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Pre – Operation Notes

It has taken a few days but we’ve managed to get a foot into the business of the Nightborne. In order to secure some ties with the Nightborne we’ll need to do far more than just stop a potential atrocity from another time. We’ll need to start conducting actual operations in Suramar.

I’ve also received a dossier about that Loreynn elf. Not much to say about her other than she blames the Dusk Lilly for being reckless and damning their people. It is as Sunvalor said… those who don’t know any better are trying to doom their own people out of fear. This Zalithrias knows how to play on fear and paranoia.


We have launched our first operation in Suramar city. I sent a team into the Evermoon Commons to assist the elves there. They disembarked after sundown and kept a low profile until they were able to reach Sunvalor. The locals still aren’t used to the races of the Horde… and we would definitely stick out like a sore thumb… so Sunvalor provided them with mana-infused gemstones that allowed them to take on the appearance of Nightborne themselves.

After that point they first carried out some simple tasks. They gave out magically touched wine to the locals, spread propaganda posters preaching that the Dusk Lilly - and the Horde - had saved the Nightborne from the Legion and in the end killed some demons that were trying to push their way into the district.

The reports are encouraging so far. I’m going to send them some reinforcements in case the Legion acts up.

Post – Operation Notes

It looks like I made the right damn call

By the time Kerg and Arga were picked up their gemstones and made their way to the local tavern, the Waning Crescent, with their team they learned that the situation in Suramar had started deteriorating. Quickly.

There was a school near the Siren’s Vigil where the refugees and the locals had sent their children for learning. Something had happened there involving Zalithrias and his traitorous counterrevolution. They sought out one of Sunvalor’s Highblades in the area, who revealed to them that Zalithrias has actually managed to start taking over districts throughout the city. The Siren’s Vigil was among the first taken in the last few days. The citizens there were likely forced to either join his counterrevolution or become fuel for whatever ritual Mel’korath is planning.

The reinforcements I deployed joined up with Ti’cha’s forces and those Highblades in the area. Together they stormed the schoolhouse and killed a doomguard and several felborne traitors that were holding up in the area.

They found several children – sixteen by Fischer’s counting – on a small boat that was docked there. They were shackled and it turned out they were about to be taken Astravar Harbor. They also learned that over half of the children at the school had already been taken on a previous boat….


The Army of Legionfall has been stretched thin lately. With the final siege of the Tomb of Sargeras looming the eredar were desperate enough to rip open a series of portals into the heart of the darkest corners of the nether. These rifts in the area of the Broken Shore called the Shadow Fracture needed closing. Naturally we needed some back up from Arintha and some of our other shadow priest contacts within the Conclave to secure the location.

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