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Flight of the Oathbreaker

Pre – Operation Notes

This business with the drogbar is strange. They are keeping to the mountains and tunnels beneath the earth, but the sightings of them are increasing ever since the fall of the Underking. In some cases this is good. The Stonedark are leading the way to unifying their kind with the tauren of the mountain. But it’s also especially bad regarding those shadow-obsessed ones.

I was curious as to what the Highmountain tauren knew of these drogbar and why they were obsessing over this “Darkness” that the rock trolls keep saying will take us.

Old Brokenhorn knew more than any other I spoke to. Apparently in the ancient times the drogbar didn't just serve Deathwing. They didn't just mount the dragon's first armor plates onto him. There were whole factions of drogbar who happily served the Old Gods. Those chief among them were called the Necrodark.

It is said that the master of the Necrodark was called 'The Darkness' and was a servant of the Old Gods. The creature was said to bring the darkness wherever it walked, opened way to unleash the horrors of the void onto Azeroth. It’s said the creature was slain by their hero of old, Huln Highmountain… but there is a threat that it may return some day.

I spoke of this with some of my advisors. Sunvalor believes this creature may indeed return. He believes it’s one of the ancient C’thraxxi; one of the largest and most monstrous of the faceless ones.


I’ve had to withdrawn some of my mercenaries from their work in Ambervale, helping the Highblades and their Reliquary allies remain safe while excavating the area, to reinforce the elf, Lord Sarrell, with his latest attack on Zalithrias’s territory. As the traitors gain ground and influence in Suramar it’s getting harder to repel them.

Luckily, the excavation wasn’t torn apart by ettins while my warriors were helping to kill Felborne. But that was the extent of our luck.

There were casualties in the attack on the Midnight Court. Mostly Dusk Lilly loyalists, including Spellblade Kythillia, but many of my own men were left wounded.

Another one of those warriors - Aelyn, fifth Blade of the Grand Magister – was at the battle. Those ‘Blades’ are skilled fighters. I am damn tired of losing men to them!


Ironhorn has rallied a strike force to attack the main gates of the Tomb of Sargeras. With the bulk of the Horde and Alliance defending their territory and the Armies of Legionfall pushing onto Argus on that newly constructed draenei shuttle, the Vindicaar, it’s up to us to lead the attack. Those remaining warriors from the Legionfall on the Broken Shore will be backing up the attack.

Post – Operation Notes

The Legion had positioned a small elite force in front of the gates of the Tomb of Sargeras. Our forces marched on the tomb, backed up by the armies of Legionfall, and found that they were being led by the same eredar that crushed Ironhorn and stole his warhammer, the Oathkeeper. The demon, Zandun, was carrying a twisted version of the hammer – red with veins of fel green energy instead of the formerly blue crystal Ironhorn has been fighting with for years – and he led the charge against us. Over the course of the battle we wore him down... with oddly specific claims of the Forsaken claiming to be Viktoria Velikaya’s sister throwing rocks with the force to knock out demon combatants where her magic failed her. Our warriors weren’t standing on the demon’s severed head when the battle came to a close. No, the bastard fled on a Legion vessel that left for Argus.

Maybe I was wrong to suspect connections between this Zandun and his unit to Mel’korath’s forces across the isles.


Damn it! I should have never doubted my instincts. Of course the demon was working with Mel’korath. The eredar, Zandun the Oathbreaker, and his armies weren’t trying to retake the portal at all. They were a distraction! They held the line while Mel’korath’s other agents loaded all the souls and mined mana they could get their hands on throughout the Broken Isles. Their movements were reported on for days but I never thought….

Our gambit, our hope of luring Mel’korath down to Azeroth by shedding the blood of his armies, his lieutenants, has failed. He claimed all the resources he needed and flew them up on his ship to Argus.

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World of Light, World Magic

Pre – Operation Notes

I’ve convened with the other leaders of the former Warforged Pact. Hedva agrees that it is likely our best course of action to take the war to the Legion itself. If we were to join the armies of Legionfall, as well as the Army of the Light, against the demons… then maybe – somehow – we can win the day.

Valtenath was more reluctant. While Garagrim and the vrykul have a firm grasp on Stormheim – and there’s talk of a new queen unifying the clans with more success than we ever had – and the tauren have defeated their opponents in the Highmountain region, and while the elves and their demi-god are holding Val’Sharah… he still feels as though we’re going to abandon our allies to their deaths. Yes, Suramar is still in the middle of a violent civil war and the specters in Azsuna are crippled, many of their kind taken as slaves or as fuel for the Legion… but what he doesn’t understand is that we aren’t abandoning our allies. Not the factions of the Broken Isles nor the Horde on the home front. We’re doing what we need to do in committing to our top priority: Mel’korath himself. Kil’jaeden is dead. Archimonde is dead. The eredar prince is one of the few demon lords remaining under the dark titan himself.

It’s now clear that our schemes aren’t going to work. We are never going to lure the eredar prince down to face us. We need to go to him and remove that demon’s head from his shoulders once and for all.


Even now our forces are packing up some of their tents and gathering the supplies we’re going to need for the new campaign. I have contacted our allies to let them know we’ll be moving many of our forces to Argus. They understand the importance of our mission. How could they not be? They can see that planet hovering in the skies over Azeroth. They know what needs to be done.

The only way this war will end is with the Legion’s defeat.


I have called on a small force for our first foray through the beacon in Dalaran. Our party will make their way to the Vindicaar and acquaint ourselves properly with those zealots in the Army of the Light. We’re going to need them as allies if we’re going to track down and slay Mel’korath.

I’ve already sent word. They’re expecting us in a few hours.

Post – Operation Notes

We gathered at the Filthy Animal as a brawl was finishing up. Uda smashed a troll’s head into the table for starting the fight and dragged him outside. The dinner crowd packed up after their entertainment, the bar brawl, ended, and most of them left, leaving scattered mugs and drinking horns, and what little food remained on the tables. The troll barmaids grumbled as they stacked plates to bring into the back.

Valtenath and I kept away from them. He tried again to convince me we needed to settle our business in Suramar before we leave for Argus. I told him there would be no end to it so long as the Legion has a presence on Azeroth.

They must be defeated. Only then will our enemies down here on Azeroth be left exposed, ready to take my warhammer to their skulls.

That’s a message I have had to repeat that to myself a lot lately.

The world has gone to hell….

Every day reports come in of death and destruction across the continents. Battle reports are coming in from the northern point of the Storm Peaks to the deserts of Tanaris, from the ruins of the Twilight Highlands to the crumbling garrisons of the Southern Barrens. Casualties continue to be immense and the Legion just continue to reinforce their armies by the day. We need this war to end before it’s too late for Azeroth. We need to cut off the infinite armies whose ships dot our skies like blackened stars in daylight and deal with them once and for all. I cannot see us wiping out the demons but the least we can do is remove their top generals, their foulest demons, and cut their armies off from Azeroth for good.

Or die trying.

We gathered at the Filthy Animal and left from there to the beacon out on Krasus Landing. We used it to be transported to the Vindicaar, the draenei-built shuttle being used to stage the invasion of Argus.

Within moments we were standing in the crystal halls of the fortress. I felt that same way I did in the halls of the Tirisgarde. That thick sensation of magic in the air. Sunvalor felt it too, but he claimed he was used to it. That’s what you get for living in a magical city like Silvermoon rather than a proper warrior’s city. Urgarok and Huuza, Nharos and Voranos, Sunvalor and I went down in the ship’s main hall and rendezvoused with our contact there.

She was unlike any draenei I’ve seen before. The others tend to have silver eyes, grey or maybe purple or blue skin. But this one’s skin was a chalk white. She was covered in golden armor, wearing a golden crown and had eyes that shined like the damn sun. She called herself Y’zira. She was acting as an emissary between the Army of the Light’s High Commander Vindicus and the Hand of Argus… and by extension the Alliance and Horde.

She brought us up to speed on what has happened on Argus lately. The Xenedar, the Army of the Light’s ship, was shot down and her people were struggling to keep their foothold. She told us that one of their beacons had ‘gone dark’ and needed to be reactivated. She told us we needed to do it quickly to make a positive first impression with the high commander… who she believed was still out doing field work.

We did as she requested and descended into the Antoran Wastes. It was a living hell but we trudged through it, fighting off demons almost every step of the way. And when we found the Army of the Light’s outpost, Light’s Purchase, we found this was not just a malfunction of their teleporting beacons.

The camp was a ruin with shattered machines - warframes they call them - and scattered Lightforged corpses lying in the tainted dirt there. Their corpses are being fed on by creatures the likes of which I’ve never seen. They were fel-ridden demons with massive jaws, long and gangly arms, and these strange metal harnesses that looked as though they were bolted into their bodies. I’ve been told they’re called fiends.

We thought the battle was already over and all we’d need to do is clear out some stray demons and reactivate the beacon. We were ready to report the deaths of all those draenei who manned Light’s Purchase.

That was when a burst of Light blasted through the demons and passed us into the wastes. The source of the beam was one last struggling warframe. It was fighting against one of the larger fiends. And just as soon as the warframe blasted through many of its smaller demon kin, the larger fiend lashed out and tore off that arm.

Valtenath rushed in to at least draw its attention away from its last wound be victim. We moved in after him. The elven mage, Voranos, took point with an arcane explosion that knocked the beast back, rearing onto its back legs. It then saw to knocking it the rest of the way over. It was resilient, taking Urgarok and Huuza’s axes, Sunvalor and Nharos’s blades, and Voranos’s spells… but in the end I caved the beast’s acid spewing head in.

The Lightforged warrior climbed out of his machine when it was safe. I could immediately recognize I was looking at a Lightforged general. He was wearing armor that shined so brightly it stung my eyes just looking at it. There were inscriptions along the plating and adornments resembling their naaru gods.

It was High Commander Vindicus. He called himself a ‘servant of the Prime Naaru.’ I guess they’re the leaders of the naaru. Possibly even the ones who command the golden vessel.

The Lightforged general looked around the battlefield, saw the corpses of his soldiers scattered in the tainted dirt, and seemed to give them life with just a gesture of his hand. It was almost disturbing to see that sort of power… but it did explain how these draenei have been able to stay alive in this war. Powerful paladins like Vindicus.

Nharos immediately started questioning him and was about as subtle as Corrag at a kegger in insulting him. If Sunvalor wasn’t there to maintain order I’d bet good gold that Nharos would’ve ended up pulling her blades on him. He responded to her insults by practically goading her. When I pressed Arestra on why her kin in the Illidari were hostile to the Lightforged she let me know the feeling was mutual between them. The draenei see demon-tainted aberrations while the Illidari see the Lightforged as pawns of the naaru. They also resent the naaru, specifically the one called ‘Xe’ra,’as she attacked their master, Illidan Stormrage.

Vindicus stayed behind with his troops and assisted Sunvalor with repairing the beacon. The rest of us returned to Y’zira on the Vindicaar and reported the situation. She was impressed that we held our own against the fiend. Probably thought we’d be torn apart in the Antoran Wastes on our first outing… but we showed that Lightforged our mettle and I think that’s earned us her respect in the least.

Vindicus is harder to read….

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The Beast of Stone Spires

Pre – Operation Notes

Valtenath has been settling in with the Army of the Light, trying to get them to tell us what they know about Mel’korath himself. The demon is somewhere on Argus… but Argus is an entire world. It’s not exactly going to be easy to track him down.

He finally showed up after days of not reporting anything new and he came back with a report that High Commander Vindicus actually has an offer for us. If we performed some services for the Army of the Light then he will provide us a heading towards Mel’korath himself. We’ll be able to track the demon down and kill him for the Horde.

I figured this would be the case.

Nobody just gives up intel for nothing in return.

As per what we’re supposed to be doing? The hell if I know. He’s asked that we meet him up on deck on the Vindicaar where he can explain what he intends for us. I’ll have a team mustered to conduct the operation. Arestra’s volunteered to help lead the it.

Post – Operation Notes

The party waited aboard the Vindicaar for some time before the high commander’s arrival. When he finally arrived he was flanked by two spear-wielding Lightforged and Arestra noted that he looked at them with a glare she said was “cold and unforgiving, with subtle glimmers of disdain.”

Well, there were three demon hunters present, including one that has previously threatened him, and a Forsaken with a tendency to throwing rocks, and he’s a Light-obsessed fanatic. I’m hardly surprised he was eager to meet them.

He told the party that he knew they were strong in battle and he had found a threat that was worthy of their mettle in the desolate ruins of Krokuun.

Apparently the locals, a Broken tribe known as the Krokul, have made the land their home. Over the centuries they’ve taken to hiding in the deep gorges and in ancient cave networks under Argus and have rarely shown their faces. Sensible, considering they are on the heart of the Legion’s home world. I can only wonder how they’ve survived this long.

Apparently one of the tribesmen approached the Vindicaar and hailed the Lightforge, begging for their aid. Vindicus agreed to assist them through us.
He described the situation in vague detail. Whoever had gone into the Petrified Forest would not return. At first a few talbuk wranglers had disappeared. And then whole patrols and caravans started either vanishing completely or had their scattered limbs found in the forest.

Once they beaconed down into the Krokul village they sought out some of the locals. They volunteered their services in Vindicus’s name but this only served to anger the Broken they spoke to. Apparently the Army of the Light, especially their High Commander, tend to ignore the Broken and their concerns. Vindicus was described as holding them in contempt and disgust and little else.

Fortunately, he couldn’t afford to turn away aid. The Broken described the incidents. Dead wranglers, caravans, and patrols, were found in the forest. Most were found half devoured by jaws larger than any of the local panthara beasts.

The party took their directions and made their way to the forest. The forest was described as a thing of awe and befuddled wonder. Whatever that meant. There were splintered trees towering above the ground with bark clearly touched by some ancient magic. Like the petrified forests of the Twilight Highlands the trees appeared more akin to stone and crystal and stone than they did wood.

The party tracked their way through the forest, killing the odd eredar sorcerer, until they found a cave. They found their mark when they went inside. Apparently the creature behind the killings was a massive ‘Ur’zul.’ The accounts decribed it as a twisted amalgam of souls warped into a demon whose dozen faces stretch from its head to its chest, and forelegs.

It sniffed them out quickly and attacking, declaring it needed to feast on souls for its master, a demon called Kan’Rogal. The name is familiar….

They fought the beast for a short time before it seemed to gather the shadows of the dark cave around it, vanishing and rushing through the party and into the forest. It apparently trampled half the party as it retreated.

The demon hunter, Rastath, rushed after the demon with his kin while Kasaya and the others considered warning the Krokul what was stalking and killing their people. In the end they followed the demon hunters northwest, up a winding path, and across a petrified log to a cave dangerously close to the Krokul encampment.

In truth there was an opening in the cave that led down into the Krokuls’ home. It had beaten the party there and was below, ripping through dozens of already wounded krokul. It was tearing them apart, consuming them in body and soul.

Valtenath leapt below, followed closely by his sister and the other demon hunters.

The creature’s rampage was stopped by the elven mage, Voranos, who put an arcane barrier over many of his would be victims. That claimed its attention. It proceeded to trample our warriors, drain fragments of their essence, and it even nearly ate the mage who stopped its rampage. I was told that they only lasted out the battle because of Kasaya’s healing abilities. Without her they would’ve been damned like the Krokul they defended. The fight started to turn in our favor after Nharos took on her demonic form. It managed to knock the wrestle the creature down while Rastath crippled its wings. Even the Velikaya girl managed to spear the creature’s side… though the reports are conflicting how she managed it. Arestra claimed she had thrown a rock that hit the cave wall, dislodging a larger stone that fell and knocked over a weapon rack, and a spear from that weapon rack was knocked off by the momentum and speared the demon's side… but she’s prone to those kinds of stories and exaggerations.

The creature only fell once Rastath cleaved right through it with his glaives.

Nharos then departed to the woodlands to see if she could track any similar beasts while Kasaya stayed behind to tend to the wounded and learn from their shaman how to call on Argus’s elemental spirits.

The others returned to Vindicus, who claimed the Ur’zul demon must have been the work of the demons Bru’a, Kan'rogal or W’yress. They are all lieutenants of Mel’korath on this world and, with their prince coveting Kil’jaeden and Archimonde’s positions in his master’s eyes, they’ve become more proactive in hunting down and killing the Legion’s enemies.


I spoke with Vindicus regarding these ur’zul creatures. Ur'zul, or soul hounds as some call them, were crafted by the Legion at the very beginning of their occupation in Argus. The eredar turned on their people and tormented and twisted their bodies and souls to create the monstrosities. They then used these demonic hounds to hunt down and kill the loyalists who fled with Velen to the ship he used to flee their world, Oshu’gun. the Genedar.

To this day eredar soulshapers continue to twist the krokul and even their own kin into these creatures, using them to hunt and kill what life still remains on Argus beyond the Legion’s thrall.

He also told me what he knew of Mel’korath himself. The demon had made his home on a mountainous region of Argus known as Kaarinos. It is a far distance from Krokuun or even the Antoran Wastes. It is far from the Legion’s power centers and even further from our own. The Army of the Light has no reach that far into this shattered world.

We have no way to reach our quarry without marching half way across the whole damn planet!

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Treasures of a Lost World

Pre – Operation Notes

We continue to fight across the shattered world. Reports come in of the injured, of the dead, and the Army of the Light shows no sign of progress against the Legion. Legion ships prevent any foothold from being built near the gates of Antorus and their fighting strength wanes slowly each day.

They have refused my calls to march on this region, Kaarinos, as there is no easy route there by foot or by sky. To seek out its crystal mountains is to court death.


Sometimes I forget how little Kezzik listens. I tell him it’s impossible to go to Kaarinos, find a bottle of grog, and the next thing I know he’s standing in front of me, telling me about his plans to use draenei crystal technology alongside goblin engineering to build us a ship capable of flight. The way he describes it we’ll be looking at a crystal-based zeppelin.

If we can see this ship built and not meet the fate of so many of his previous projects, and if our mages can properly map out the world’s ley lines, we may just have a chance of fielding an assault on the eredar prince’s citadel!

The goblin has requested reinforcements for what he’s calling a salvage venture. It’s a one in ten thousand chance this works but if it does this can be the first step towards victory over Mel’korath and his black-clad armies.

I’ve also had to negotiate with the local Broken to get Kezzik a cave here in Krokuun to use as his workshop. They do not like the goblin. They keep calling him a parasite… which I find odd because they don’t even know him well enough to know he’s a parasite. Perhaps they are just good judges of character.


Kezzik has covertly put in an order to retrieve some Argunite stones from the Xenedar crash site. Bauron led the operation. Sounds as though they encountered and killed another of those vilefiend demons and the Forsaken present did not have a pleasant time. The sheer amount of Light energy in the area is enough to cause them discomfort. Getting that close to the Xenedar, walking on the golden grounds around it, caused their priest actual pain.

I thought priests were supposed to use the Light, not cower from it….


I was going to assist with Kezzik’s operation but something has come up. I was speaking with the Sunvalor siblings and Y’zira. The Lightforged draenei was able to give us a general idea of where we would find Kaarinos on an ancient Argussian map but she’s also stated that the defenses we would have to bypass on the way there would be…. It would be impossible.

I am not about to let this chance slip between my fingers. Arestra and I spoke afterwards and she had a suggestion that I initially opposed… but there is merit to it. If we can track down Magrag and his demon hunter companion, Glaerion Silverlance, we may be able to find an avenue of attack. She has been in touch with the duo for much of our campaign on the Broken Shore and she tells me they know where to find the eredar sorcerer Tur’uun, otherwise known Mel’korath’s majordomo and the Proconsul of the Crystalline Citadel. Whatever that means…

If this is to be a salvage venture then I’m not needed. I’ll seek out Magrag and see if we can settle some of this bad blood between his and mine.

Post – Operation Notes

I cannot say Magrag was pleased to see us. His demon hunter nearly went on the offensive the moment we stepped into the cave he’s been using as his dwelling these last few days. Arestra served to stay between us and aided in our negotiations with the old Warsong. He still doesn’t trust our intentions, recalling how we shackled him and prevented him from using his magic before when contesting this same evil.

It’s hard to argue with that point. Nor could I argue against the accusation that I had sent agents to monitor him and learn what he knows. Minzel Scrollspark had worked with him for some time before giving herself away….

This will take a bit more effort than I was hoping.


Fortunately, the others seem to have had more luck. They met in the Krokul Hovel and spoke to one of the locals there named Gaal. He directed them to ‘the little parasite’ and sent them to their archivist’s cave.

Some reports mention seeing the recovering survivors of the attack in the Petrified Forest and the return of hope to the Krokul of Argus. It seems premature but I am not going to deny them a chance at believing they might just survive.

In the cave they found a trove of ancient Argussian relics, ranging from titan pottery to pieces of orcish armor. If I’m right they are showing great honor to Broxigar the Red, brother of Varok Saurfang, and one of the Horde’s most renowned heroes.

They also met Kezzik’s colleague, who he had never mentioned previously, and it’s clear why he didn’t. She’s a damn draenei.

The reports indicate the draenei rejected Kezzik’s suggestion for the shuttle to be a zeppelin. She argued that the Legion has enough combustible substances to make our head’s spin and that a large gas-filled balloon would be blown out of the sky in minutes. She claimed a proper shuttle would be needed to get us to Kaarinos.

In order to get a proper idea how to build such a thing Kezzik first needed to perform some research and salvage some materials. Luckily, the Xenedar ejected several pods akin to what Kezzik hoped to build went down a few weeks ago. He and his draenei companion, ‘Naiah’, needed to map out the schematics to understand how to start building the damn thing.

So the team was dispatched into the Shattered Fields once again. This time to find an ejected pod and loot it, claiming its argunite – Kezzik claimed all Bauron Ironhorn’s team brought back last time were a few rocks charged by the Light – to serve as a power source for our shuttle and Kezzik and his companion needed to map out its design. I thought the damn things were just powered by draenei magic…

It was also suggested that we could walk astride the lands of Mac’Aree to retrieve more argunite if necessary but this Naiah wasn’t comfortable with the idea of ransacking her people’s homeland. She also argued that the Light-blessed argunite crystals have already been properly ‘attuned’ for the purposes of operating the shuttle. That’s a better argument, I suppose.

The team ended up finding a shuttle on a ledge above the Shattered Fields. They were too late to save the pod’s defenders, the last of them getting their soul ripped out by a vilefiend as they arrived, but they beat the Legion’s agents to ransacking the thing.

As they arrived the black-armored eredar beastmaster sent his gan’arg pawns into the vessel and let his hounds feast on the dead Lightforged draenei’s souls.

Kezzik propelled himself to the shuttle and rushed inside to dispatch the gan’arg and carry out his part of the operation. The others were left to deal with the eredar and its beasts.

Duzan killed one of his two beasts while the elven mage, Thelmia, performed some spellwork that slowed one to a complete halt, allowing Huuza to part its head from its shoulders, and then used another spell to seemingly cast the eredar out of time itself. One moment it was there and when she snapped her pocketwatch shut… the demon was gone.

If Sunvalor is going to get us in trouble with the damn bronze dragonflight….

After the demons were slain the party went into the pod and found Kezzik had killed the gan’arg. Kezzik somehow linked a dull white stone tablet to the vessel itself with a cable and he and his draenei companion’s projection were still discussing how their shuttle would work. She had wanted to retrieve what she called a navigation console, but there wasn’t such a thing on the ship. She said we will need either a console or a command crystal powered by a warpriest, artificer, or mage.

Kezzik used his gadgetry to drain the energy of the ship, as well as some of its internal information, whatever that means, before declaring he would need to get some of his followers to the site to strip the pod bare.

I ended up sending a few mercenaries to oversee that as well. If this plan actually works….

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Battle at the Terminus[

Pre – Operation Notes

I rallied several of my troops from Gorath’s Hammer to join me on a venture to Mac’Aree. Magrag is there, studying the spread of the void and the presence of the ethereals. We joined him, his demon hunter, and his pet demon, on the venture. We kept him safe as he searched through ancient draenei texts and stood aside as he interrogated a group of old ghosts that he called echoes of the past.

One ethereal we interrogated mentioned a ‘Locus Walker’ that was warring against them. I asked Magrag if he knew of this being but he denied any knowledge of the fiend. As it stands I have no reason to doubt him….

While I am out here showing the old warlock we can work together with no imprisonment or bad blood, I’ve had Arestra go out with a team to look into my scouts reports that a large Legion vessel has recently flown into the terminus near the Burning Throne.


I have since checked in with both the Army of the Light and the Illidari and both have verified what I expected. Mel’korath’s flagship has docked just outside of our reach.

Arestra has kept her eyes on this venture. The one on the ship was not Mel’korath but must be very important if they have been summoned to Antorus. As of this morning this very important person has left for the Burning Throne was a large entourage.

She suggested we try to commandeer the ship or maybe stow away some of our rogues to collect intelligence… but I want this bastard to remember we’re out here, hunting him down, and that we are drawing closer by the day. I want that ship blown back to the twisted hell it came from! I’ve already made arrangements with her father to supply the weapon that will bring ruin to Mel’korath’s ship.

Vindicus has also made a request for our presence so I shall have her attend to the High-General requests while she’s out there.

Post – Operation Notes

The party rallied in Light’s Purchase. From the sounds of things the outpost has been salvaged and fortified. The warframes have been repaired, draenei artificers are working on new crystal technologies, and General Vindicus was there in person overseeing the reconstruction.

The old general welcomed the party with his usual disdain towards our Illidari allies and he set their sights on an inquisitor called All-Seer Xanarian. The demon was recently summoned by the Legion’s Admiral Ral’vor to interrogate prisoners for the Legion. Arestra was to lead a venture to kill him first and foremost.

On their arrival to the Terminus, which Arestra describes as “the first trip out of the Antoran Wastes and the first station on the road to galactic conquest,” the party saw dozens of demons performing their marching order. They were all clad in black armor. The colour of Mel’korath’s black legions.

They kept a low profile at first, executing the inquisitor in his sanctum before making their way to a portal on the terminus that would bring them aboard the deck of Mel’korath’s ship.

When they made it through they found themselves surrounded by the ship’s demonic crew. Between Arestra, Nharos, and Sillarra, Why does that name sound so familiar? the demons were dispatched quickly enough and the ship was secured.

Arestra led them to the rear of the vessel, where their actions were less likely to be noticed by the remaining demons aboard the vessel. She then had our spellcasters, mostly Voranos and Minzel, though Huuza assisted, focus their energies on the crystal to create an anchor between it and Silvermoon.

Talarien Sunvalor and his apprentices could be seen on the other side of the portal. The three apprentices - Alyarra, recognized by her blue robes and black hair; Leryssa, recognized by her red hair and, according to Arestra, almost non-existent dress; and Cal’thaelen, recognized by his black robes and pointed hat – crossed through the portal with a massive mana bomb mounted on strange machine. I’m told the machine was meant to hold the otherwise round explosive in place. It was described in the reports as a metal ring with eight metallic arms emerging from its sides. The arms are connected and empowered by arcane foci.

Two of Sunvalor’s apprentices retreated back through the portal but left Leryssa behind. She began to prepare the bomb.

Unfortunately, the targets we thought had already left were still present. When Nharos realized this she informed Arestra and the party was ordered to stop what it was doing and get down. The eredar crew examined the dead while a procession of greater demons emerged.

At its head was a large red-skinned eredar woman. She was fully clad in demonic armor fashioned to look almost skeletal. Her head is crested with four pronounced horns that exuded fel energy and she had two large wings emerging from her back. I am told she was one of Mel’korath’s daughters. Ishaanti, Lady of Whispers.

At either side of her was a Netherwalker. Towering demons dessed from head to doe in black armor, wearing armored cowls and skull-faced masks. I’m told their pauldrons depicted Argussian beasts not seen in millennia and both carried halberd as big as tall as a house.

With them were two other demons. One couldn’t be recognized. It was limping and wearing thick robes that concealed any of its features. The other was strange even to the demon hunters.

It was described as “a sickly thin creature covered head to toe in red scales but for a small patch of flesh-toned skin at its chest and stomach.

“It had long tendrils cascading down from the back of its head as though they were its hair. The entire top half of its face was chalk white, with no discernable features and it led down to large jaws filled with razored teeth.

“It wore nothing but a harness on which were mounted two demonic glaives. Evidently the eredar didn’t consider it ‘human’ enough to warrant dressing it.”

The procession departed the ship except for the creature. It stopped in its tracks, fidgeting and sniffing the magic of our mana bomb. It then locked its sights on Arestra and went into a feral rage, bounding back across the ship, and attacking immediately.

Huuza landed a few good blows and the mage Voranos contained its rage for a time but it was the demon hunters who handled it well. Arestra and Nharos carved into the creature but it was Sillarra who finished it off. She decapitated the feral beast.

Arestra mourned the creature. She had realized that the beast was her former ally, Dayna Autumnwood. When Magrag and Talarien worked together to create their demon hunters it was Glaerion Silverlance, who now follows Magrag’ Arestra, who remains with us, and Dayna Autumnwood, who survived the change only to kill herself days later out of shame and disgust for what she became. Voranos, and later Zelch, theorized that her soul was lost to the Nether, where Mel’korath found it and twisted her into a mindless demon. She was so determined to kill Arestra likely because she blamed her for what had happened.

The party fled the site after the battle and returned to the safety of Light’s Purchase. I swear I saw the impact of the explosion from Mac’Aree.


I sent scouts to examine the site. The reports were… strange to say the least. The Terminus was damaged and the wreckage of Mel’korath’s ship was scattered throughout the region, but Ishaanti and her entourage seemed to have escaped.

The strange part was the scouts’ additional reports. They stumbled onto the remains of a battlefield near the Terminus. There was a battle between demons. There were dozens of bodies, all agents of Mel’korath, including one of his Netherwalkers, whose mask was torn from his body and a fel-fire burn covered his face. They described the burn as being in the shape of a human hand.

Arestra doesn’t recall the Illidari sending a party out there nor could Minzel find word of a raid by the Black Harvest.


Minzel has reported delivering a soulstone containing the soul of Dayna Autumnwood to Talarien in Dalaran. There’s a hope he can sever the demonic element from her spirit and release it to be with her ancestors.

I don’t know how he would manage that but if he can it’s all the better.

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Treasure Seeking Gnomes from Outer Space?

Pre – Operation Notes

The attacks around the Xenedar have ramped up lately. Between the demonic legions of Commander Endaxis, and the swarms of imps spawned from Imp Mother Margaxa, we have been having difficulty maintaining any sort of foothold.

With Kezzik’s hidden lab being so near the crash site it has become doubly important to hold the area. I sent word out to our units in the area that something should be done and the response came from one of the Highblades.

The elf, Kalaanar, led several successful strikes into the area. Endaxis and Margaxa both fell to our teams and, while it’s possible they may return eventually, at least the attacks have been stopped for now.


Alright, maybe I was wrong. Killing Endaxis and Margaxa has only inspired the Legion to redouble their efforts. One of the largest armies I’ve seen since the attack on the Broken Shore has been rallied and is marching on the Xenedar as I write this. The Legion’s commander for this offensive, Sathrenael, is battering the Lightforged draeneis’ lines with enough force to snap through almost any other army but somehow Vindicus and his men are holding the lines. Not only are they holding the demons off, they’ve also directly asked we – NOT – be involved.

Kezzik has also made another request for assistance. He’s got something up his sleeves yet again and, from what he tells me, this operation might be the key breakthrough he requires to finish our shuttle.

I dispatched a party to the Krokul Hovel to seek him out. I’ll keep an eye on the battlefield until their return. It’s possible the bastard Lightforged with smarten up and accept our aid.

Post – Operation Notes

The party encountered Kezzik in the hovel with his draenic ally. The two were going over his blueprints for their shuttle, discussing different options and other back up plans.

When they arrived that idiot goblin admitted he forgot that he’d requested aid in the first place. He boasted that he was an engineer of skill comparable to the titan Khaz-Goroth and someone named Smoot… and he admitted he had little clue what he was doing with this shuttle project. The draenei, Naiah, who I’m sure it not actually named Naiah, is an artificer and she’s helping him with the project but it’s, as the goblin said, “above their paygrades.” Naturally, his plan to figure out the last few problems with his shuttle was to rip off the design of the Xenedar itself.

The draenei objected to desecrating her people’s sacred ship but Kezzik ignored her suggestions to go to Bloodmyst or Azuremyst and scrape together what the salvage teams there may have missed.

No, he wanted to get aboard the Xenedar and steal what he called a control console, a power terminal, and some extra argunite….

As battle raged in the Shattered Fields, as demons swarmed the Lightforged positions and fel bats and warframes did battle in the skies, the party deftly made their way inside the ruins of the Xenedar.

The gilded halls were a maze. Apparently it took them hours of navigating the halls, ducking and dodging the few patrols who remained inside, to find the engineering bay. Once they did find it Kezzik set to work recovering one of the consoles. His draenei companion went elsewhere above deck and the party were ordered to retrieve some of the argunite supplies.

One of the members present heard hooves clicking across the stones as the party lingered in the engineering bay. A Lightforged warrior came in, followed by four others, and while everyone ran and hid, they did not clean up after themselves first. The vindicator saw the damaged console and stepped into the room.

It wasn’t long until they found Huuza as the troll tried to move into the darkened corners of the hall. They dragged Huuza before the vindicator but as the troll was left stammering for an excuse another emerged. Thelmia. The troll and blood elf bounced their lies off of one another until they created a long narrative of being bounty hunters who were chasing… gnome pirates. These pirates had been supposedly ransacking Army of the Light bunkers, beacons, and even raided the Xenedar.

The Lightforged were left puzzled but actually believing of the lies when the draenei woman with Kezzik projected her voice to one of the exits, yelling that the Legion had invaded the Xenedar’s lower halls.

Kezzik and Naiah quickly gathered their goods and teleported them to their workshop before leaving as well. Nharos and Rastath joined the battle in the Shattered Fields – likely to add to Vindicus’s dislike of them – and the others navigated their way out unseen.

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One Less Shadow in the Void

Pre – Operation Notes

I’ve met with Magrag. We have set in motion a plan to retrieve Mel’korath’s former majordomo, Tur'uun, called Proconsul of the Crystalline Citadel, and Magrag is finally ready to assist us in doing so. We provide some extra manpower to aid him in Mac’Aree and he will summon the eredar for us to interrogate. From what I understand of it, it seems Tur’uun fell out of favor and was sent on a mission to secure some ancient secrets in Mac’Aree. It did not end well and now’s he’s been lost to the Void. Magrag knows exactly where to find him and will bring him to us.


Nharos decided to pay me a visit. She learned that we were going to be working with an old “frenemy” as Arestra said it and she wanted to know more. I told her the plans Magrag and I had put together. She responded by demanding his head be delivered to her damn feet for his treachery. As if this woman even knows a damn thing about Magrag other than he sought to create his own hunters.

I told her she can get in line behind the other hundred people who want Magrag’s head on a spike and told her that her that she will have to wait on her own schemes to kill him. I have need of the old orc and, hell, have no intention of seeing him die by my mercenaries’ hands. In his own twisted way he has always served the Horde. When I see that change as well as himself. Maybe if that changes, if he becomes a threat to the Horde and its people as a whole, I’ll have him tracked down and killed. But until then….

The demon hunter told me to make the right decision and that everyone was counting on me. I told her to get out of my sight.


Morale’s gone down. Everyone in the Vindicaar’s golden halls can practically feel Sargeras watching them from within Antorus. Doubt has infected even the most zealous of the Lightforged.

It didn’t help that our mission to execute the eredar, Hadrox and Radix, before they could be taken out of their stasis sleep, failed miserably. Vaegar led his team out into the Antoran Wastes. Ashionie, Honndar, Ook, and Fischer, were all wounded and forced to retreat alongside Vaegar, when the Paraxis bombarded the whole of the Antoran Wastes with felfire.

We need a win here… and retrieving Tur’uun and learning a safe path to Kaarinos is just the win we need.

Post – Operation Notes

I told the party that gathered of our situation.

The Lightforged or the Exodar draenei who are old enough have told us where to find Kaarinos, where Mel’korath has made his home, but they can’t tell us how to get their securely and without being shot out of the sky.

We’ve needed the intel of someone familiar with Mel’korath and his infrastructure. We needed someone with intimate knowledge of his every working if we were to infiltrate Kaarinos safely.

With Kezzik’s project only a fortnight from completion, we need that secure route. I told them I had a source that I’ve been working with to regain favor. I told them it was Magrag and hushed their protests. I sent them to the Veiled Den with orders not to act out of line. We need that old warlock.

They found Magrag idling in a tent near the teleportation beacon. Magrag was resting within and he was there with Glaerion, who still carries those vrykul glaives we sought in Stormheim weeks ago.

Magrag led the party to Mac’Aree. They made their way to what he called the Isolon Observatory. There they found Magrag’s pet demon, Mefimur, finishing a large ritual circle surrounded by multiple rings of black candles. I’m told the pattern of the rings almost resembled a “cosmological chart of the universe.”

From Minzel’s report it was a Circle of Greater Summoning. He had used a Doomsday Candle, a Bell of Dethmoora, and a Wheel of the Black March. I have no idea what the hell these things are but apparently they’re part of the ritual.

Within and around each ring were patterns etched in blood, which his wyrmtongue demon finished as the party arrived.

Magrag lit the candles with a gesture of his hand and beckoned the party to step within the ring. Glaerion did so without hesitation but the others took a moment. They did not trust him. Once they did steel themselves and enter the ring they saw a line form in reality itself. The line tore open and exposed everyone present to the horrors of the Void

Tiny creatures, voidlings, burst from the portal and attacked the party. Thogran killed most of them, but Minzel immolated her fair share, and the demon hunters did their own. They came in waves and were only vanquished after Rastath used that magical bell to banish them.

As the swarms continued they were also attacked by two voidwraiths. Huuza dispatched one while Thorgran claimed the other.

Magrag redoubled his efforts and tore Tur’uun through the rift. The demon was described as having chalk white skin with void energy emerging from it in several places and he was wearing ragged, but once ornate, armor. He bellowed that all would hear the Void’s call and the battle that followed only ended when Rastath knocked him from his feet and…

Thogran cut off his damn head for some reason I cannot even begin to fathom. He knew the whole reason we were there was to interrogate the demon bastard but he still killed him.

Magrag lumbered into the ritual circle and grabbed the fallen eredar’s head. He carved a run into its forehead and then rushed away. He had to perform a new ritual to make sure he would not lose Tur’uun’s knowledge.

The others had a brief confrontation with Glaerion before departing as well.

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An Old Enemy… and a New One?

Pre – Operation Notes

Braktar, the chief, Ripshred, Cashly, and Luo’kiki, went on the offensive against a nest of aranasi. Killed them all and burned the bodies. We should’ve brought a death knight or a warlock with them to eradicate the demons’ souls.

All we’ve done is delayed their offensives by ‘killing’ them. They will return eventually.


The demons under Sathrenael have fallen back but have not ceased their attacks. The Xenedar is under heavy bombardment by Legion cannons day and night. They want to weaken the draenei and leave them exposed. Once the Legion can field another army in the area I’m sure the Xenedar will be under heavy attack again.

On what I’m sure is a related note… Vindicus has called on us again.

Post – Operation Notes

The team met Vindicus on the deck of the Vindicaar. He was carrying a strange staff. On its crown were floating crystal shards patterned almost like a Naaru. At first he seemed as cold and calculating as he always does but there was something off. His tail was thrashing about. He was angry.

Hell, I couldn’t blame him. The Legion has his people on their hooves heels.

He confessed to us that the situation for the Army of the Light is dire. He has been forced to reconsider some of his prejudices. He admitted that he didn’t trust us. He claimed the Horde – the orcs, the blood elves, our warlocks and demon hunters – all have ties to the Legion and demonic corruption. He had hated us for it. Now he, desperate as he and his people are, has had to reconsider his disdain. I believe that may be some cryptic draenei apology.

He followed that up with his orders. To herald the latest push in this invasion the Legion had brought forth its artillery from the forges of Antorus. We had to dispatch that artillery.

We were ordered to go do the Deceiver’s Scar, the wreckage of Kil’jaeden’s ship, and destroy the artillery. He told us to bring with us the Light’s judgement.

Our team arrived and at first things went smoothly. We did find a Fel Devastator cannon. We killed its wyrmtongue and gan’arg crew without effort. Huuza electrocuted the eredar overseer while Nharos incinerated one with her eye beams, Kasaya impaled another on a rocky spike, and even Sunvalor’s apprentice was able to impale one with a icy spike.

They destroyed the cannon and moved onto the next one, doing much the same, but before they could destroy that one as well they saw they were being watched. A doomlord was watching us from the high hills above. The same black armored doomlord from Aalgen Point so many months ago: Kan’Rogal. He was armored from head to toe as one of Mel’korath’s lieutenants and he ordered his forces to advance upon us.

How he was able to hide two gargantuan demons like these – these Antaen – continues to confuse me. They were beasts of metal and pale flesh with furnaces mounted into their bodies and artillery cannons mounted onto their damn heads.

Not only did the two giants begin opening fire on our positions, we also had many felguard and vilefiends, hell even a few ur’zul, come out and lay siege to our position.

The Velikaya girl, Kasaya, and Alyarra, held several of the demons at bay. Rastath even turned the Fel Devastator cannon on one of the Antaen demons, badly wounding it. But the swarm did not let up for nearly an hour. We built a mound of demons below us and still they pressed… until another demon appeared on the hills opposite the forces of the doomlord.

This other demon was described as limping, wearing a heavy robe that covered its features, and it turned a torrent of fire against the Kan’Rogal’s position. He ordered that his forces kill the new arrival, calling it Izmennik. While we only destroyed the cannons and wounded one of the Antaen, we had to retreat while the window was open. It was our only chance to fight another day.

Vindicus was actually pleased by the results but disturbed to hear there was a new player in the game. This Izmennik is a threat he didn’t know of. In truth, neither did the Illidari. It appears this demon just appeared one day out of nowhere.

Zelch suggested that we perform a summoning ritual to summon and speak to this new demon. He believes the enemy of our enemy is our friend and he wants to test that proverb. I’m… doubtful but it’s worth a try.

Nharos believes yet again we have a traitor in our midst. I can see why. Kan’Rogal caught us unawares yet again. Last time it was because he had killed and possessed the body of Lor’ghal with a damn homunculus. I’ll have to narrow the number of people I expose my plans to.


A small cabal formed around summoning this damned creature. Minzel and Zelch were joined by the Scythe of Sylvanas’s Legren Kerrel. The three worked together to conjure a rift to whatever world “Izmennik” dwells on. She did not emerge immediately. No, we had to fight off another demon. An eredar with a handmark burned into his face like the Netherwalker’s body near the Terminus.

Once it was brought down the summoners tried again and this time succeeded. The robed “demon’ appeared through the gateway and mocked us, claimed it knew us, and that we were blind. It then removed its cowl and revealed the face of Viktoria Velikaya.

The damn warlock allowed herself to be swept up by her lust for demonic power and turned herself into a damn demon. She set fire to the cave and we were forced to retreat after a brief battle. Otherwise, we would’ve either burned to death as her felfire overtook the cave or we would’ve died from inhaling the damn smoke.

I was going to order that the demon be tracked down and killed. She’s fallen too far. There’s no point in sparing her miserable existence any longer… but her sister begged me not to, pled not to, and eventually reasoned that Viktoria Velikaya is as much a thorn in Mel’korath’s side as we are. At the very least we should put off her execution until the war is done.

I suspect she intends to try and save her sister’s soul….


Strakk led a team into Mac’Aree. I didn’t remember ordering any such operation nor do I know of any contracts in the area. I think he just wanted to loot the area….

And that’s what he did. After he and his small venture destroyed a broken and ancient vigilant they retrieved some old crystals. Nobody is sure of their function but they are… something at least.
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Arrival in Kaarinos

Pre – Operation Notes

One of the draenei actually discovered the purpose behind that trove of crystals found in Mac’Aree. They were not argunite nor some weapon. They were crystals containing the memories of a family who lingered on Argus after the Legion’s corruption of the land. They tried desperately to cling to survival as their world was twisted and corrupted, shattered and rendered a ruin.

One by one they died. The last message was from the family patriarch, whose soul was placed into the vigilant to protect the memories of his family in death. I can only assume the family member who finished the ritual died soon after.

It’s a tragedy but hardly an unprecedented one. I have ordered the crystals be given to the draenei. There is no profit in this but maybe it will give their souls some respite.


Kezzik has finished his shuttle. It’s larger than I expected and looks much like one of those pods the Xenedar ejected… but reinforced and restructured to appear more like a shuttle. They even salvaged one of the Army of the Light’s ballistae to add a weapon to the vessel.

At the head of the vessel are two chairs that were haphazardly attached and between them is the console stolen from the Xenedar. Magrag conjured one of his eyes and inserted it into the navigation console to aid the two in piloting their shuttle.

They put the sky ship through its paces and in the end it seems to actually be flight worthy. We’ll give it a few days to make sure the vessel is capable of prolonged action and then we shall make our move.

We shall go to Kaarinos, scout out the situation there, and then plan our next moves against Mel’korath.


The shuttle departed early in the morning.

I made sure to see it off myself.

Post – Operation Notes

Kezzik’s vessel is faster than I believed it would be and the journey to Kaarinos apparently did not take nearly as long as expected. Guided by Magrag’s eye – containing within the knowledge of Tur’uun – they darted through the skies of Argus, ducking and diving through the dark paths rarely traveled on the world…

They arrived a day or so later. It was nighttime but it’s hard to tell on this world just what time of day it is except for Thelmia’s declarations with her damn pocketwatches.

Once the party disembarked they immediately began to explore the region. All I asked of them was to scout out points of interest in the region. Maybe perform some small acts of sabotage to slow the black legion’s progress. They damn well did more than that!

As they were eyeing one of the eredar prince’s facilities, where black armored eredar patroled the perimeter, they ended up encountering another demon corrupted by Izmennik. I guess that’s what we’re going to be calling her for now.

Arestra parted the demon’s head from its shoulders and the party resumed their scouting operation. They closed in on Mel’korath’s facility and saw fonts of fel power, cages filled with the fallen and corrupted, and - most importantly – a massive collection of arcane crystals of varying sizes. They were fitted together on carts and pallets and were being taken by fel bat to the large tower that the complex rested under. They were the crystals stolen from Azeroth!

We had found all the raw mana stolen from Suramar and Azsuna. Unfortunately,
the massive soulstones created to house those spirits who fell in Nar’thalas against the Felrage naga and Suramar against Zalithrias and his revolutionaries were not there.

Arestra used her spectral sites and determined an imp mother, aranasi, and eredar doommaiden were inside the facility. Storming it would mean their deaths.

They decided the best course of action was to use the mana crystals to create a makeshift mana bomb. Huuza and Kasaya called on the mountain above, which triggered a rockslide, while Thogran and Thelmia rushed inside and set up the improvised explosives. When it appeared they may be detected, Zelch sent his infernal, Charfist, in to distract the demons.

In the end the facility was blasted apart. The exploding mana only caught the remaining mana in its wake, blasting the entire tower apart.

The party then retreated to Kezzik’s vessel. He was there with his draenei companion, fighting off a damn onslaught of demons when they arrived. The demons were slain and they went on a hasty retreat from the explosion site.


The High General was shocked to hear just how much of an impact we made on Mel’korath’s citadel. He believes that our bold tactics may have led to the deaths of three of Mel’korath’s few remaining lieutenants. Mother Bru’a, Brood-Witch Ly’chaerian, and W’yress. They match the descriptions given by Arestra as to the demons in the facility when it was blown to hell. We’ve also destroyed his mana stockpile, rendering whatever spell he’s working on nearly impossible for him to finish.

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Kan’Rogal’s Revenge

Pre – Operation Notes

I was summoned to speak with Vindicus again today. The old goat’s actually admitted he was impressed by our feats in battle and even ordered that a contingent of his own forces, led by Y’zira, be sent into the mountains of Kaarinos in our company next time. He wants to begin the construction of a new base in the mountains from which he can assist us in dispatching Mel’korath and putting an end to the black legion.

Ending the eredar prince before the high exarch’s forces engage the Legion in the Antorus itself is paramount to cut off the Legion’s reinforcements, he says. I’m just damn pleased to have some assistance out there.

We’ve also taken Sunvalor’s apprentice, Cal’thaelen, on several trips to Kaarinos. He has traced out the leylines to enable us to conjure portals to bring our forces to the front.

And most importantly I’ve also reached out to our allies back on Azeroth. Most have attested that they will join us at the front should the day come where we shall engage Mel’korath directly.


It has been decided that we will continue our guerilla raids against Mel’korath’s points of interest. His infernal forges, his armories, his other stockpiles, will all be raided before the main attack group brings an end to the eredar prince in his citadel. This time I shall join the attack group. We’ll rendezvous with Y’zira and choose our targets once we’ve arrived.

Post – Operation Notes

I had been feeling confident but that damn well didn’t last. As we flew into to the landing zone we’re previously chosen – where the Army of the Light was constructing its base – we found billowing smokes and cries of war as our welcome. The Lightforged draeneis’ position was under heavy assault and they were losing ground quickly as warlocks astride fel bats bombarded their ballista positions, Nathrezim toppled their banners and cut down their champions....

As we landed I saw one of the black armored warrior mounts one of the Lightforged commanders onto his banner and hoists it high, laughing as if something about that was funny. Kezzik put a bolt of crystalized arcane energy through his chest before we circled around and found a landing position.
One thing was sure.

No Light was going to save them. It was up to us, the warriors of the Horde, to turn the tide of war.

I ordered Kezzik to provide air support while I led the strike force into the heart of the battle. The draenic barricade was barely holding as felguard, eredar, mana hounds and succubi assailed the ranks of its defenders. By he looks of things they had been gradually pushed back over several hours. Infernals rained down from the skies and many passed right by the warframes, who were distracted trying to quell the fel bats.

Y’zira asked that we take over one of the lines and allow her men a moment’s respite. We did so and held off several winged ur’zul and black armored felguard.

We held off wave after wave of demons until the Lightforged could muster a new phalanx. Arrows and Light bolts killed the demons we were fighting and the draenei advanced with their weapons drawn.

Things seemed to be turning in our favor. Kezzik and the warframes were holding the skies, the phalanx had rebuilt and was holding off the demons, and the demonic lines were slowing in their advance.

Then, without warning, massive spikes of fel ripped out of the ground behind us and within seconds there was a fully functioning demonic gateway. Y’zira and her phalanx were quick to react but the demon’s glaive impaled two draenei before tossing them aside as though they were weightless. That break in the lines allowed a dozen ur’zul to descend upon us and herald the next wave of demonic attackers.

Doomlord Kan’Rogal was impressed with himself and declared that we would not get away this time. We engaged the demon and his legions for some time. My party held off the others but I charged Kan’Rogal directly. It was not wise but dying to such a creature would at least be an honorable death if we could turn the battle around. Hell, it nearly came to that.

I bludgeoned and battered the demon but in the end he grabbed me and thrust me through the portal he had come through.

It was so hot and dry that I couldn’t breathe. All around me were thousands upon thousands of demons, killing each other in bloody combat. I staggered back up to my feet and held off the demons. Eredar, felguard, wrathguard, with black armor or hand prints burned into their flesh.

One of the volcanoes that surrounded the battlefield began to erupt. When I turned towards it I saw Izmennik herself walking towards me. I drew my Warhammer and charged her, bashing her back into her crowd of demons. I continued to fight until be body wore of all energy. There was little else I could do after the portal was sealed behind me.

Soon I stood over dozens of dead and writhing demons, covered in bloody wounds, and I knew I was to meet my end. Again, I saw Izmennik appear through the lines. I bellowed my war cry, as if I killed her, then at least I would die slaying my enemy.

She moved more quickly than I this time. She lunged right through my attack, planted her burning hand against my chest, and pushed. The next thing I knew I was lying on the ground, staring up at Azeroth from the blighted soil of Argus.

Kan’Rogal’s body lay nearby, Nharos’s blades plunged into his chest, and all around us were demons who were reduced to nothing more that soulstones for Zelch’s staff, the Eye of the Basilisk.

It seems Zelch had drawn in so much power into his staff over time that he was able to expend in in one brutally effective strike against Kan’Rogal’s forces. The doomlord himself stood a bit longer before Kezzik bombarded him with the full onslaught of his shuttle. When Kan’Rogal had tried to retreat through his portal, he was struck with another bombardment and collapsed, dead. The portal had died with him and everyone had simply concluded I had died.

When I explained what happened, Katarina Velikaya called this proof that her sister was not just a demon to be slain. She was still fundamentally goo. She did, after all, rescue me from that flaming hellscape.

I… don’t know what to think.

The demon hunters just want to kill her but it’s not an order I can give. She saved my life. Honor demands I at least let her sister try to do the same for her.

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Ghosts of the Past

High General Vindicus has actually become friendly with our party (except for Nharos) and has spoken to me briefly from time to time. He is still dismissive of the orcs, the elves, the warlocks, the demon hunters, but believes that we can ‘redeem’ ourselves. He says he will speak to us later on the matter. I’ll be fighting around the Spirit Crucible today but once I’ve returned from that operation I will hear out what he has to say.


Something happened while I was gone. Not only has the Vindicaar blasted a hole in Antorus’s defenses and the High Exarch led the first push into the Burning Throne, something happened to Vindicus.

He and one of his priests were found dead in Mac’Aree. His head had been claimed.

We had only just started to develop a rapport with the old general. I don’t even know what to….


A team had been mustered to perform operations near the Felfire Armory. They were going to try and disable at least one of Antorus’s heavy cannons. While on the Vindicaar they ran into Y’zira. She told them that Vindicus had been searching for them. She was in the company of a strange priest who wore all black and gold and who carried Vindicus’s staff from a few weeks ago.

Y’zira went and found her general. He was disappointed that neither Hedva or myself had been there. He also informed them that he had intelligence on Mel’korath. Invaluable intelligence that could aid us during the final push. He knew all the information we had on the eredar general consisted of his time after he joined the Legion. We mustered what little we could find while learning of Skal’ach and the Soulreaver’s histories.

He offered the party to join him in Mac’Aree to learn the eredar prince’s full tale.

First they joined him at the Conservatory of the Arcane, where, in ancient times, Archimonde taught the best of the eredar’s mages. He told those present that Mel’korath had once been a student there and had his priest conjure a vision from Argus’s past.

A strange mist rose from the ground and within it were shapes. Shapes that seemed to form full entities. First it was Archimonde and then those pupils who he taught. I would have been intrigued to see what the Defiler looked like before he became a wretched demon. He dismissed his followers, and two who lingered behind began to speak. One was called Mel’akith. The other, Varranus. In this vision they learned that Mel’korath was once called Mel’akith and that he learned his craft from Archimonde himself, elevating himself highly among his people even back then. His tenacity and his devotion to the corrupted duumvirate saw him as a worthy tribute to the Conservatory's teaching. Now his former masters are long dead and he has elevated where they have fallen.

Next he took the party to Kil’jaeden’s Terrace, where they witnessed a vision retelling of how the triumvirate had sworn themselves to Sargeras. They even saw the prophet, Velen, among the crowd.

Mel’akith, apparently garbed as one of the Wakeners, an order of eredar sorcerers, was there and cheering that they were going to join the ranks of Sargeras’s burning Legion. His companion, Varranus, was there too. He too had cheered.

Vindicus, High General of the Army of the Light, then confessed the truth. He had once been Varranus. He had once served the Legion… until the Prime Naaru, Xe’ra, put him on another path. One, he claimed, that would see the Legion end and the shadows that even the Dark Titan feared smothered by divine radiance. She had purified him.

And that’s when the madness began…..

His priestly ally gave him the ornate staff. He then acknowledged how we fought alongside the Army of the Light. How even before then we slew Aggadon, Xal’akuul, and Vaanti. Now, he had said, our kind would be purified and would join him in the final battle as brothers and sisters in the Light.

According to Arestra, who was there, he said, word for word: “Over ten thousand years ago I was remade in the Light’s image, made pure, and now it is your turn to receive the gift.”

There was no options, no bargains. He intended to reforge each and every warrior there in the Light’s image whether they wanted it or not.

Illarinae, Nharos, and Rastath damn well did not want it but before they could put up an argument Vindicus sent out tendrils of Light that struck everyone in the party but Huuza. They dropped to their knees as the Light slowly ripped through them, forging them anew from the inside out.

A battle ensued as the party, one by one, broke free of his spell and engaged him in combat. All but Illarinae, who could not break free, and slowly began to succumb until her inner demon took hold. She became an aberration and attacked everyone present as well. Vindicus’s ally, Prelate Almuul, was killed and burned to death by the mad hunter while the others fought Vindicus. She, in turn, was overwhelmed by the Light and collapsed in a heap. But before she fell she dispatched Kasaya and nearly claimed the lives of her fellow demon hunters.

The others contended with Vindicus. Lightning, bullets, Zelch’s staff… all were barely enough to break his shield. Nharos and Thogran, Kasaya and Zelch, Rastath and Nharos, they all fought to try and stop the Lightforged general. In the end, as most of the party lay dead or writhing on the ground, it was Valtenath who, with one of Nharos’s soulreavers, carved open the Lightforged general’s neck. He collapsed onto his knees, bleeding into the tainted ground below him… before Huuza parted his head from his shoulders.

Valtenath then retrieved the general’s staff – which he called the Hand of Light – and Arestra recovered some of its shards. There was a an argument that escalated near to bloodshed as the demon hunters demanded that the shards of Xe’ra be destroyed utterly that they can no longer hold influence while Valtenath refused to allow such a thing. In the end Thogran found a middle ground and has presented the staff to me with his report, including all of these damning details.

He questions Valtenath’s loyalty, saying the Light has a stranglehold on his mind, and suggests I keep the staff from Talarien Sunvalor.

I will keep it for now. I’ll find somewhere safe to store it….


Every time I see Y’zira’s mournful expression I am speechless. I know what happened. I could tell her. But how would she react? She who calls us friends. If she were to know of Vindicus’s madness and obsession with purity....

What if she did know and just hadn’t said anything…?

This should be kept quiet. It will be better they continue to think this way.

Better for everyone.
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Fall of the Black Legion

Pre – Operation Notes

It did not take long for news of High General Vindicus’s death to reach the Vindicaar. His head parted from his shoulders, his loyal prelate dead at his side and set alight in demonic fire. The Army of the Light sought information on what had happened…

And luckily their investigations were fruitless. They found that the Legion had moved into the area recently and they were likely to blame. The death by felfire, the shearing of the high general’s soul, and the evidence of felfire hoof prints told the tale well enough to prove that the Legion had done it.

Vindicus’s successor, General Khalmiir, and Y’zira, have decided to join us our final strike. To them it is a much-needed retaliatory blow against the Legion. They, using arcane means, have created a forward outpost near Mel’korath’s citadel on the site of Kan’Rogal’s defeat. They’ve called it Retribution Point.


Over the last few days I’ve been amassing our forces for the final attack. Sunvalor is here in person with all of his apprentices. They, among others, have been opening up portals to Azeroth to spirit in our armies.

The Thoravir vrykul rose from one portal. Ungrim marched in at their head, tall and gold, followed closely behind by Garagrim, who marched with his family banner, with Hlín of Vrekt at his side, and the other officers of the coalition close behind. They reaffirmed their loyalty to us and a willingness to fight on behalf of their new queen. I even saw Thorek the Younger, Khazador, and Glanlar among the crowds. Brijala may be here as well but I have not seen her.

Many among the tauren of Highmountain were also present. Brave Stonehoof of the Highmountain and Rivermane tauren led the party. Amon Skytalon represented the Skyhorn with his eagle riders; Old Brokenhorn was there with his spirit walkers, and even Maur Bloodtotem had come ready to fight for his tribe. His lost arm has even been replaced by an enchanted totemic limb. It’s an impressive by those shaman.

And most importantly was our portals to Kalimdor. For the first time in so damn long we have amassed nearly the whole of the Kalimdor Mercenaries. All of my divisions, all of my commanding officers, we’re all here and ready fight for honor, glory, and the future of azeroth.
I will confer a war council with Khalmiir, Ungrim, Stonehoof, and my marauders. The final battle is just over the horizon.

Post – Operation Notes

We encountered a large doommaiden after we battered down the first gate with our demolishers. We recognized her by her four horns, her red skin, her tattered wings. It was Ishaanti, daughter of Mel’korath. Her skin was cracked, some of it even floating just over where it should be, revealing discolored bone and sinew. Her armor is much the same, rent and hovering. It seems she wasn’t completely caught unaffected by the mana bombs we’ve used against her kin.

She set her demons against us.

We pressed into their ranks and cut down those black armored abominations one by one. It was slow progress until Ishaanti came forward. Our blades cleaved into her. Hell, Valtenath downright impaled her, but she would not fall. Hell, the fight only ended when she felt as though she had to retreat.

Kezzik, the Army of the Light’s warframes, and both our eagle and wyvern riders circumvented almost all of the fortress’s defenses and stormed the inner courtyard. Ishaanti followed after them.

I signaled the battering ram to advance. It battered through the first gate easily but the next gateway, the entrance to the inner sanctum, held firm even from the force of tauren and vrykul alike. It was slow to start giving way but it did begin to loosen its hold when the next beast attacked us. The gate was cracked, dented, near broken, when clawed fingers appeared from below the span. The hands were so heated that they emitted a fiery orange glow. The rest of the creature soon crawled out from its hiding place, revealing its long horns, half-skeletonized face....

The creature itself appeared to be a demonic entity empowered by flame and by the time its presence was known it was already too late for those manning the battering ram. The creature grabbed one of the vrykul around the waist and hurled him off the bridge. The others faltered as the weight of the ram shifts.

Before long the remaining warriors were forced to abandon the ram and fight. They struggled in vain against the creature but were, one by one, caught in the creature’s teeth, torn asunder or burned by its claws, or were discarded from the bridge.

I wanted to bombard the damn bridge to kill the creature – they’re calling it a charhound – but we couldn’t risk the dozens of men we had on that bridge.

It nearly killed Rethorian and Rastath, knocking them from the bridge only to land at the edge of the platform below. Hell, it nearly killed the whole damn party before Legren Kerrel brought the creature down.

I ordered our forces to pull back and reform ranks as the demolishers finished off the gate. Once it fell we spilled into the courtyard, where Mel’korath’s final line of defense, a gigantic abyssal, lumbered about, swinging its massive arms in an effort to crush the Lightforged warframes that fired upon it. Kezzik's shuttle unleashed flurries of crystalline bolts into it and the Thunderspear and Skyhorn tauren worked hard to distract it as our land forces rushed inside. I led the charge against Mel’korath’s remaining forces outside while Valtenath led the strike team inside.

Mel’korath’s daughter was first to fall once they were inside, followed by the last few of his honor guard.

Soon they made it into his personal sanctum, where the reports mentioned hundreds – maybe even thousands – of souls hovering above the central platform of the chamber. Many among them were the races of Azeroth, whether from Farondis’s court, Suramar, or elsewhere… while others were races whose descriptions are completely foreign to me. They were likely from the Legion’s other conquered worlds.

He then revealed his grand design. He wanted to use the souls in his possession to create a spell powerful enough to blast a hole into Azeroth, laying bare its world soul for Sargeras to reach directly. Azeroth’s heart, its world soul, was Sargeras’s goal from the start.

Everyone took up arms but the eredar erected a shield around himself and projected the image of another warrior before us. It was Mel’korath, garbed head to toe in black armor and wearing a demonic helmet. He carried a greatsword aligned with Hellfire Soulstones… and he bore them against those warriors present.

The battle lasted long and our warriors were left beaten and battered by the end. Over the course of the battle Arestra knocked off his helmet, Nharos hamstrung his knees, and I’m sure the eredar hated the parallels to our fight in Nagrand. Rethorian impaled him through the neck and he dropped but he did not die. Then the Velikaya girl climbed up on his back, drawing a dagger, and began stabbing at the base of the eredar’s skull until blood covered her and the mighty warrior exploded in a torrent of arcane energy.

Killing Mel’korath’s projection also caused the great eredar to collapse. His ritual faltered and the spirits he had gathered erupted through the roof of his fortress, disappearing into the skies. The spirits’ escape also caused the entire damn fortress structure to become unstable.

The party had to make a quick decision as the fortress began collapsing around all around them. They could take Mel’korath as a prisoner, Legren Kerrel wanted to steal his secrets, Katarina Velikaya wanted him dead, and Nharos wanted his soul extinguished.

Legren tried to prevent Nharos from finishing Mel’korath once and for all but Katarina seized him and would not let him intervene. Mel’korath was impaled by the blades he forged and his soul was consumed.

The army retreated from the crumbling fortress and, as they did so, Legren commented that the prince’s death will cause yet another power vacuum to form in the ranks of the Legion. A power vacuum that he’s sure his former ally, the demon Izmennik, would try to fill.

It’s her turn to fall.

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The Fall of Izmennik

The mage Thelmia called on us to provide assistance on a matter, she insisted, was of great importance.

While I am not about to turn from the battlefront here on Argus – there is much yet to be done with Antorus under siege and Mel’korath dead – I did ask that Arestra report back to me as to what the operation is about.


Thelmia called on her allies to gather at the Bronze Dragonshrine. There, with the assistance of a bronze drake in elven form, she presented three vision for those present. The first vision displayed the battle against Arag’Hidar in Azsuna, where Viktoria Velikaya volunteered to battle the ogre and was met with fire from his Drakebuster pistol. It was the moment she lost her leg. The elven mage commented alongside the vision that she thought those around her were her friends and that they would save her.

Did they not? Did they not drag her sorry corpse from the field? Did Invar Marris not supply her with a mechanical replacement to allow her to continue walking?

The second vision was in the forests of Felwood. The Scythe stood victorious over some oozing creature. Viktoria Velikaya had words with Legren Kerrel, asking about dreams she was having. He insisted upon her that they were not dreams but visions and some demon was attempting to court her. The warlocks exchange continued from there with Velikaya asking if they should consider joining the Legion. Legren confessed that it may be best to keep her options open if matters deteriorated further.

Does Hedva know her warlocks were considering joining the Legion only months ago? Does she even care!?

The third vision was the most recent. Viktoria was there again, at a table, pouring tea for others. Magrag was there, as was his demon, Mefimur, and Glaerion Silverlance. Viktoria sat with them and again she discussed her visions. Magrag told the young warlock that it was Mel’korath trying to prey on her mind. They would use Mel’korath’s arrogance against him. Viktoria would join him, pretend to be loyal, and wait until the demon allowed himself to be vulnerable. Then she, working with Magrag and his crusaders against the Legion, would turn on Mel’korath and destroy him.

Arestra is conflicted. She believed that Viktoria was hurt, scarred, and isolated. She wasn’t treated well by her allies and the only ones who showed her any affection sought to use her towards their own goals.

Clearly something went wrong with Magrag’s plan. She was drawn too far in, became a demon of her own right, and tried not to kill the eredar prince but usurp him.

Now it is up to us to handle the matter.


I’ve dispatched our forces back to Suramar now that we’ve had the leeway to send some of our forces back home to Azeroth.

Strakk, Alyarra, Huuza, and Kasaya, went to Azsuna to free those enslaved by the agents of Zalingyr there. Deep within the Ley-Ruins of Zarkhenar they freed the slaves and turned on the taskmaster there while those previously enslaved took control over an arcane golem and used it against the Legion’s minions.


Katarina Velikaya called on a party to meet her to discuss her sister. While some, like the Forsaken, Dithavus, advocate still for her death, there are others who want to try and redeem the warlock’s soul.

Katarina laid out a series of demonic tomes. These tomes contained years of works by a demon called Azor’Kerach. The demon had studied both taking on a demonic aspect and shedding it. His works were deemed heresy by the Legion, who killed him and scattered and burned his texts.

Minzel’s demonic follower, Skal’ach, indicated that there were still copies of Azor’Kerach’s texts. They were in the position of Skritk, the Keeper of Secrets. He was an abnormally large and obese inquisitor with an army of imps and his own vessel within the Legion’s aerial navy.

The party, with great reluctance, slipped aboard the demon’s vessel. Katarina, with Zelch and Minzel’s assistance, stole the book from the demon on his own vessel. He was distracted by the goblins’ imps, who he actually ate, while the young Forsaken retrieved the book. I begin to think her former life as a priestess is over. She has acted more like a rogue or a warrior, fighting with blades, throwing her stones, and sneaking about as she does.

The text, "Demonic Transformation and Retransformation: How Demonic Corruption Affects the Body and a Potential Panacea", was taken by Minzel, who helped to translate and transcribe the demonic writings.


While many of us were doing battle in and around Antorus, another party organized in Gilneas. They had decided to put the matter of Viktoria Velikaya to rest.

They mustered at the Forsaken’s family home, which was, according to the reports, a burned out husk. They set up a ritual circle there and Zelch summoned Izmennik to battle them once more.

The demon struggled with her bonds and summoned felhounds to try and kill Zelch and prevent her containment. Hedva and Zelch’s infernal, Charfist, dealt with the demons quickly enough.

That was when they, like so many on Azeroth, bore witness to the Dark Titan. Sargeras emerged in the very sky above them. Izmennik was empowered by her dark master’s presence while the others quaked in fear – even the Forsaken who claimed to no longer feel emotions. When the Dark Titan was drawn away by the Pantheon and locked away forever at their seat in the heavens, Izmennik’s power weakened. She was left exposed and those present committed to the siphoning ritual, draining away Izmennik’s demonic powers.

Zelch nearly killed Viktoria with the Eye of the Basilisk, cracking the gemstone in the process, but he did successfully drain much of the corruption in the process. The magically touched tea set was also used as a vessel to contain Izmennik’s corruption, and even her sister was nearly killed while the ritual continued.

In the end the Velikaya sisters were healed to live another day and the corrupted tea set was taken by Arestra’s companion, Alloraine, to be placed in the Sunvalor vault.

Viktoria Velikaya, barely alive, horribly burned, and withered, bereft of her powers, was taken back to the Undercity to recover.

If this is truly the end of Izmennik then that’s cause to celebrate. There was no need to kill the girl. If this does not prove to be a sufficient lesson for her….

She spared my life. I have spared hers.

I consider my debt to her paid.
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