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Pre – Operation Notes

This Azsuna business prompted me to look up an old contact. Lucky for us that K’althris still checks out his old dead drop position. From his information we’ve learned that a faction of the Deepsurge naga have betrayed their queen, Azshara, to join the Legion. In doing so they have become the Felrage naga.

The recent invasion has been led by the brutish General Texasch. He’s described as a naga brute with four massive arms with spikes coming out of just about everywhere on his body. He led the attack on Nar’thalas City. The academy assault was led by General K’sharza, who we dispatched some days ago.

Both of them serve another. The first defector was a sea witch called Mistress Hronori. She, Texasch, K’sharza, and a sea giant called Deepstrider Morogun, went rogue, joined the Felrage, and disappeared for some time before invading Azsuna. They aren’t just killing Farondis’s people though. Dawnbreeze claims they are using soul beacons to draw in the ghosts to create what I’m told are “soul-powered batteries” to empower some sort of spell. They want the ancient arcane secrets and the souls of Nar’thalas. But what they are specifically after still eludes us.

K’althris suggests we stay out of this one. Normally I would consider listening to the naga’s advice, but while I’m not about to lose much sleep over a few night elf spirits, I don’t want those Legion bastards getting hold of more power….


The naga’s words make more sense now.

I deployed Braktar and some of our scouts in preparation for an offensive into Nar’thalas and they reported back that the entire front of the city, aside from the academy, which still maintains that magical barrier, has been overrun by the naga. It’s no longer just the Felrage either. Some of what I can only assume are Azshara’s naga are there. The naga queen and her kind seem intent on cornering Hronori and her traitors in the city ruin before hacking them apart and leaving their blood to stain the walls.

We won’t get any answers if we just allow the naga to slaughter their traitorous kin. We won’t know why Hronori went rogue or why she came to Azsuna to gather souls… or even what artifacts in particular she was pursuing….

The naga are battering the city from the north. If I were to deploy a small strike team from the west we could take advantage of their distraction. Might even get a shot at Hronori if she still skulks around the city.

The team will have to be damn careful. The scouts also mentioned the rooftops of the city being lined with harpoon wielding myrmidons and sea witches. An aerial approach would be just as, if not more, risky as a ground offensive.

Post – Operation Notes

When the strike team arrived they were met with a dying Nightwatcher spirit. She told them of how Hronori had the soul beacons taken from Nar’thalas and relocated elsewhere.

The spirit begged that they kill Texasch and Hronori. That way the battle could be taken from a stalemate to its conclusion and the Nightwatchers and the Court of Farondis might have a chance to salvage what they had there.

Dawnbreeze briefed the party on our scouts’ reports and then they advanced into the city shortly after. It was mere moments after they stepped on the cobblestone that they were under attack. Naga hoisted their tridents, threw their ice and lightning….

From the reports the naga were able to land many blows. Half the party were maimed and Zelch was skewered and shocked. The old warlock was even believed to have died in action. If that’s true he was lucky to be in a party capable of dragging his soul back into his body… though from what I’d heard it was Agrol who did it. Does that make Zelch some sort of undead creature? I can’t imagine it being pleasant.

They had to find cover and from there fight their way into the ruins. They first had to cut down several naga, which Zelch and the elves did with little trouble, and then they made their way into the city.

They chose to be cleverer at that point. They turned to stealth rather than brute strength and made their way up the winding stairs to the palace of Nar’thalas. They avoided Texasch’s many eyes and infiltrated the palace in hopes of finding and killing the true head of the snake.

The reports of their findings were interesting….

They found Hronori there in the chamber. She was speaking to two images conjured by magic. One was a Nightborne elf. Dawnbreeze described him as wearing “arcanoweave” armor, which is apparently something that exists, and said that he exuded fel energy from his tattoos.

He boasted that he was gaining influence over the Nightborne. Apparently the Dusk Lilly who conquered Suramar from Gul’dan’s forces destroyed their sacred Nightwell. What is it with elves and their Sunwells, Nightwells, Moonwells…. Without the Nightwell they have been struggling with their arcane addictions and have been more willing to turn back to the Legion just to have their hunger sated. The Dusk Lilly solution is a magic tree whose fruits can somehow sate their addictions for a long time, but the tree can only produce so much for so large a population. They’re desperate and willing to side with this Zalithrias in his own revolutionary army and they have set their own city on fire out of fear.

The other projected image was Mel’korath himself. The reports make reference to the aura of dominance and power the red-skinned eredar’s image gave off. He was apparently the master of those Felrage and Felborne.

Mel’korath spoke of Kil’jaeden coming to Azeroth and taking a gamble with a fallen avatar. He called Kil’jaeden’s plan narrow-minded and started hinting at his own plans for Azeroth. The eredar ‘prince’ has been the one gathering souls and arcane relics. He has intentions for them but we don’t yet know exactly what those plans are.

…because he noticed us before he could go into detail. ‘How did he notice you,’ I asked. Well… because Huuza collapsed the palace entrance in hopes of both preventing Hronori’s escape and stopping Texasch and the other naga from reinforcing her position. The mercenaries aimed to kill her.

But she’s a warlock and she was able to teleport away from the palace, leaving only a fel rune and a pile of ash on the floor.

The decision to collapse the gateway proved utterly idiotic after that. Without Hronori there the party was cornered in the same chamber as Mel’korath’s arcane projection. The eredar realized that too and somehow turned his own image into an arcane bomb. The explosion nearly killed the whole strike team.

Fortunately they were able to scrape themselves back together and retreat through one of Dawnbreeze’s portals.


I met with the strike team from the Nar’thalas operation. It was decided that whatever the Felrage are up to it’s not as big as this Suramar business. We need to refocus the brunt of our efforts. The Nightborne hold on Suramar is feeble enough even without Zalithrias’s rebellion setting half the damn city on fire. Hronori and her followers can die later if Azshara’s minions don’t get them first.

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