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Pre – Operation Notes

Things are deteriorating faster than we can keep up with them.

Her in Suramar we have Zalithrias taking ground by the day. Zalithrias has even reached out into Azsuna, where he and the rogue naga under Hronori are wreaking havoc, extracting large chunks of mana crystals and siphoning the souls of the dead.

In Highmountain it seems those old god-loyal drogbar aren’t quite dead yet. In fact their numbers are higher than we previously thought. They’re just clever enough to stay in their caves and tunnels where we can’t reach them. Maur and his Bloodtotem are fighting them when and where he can and Stonehoof and the other braves at Thunder Totem have lent some aid to his forces. Fortunately, for the most part, the tauren of Highmountain have reined in control over their territory.

Hell, the only territory that is under control seems to be Stormheim. Between the majority of the kvaldir falling into line with the Valarjar and Skovald’s death we haven’t had much concern for the Stormheim region outside of the odd Legion vessel launching a strike force into the area… and so far they haven’t been able to retake group. The situation there is under control.

You’d think the damn demons would cut back a bit. Maybe focus on their defense of the Tomb of Sargeras… but no. It seems like their resources are unending.

And these reports are just from the Broken Isles.


I have finally made the journey to Shal’Aran myself. I had to keep this trip quiet and I met with Sunvalor and his allies among the Nightborne.

The elves were reluctant to trust me even after the Horde helped them retake their city. I can’t entirely blame them. I am an orc and the one being responsible for the corruption and enslavement to the Legion was Gul’dan… who some mistake for an orc rather than the demon he was.

I have learned the details of who we are fighting. Zalithrias was a member of the former Grand Magistrix’s court. He was exiled early on. He promoted joining the Legion when the Nightborne were still maintaining their shield around the city. Now that Elisande is dead he has returned and has gained a position of prominence quicker than anyone could have expected.

Zalithrias used Thalyssra’s choice to let the Nightwell die as an easy way to galvanize a chunk of Suramar’s population against her. Without the Nightwell the people will wither and his loyalists were easily convinced by the fact the arcan’dor tree will take years to grow enough fruit to sate even a small part of the population.

One of the nobles present, Althris, explained that many nobility of the Midnight Court were his first converts. They feared the Dusk Lilly uprising more than they did Elisande because the rebels were a threat to their power and authority. With support from the nobility Zalithrias has declared himself the new grand magister and formed his own order of elite battle magi and spellswords known as his Blades. They serve him loyalty and they consume fel energy to empower themselves immensely.

That Felborne’s influence over his people is surprising.


Before leaving Shal’Aran this morning I was approached by a spellsword named Kythillia and a noble from the meeting last night. He’s called Lord Sarrell. They believed they had new intel for me in that Zalithrias was taking his political enemies and was sending them to Astravar Harbor.

They were surprised to hear I already knew, or least expected, this would be the case. Zalithrias serves Mel’korath and that eredar would use anyone who stands against him as fuel for his spell.

What that spells is I still don’t damn well know.

The best course of action for now is to assault the harbor and see who we can save….

Post – Operation Notes

The plan was simple. About a dozen of us, armed with our Nightborne disguises, would sail into the harbor with the false story we were prisoners. We would kill whatever demon is in control there and free the prisoners.

It started simply enough. We sailed in and when the Felbourne came aboard to take us off the ship we killed them, secured their weapons and launched our assault on the harbor. Nearly lost Tamiruna to a damn felhound and the jailer demons were determined to keep their prisoners in custody. They were powerful sorcerers but their magic did not save them.

A massive jailer in the black armor of Mel’korath’s lieutenants arrived while we were unshackling the prisoners. With a wave of his hand those who were still shackled by fel energy were killed in an instant… and their souls were ripped into the soulstones in his grasp.

We engaged the demon in battle but he proved a stubborn bastard.

He shackled Braktar’s arm to a wall with felfire chains, used his magic to throw a damn skiff at Chief and it took both Hila and I to hold off that spellsword who fought alongside the demon. Derp tried to ambush the demon, using smashing tactics Clorg would be proud of, but they did little. If not for Valtenath he would’ve died for his brave but reckless attack. Hell, it wasn't until Althris showed up with back up that we were able to retreat with those we were able to save.

Even then the ebon-armored bastard pursued our ship until we reached friendlier terrain and he was pelted with spells. He retreated rather than let himself be goaded into a trap.

They’re working on the burns on Braktar’s arm right now….


Word has come in and the siege of the Tomb of Sargeras will begin any day now. I’ve sent some of our divisional troops to reinforce the attack group.

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