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Pre – Operation Notes

The demons invade and crush our resistance at the Broken Shore. We get the damn Pillars of Creation to stop them. They triple their numbers across the whole damn planet and start burning everything to the ground…. We finally break through their ranks, storm their stronghold and close the gateway they had to Azeroth through the Tomb of Sargeras… and what do we find?! A gigantic rift in the Great Dark which gets rid of any need the demons had for the damn tomb in the first place! Now we can see their damn ships dotting the skies coming from Argus itself!



Our resources have been spread so thin across Azeroth that our progress has been halted in nearly every front. With this sort of division we can’t keep up with the Legion’s unending resources. It has been weeks since we made ground against Zalithrias or killed the forces of the Legion anywhere worldwide. We’ve been forced onto the defensive and we’re barely holding on.

It doesn’t help that the Armies of Legionfall – the damn order halls – have called on some of my men to participate in their own campaigns!


There are still demons on the Broken Shore even now. With their numbers depleted and the tomb itself under our control, they still skulk in the caves around the Lost Temple and perform smelting of their demonic metals to create new weapons of war. The demons hope to regain some ground. HA! As if we would allow that.

I’ve managed to scrape enough men together to board the ships and lead a venture to eastern bank of the Broken Shore. I’ve already sent word to the Skyhorn tribe that we may need air support. We have demons to kill.


Our attack on the Legion's smelting facilities near the Lost Temple ended in complete disaster! We arrived only to be swarmed and routed by fel bats. FEL BATS! The Skyhorn tauren up on Highmountain guaranteed us air support! I am sending Ironhorn to Vengeance Point to see if he can find out where those lazy cattle have gotten to! I’ll have him climb up the damn Highmountain if he needs to in order to find out where the hell they are!

Post – Operation Notes

I was angry after our failure at the Lost Temple. I was too shortsighted to think of why the Skyhorn had failed to back us up in the battle. Bauron’s team arrived at Vengeance Point to find them and spoke with the Illidari garrison there. The Skyhorn had been seen there. They landed, gave their eagles time to rest and were last seen flying towards the Lost Temple.

Bauron led his venture down onto the island proper and found the Legion had returned. They had conjured portals to Argus and were bringing over reinforcements. It was clear that they intended to retake the gates of the Tomb of Sargeras.

Ironhorn had not come prepared to combat a demon army. His party of four was far from enough to contend with those kinds of forces… and he retreated back to Jandvik to offer his report. We’re going to need to rally more troops to retake the gates. We can’t have the Legion regaining any foothold on the Broken Shore!


Our agents in Suramar and Azsuna are reporting movement. A lot of it. Naga, felborne elves, and demons galore, are making moves. The Legion even assaulted Azsuna again with another one of their vessels.

Something deep down is telling me this could be related to the forces at the Tomb of Sargeras….

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