read the overview of the different inner-guilds and the history of the one I am interested in, the Kalimdor Mercenaries. Additionally I read over the informational pages such as FAQ, Why we are different, and the How to join. As well I used the RP guides to help construct my backstory and familiarize myself with the Orc tribes.

12, What does the large feline like to eat?


13, Can you initiate roleplay on your own? How often do you? How do you?

If I want a walk-up type roleplay I'd typically head to a hot spot such as the tavern in the Valley of Honor. Or I would check with friends/guild members to see if they are around IC at the moment.

14, What does the tiny automobile use for fuel?


15, How involved do you like to be in the guild community outside of the game? Do you enjoy using forums / Discord, etc?

I will often communicate via guild chat or discord chat though I will typically use forums/ voice chat services on special occasions.

16, Why do you want to join Warforged Legacy?

Moving into BfA I want to have a serious RP guild like I did back in wrath-cata. The guilds I have been with since coming back near the end of WoD have been casual and with few members. Overall though I am looking for a community experience with RP and the idea of character story-lines within this large base guild is interesting to me.

17, Do you know anyone in the guild, and how do you know them?

I do not, I initially found the guild through guild finder.

18, How did you hear about us?


19, On average, how often do you log into this character and play? Try to be specific.

This character I boosted with the BfA 110, I have had her for about 2 weeks and I am loving the warrior specifically tanking. I have another 110 on the Alliance that I will likely juggle between the two. I play overall about 20 hours~ish a week, thus you may expect me to be around 10-15 hours throughout the week.

20, What was the name of the last guild you were in, and why did you leave it?

The Eyes of Azeroth is an Alliance based guild I was apart of for most of Legion, though I became inactive last november and was removed for inactivity, though I have come back in the last month or two and have been searching since.

21, Anything you would like to add? (Tell us about yourself, etc.)

For the next month or two my schedule is very flex meaning the days I am online/ busy will vary from week to week. By the end of July I will give myself Saturdays off to attend meetings but until then it may be hit or miss.

22, If you understand that a reason will not be provided if your application is denied type: "I UNDERSTAND" in response to this:

I understand.
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Terribly sorry for the delay in getting back to you Uula. We definitely appreciate your interest (and you have chosen well in rolling and boosting a warrior!) but we're going to be declining your application at this time.

I wish you the best of luck in finding a community here on WRA. We need more orcs!
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