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Pre – Operation Notes

We sent in a team to investigate the Creeping Grotto. The spiders had first started swarming out from there. It turned out they were led by one of those new demons - the Aranasi – and it was that wretch who was responsible for ‘infecting’ the Legionfall soldiers with spider eggs that grow inside the body, eventually hatch, and eat their way out.

The battle between the demon and my mercenaries did not go well. We lost one, another had to have those spider eggs extracted from his arm before they could grow and cause more trouble, and it was only after Arestra and her Illidari companion finally showed up that the demon was slain.

As she died she uttered the name Ly’cherry… an. I asked Arestra to look into it.


Thogran believed he had a lead into one of the mercenaries possibly being a turncoat, but I know Lor’ghal. He is a loyal grunt and has served us well during our Pandaria, Mangled Claw, and Shadowhammer campaigns. Still… I called on one of the demon hunters to watch him from afar and they found nothing amiss.

The Shattered Hand might just make their agents a bit too paranoid.


While going over more damn dossiers of Legion attacks around Azeroth I received word from Sunvalor. There’s some strange business happening with the naga in Azsuna. He has dispatched one of his apprentices to look into it and the girl needs her hand held. Fine by me.

Post – Operation Notes

The Legion have, despite seemingly innumerable casualties, not even flinched. But the forces of the Horde, the Alliance, and the Legionfall Offensive are not so numerous. Every loss we suffer carries far more weight. There was an attack on Azsuna shortly before our team made it there. When they arrived they found the dead were still being gathered, catalogued, and sent off on corpse carts for their final rites.

The Legion’s ongoing attacks worldwide have continued to wear thin and tax the forces of the class order halls and has stretched even our numbers arguably beyond what we can manage. But with the larger campaign at the Tomb of Sargeras overshadowing these other fronts… we’re needed.

The Court of Farondis, a group of disembodied, witless spirits, were dealing with the fallout of a Legion attack and they asked Alyarra Dawnbreeze, Sunvalor’s apprentice, to investigate the disturbances that Farondis’s military, the Nightwatchers, had reported around the specter city of Nar’thalas. They were to assess the situation, go to the academy to make sure everything was in order, and then report back.

It turns out this business in Azsuna was more dire than I expected.

According to reports the entire city of Nar'thalas has fallen to a naga assault. Many among the naga were reported as having fissures of fel energy rent into their scales, green or red glowing eyes. They were Legion soldiers.

To make things worse the entrance to Nar'thalas Academy was flanked on either side by large constructs that look akin to towers, held in our reality by those anchoring crystals the demons love to use. Floating above these machines were the spirits of the academy's students and teachers.

Dawnbreeze’s reports suggest they were conduits of sorts. They drained the souls down to their raw essences and gathered them within the towers. The spirits were turned into puddles of what she calls ectoplasm while their souls were turned into a raw power that can be abused by the Legion.

Zelch, Huuza, and the elf managed to destroy the anchoring crystals and with Clorg and Rert Rethoryin that elf paladin’s help they also dispatched the gan’arg engineers that kept the machines operating. They saved very few of the students and proceeded into the academy to see if there were any other survivors.

The academy's entrance was marked with signs of battle. Burn marks covered the walls and the dead were many. Naga and the odd corpses of Horde and Alliance adventurers were scattered about. Bookshelves had collapsed, spectral students had been reduced to little more than stains on the walls, and the very foundations of the school apparently had been damaged by the recent battle. The naga had already won a lot of ground.

Still… the party caught up and came face to face with their leader, General K’sharza, who was confronting one of the school’s teachers. She was blocking the naga and his two witches’ path.

Clorg tried to catch him by surprise but only ended up being knocked away by what I’m told was “fel” lightning from the myrmidon’s trident. Dawnbreeze and Zelch killed the naga’s two followers, but he fought like a demon and it took far longer to bring him down. In the end Clorg claimed his head.

The survivors of the attack were able to erect a barrier around Nar’thalas Academy to keep the Legion’s forces at bay after the general and his followers were killed. Our team retreated from the school and began to plan the next step.

We’re going to need to at least try and retake some of Nar’thalas before the naga there fortify their positions. At least kill what persons of interest we can find.


Arestra has gotten back to me about that demon. A powerful aranasi called Brood-Witch Ly’chaerian. She is said to skulk the deep fissures and tunnels of Argus. Apparently the demon likes sending her many daughters to the worlds the Legion claims so that they can spread her eggs all across the damn universe.


Joined an offensive with General Nall Yezhu’s forces. While we fought the Legion’s forces I couldn’t help but notice how powerful his monks were and how effective they were in battle. Apparently the monks of the Order of the Broken Temple have access to the recipes that created the storm brew that won us the day at the Gates of Valor all those weeks ago.

I can only wonder how they got it. When I asked the old Shado Pan he simply told me that the monks’ grandmaster found the recipe and ‘rose to the heavens themselves’ to create it.

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