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1, What is the full name of your character?

Vyndorstal Pyreheart; took the name 'Felrage' upon becoming an Illidari

2, What is the name of your character as it appears in-game (including special characters)?


3, Level and class:

110 Demon Hunter

4, How long have you been roleplaying in WoW and without?

Within WoW, about 2 years. Outside of WoW, almost 13

5, What is your age range? (Options are 14-17, 18-21, 22-25, and 26+)


6, What is the back-story and history of your character? (Feel free to be as detailed as you would like.)

Born a High Elf in the woods just outside Silvermoon, Vyn (and his twin sister, Lealyssa) grew up under the shelter of its white-gold towers and royal guard. They were about 18-19 when the Scourge sacked the city, killing their only family and leaving the two in a broken ruin with nothing to their names. Like many others, they turned to Kael'thas Sunstrider for salvation, following him off Azeroth to Outland. While there, the two were promised to Illidan Stormrage as prospective Illidari, undergoing hellish training to wield glaives and demonic energies alike.
When the time came for the ritual, the twins insisted on doing theirs as one unit, instead of separately. Though apprehensive, the Illidari in charge of them agreed -- and the combined signature from their souls attracted the attention of a pit lord, Silnokoth. Through many traps and near-draining spells, the two managed to subdue and eventually kill the annihilan, splitting apart its heart and blood between them to help bind such a massive amount of power. The two did not have long to master their newfound powers before they were imprisoned in the Vault of the Wardens, and since getting out only recently, they've devoted most of their time to gaining control of these powers.

7, Tell us about the personality of your character.

In a word, Vyn's quiet. Whether due to just being shy or other reasons, he doesn't speak much. And when he does, it's far slower than usual conversation as he learns to speak around the spikes and teeth. He seems to be level-headed most of the time, although he has quite the temper when one can find a way to provoke him. His temper and his near-insatiable appetite brought on by the transformation have been known to cause moments of ill judgement, even in situations he's well aware of. Despite this, he's typically very friendly and even a bit naiive at times, his age far more obvious in interaction than it would be looking at him.

8, What does your character look like?

Where there was once a sleek ranger, well-suited to moving through dense forests and keeping to shadows, now stands a hulking caricature of an elven frame, size and stature more akin to an orc. Standing at well over seven feet, Vyn's spiked and scaled appearance is less than pleasant -- even with the facemask he often uses to cover the gruesome maw Silnokoth 'blessed' him with. When the mask is not present, several teeth stick out between chapped lips, jutting upward from his lower jaw almost like orc tusks. Between the rows of fangs his tongue can be seen when speaking, spikes running along it similar to the pit lord he was bound to. Around this, his skin is mostly pale, where not covered by plate-like red scales or fel-green tattoos. The tattoos cover most of his frame, from the nape of his neck to the backs of his calves. Scales run up most of the length of his ears, across his forehead and nose, and down his back and arms -- perhaps farther, although the areas are covered. Curved horns arc outward from his skull, pointing forward almost as if in challenge, and felfire 'eyes' are covered by the typical blindfold. Red-brown hair falls rather messily to mid-back, barely taken care of and often tied up into a horsetail to keep it out of his face.

9, What does your character think of their warchief, Sylvanas Windrunner?

He isn't sure what to think. He had vaguely known of her before Silvermoon's fall to the Scourge, but even then mostly just quiet admiration from afar. Seeing her now, as the Banshee Queen and the Warchief of the Horde, he finds himself wondering if she's even the same person as before.

10, The following questions are designed to get a better grasp of your character within their race and position within the Horde. Only answer the question(s) specified to your character’s race. If the question does not apply to your character perfectly, still try to answer to the best of your ability.

Illidari: What was it that prompted your Illidari to sacrifice everything and become a demon hunter?

He can't really say for sure that he had anything to sacrifice, when the time came. He doesn't feel as if he did. The Scourge took nearly everything from him and his twin -- all they had left was each other, and anger. Vyn wanted nothing more than to find out what had done this to his family, to his home, and exact his revenge. He didn't realize until they'd left the Vault, however, that the Scourge was not the enemy any longer...

11, Which pages of the site did you read?

How to Apply, FAQ, Rules, Home > Who We Are > Kalimdor Mercenaries, RP Guides > Blood Elf RP

12, What does the large feline like to eat?


13, Can you initiate roleplay on your own? How often do you? How do you?

Yes. Not as often as I would like, anymore, due to being online less, but actively working to fix that. Typically I skim over/read TRP profiles for any hooks my character would find interesting enough to question -- though Vyn tends to be pretty wary of just walking up to someone, with how he looks.

14, What does the tiny automobile use for fuel?


15, How involved do you like to be in the guild community outside of the game? Do you enjoy using forums / Discord, etc?

I love being involved outside the game! My preferred platform is Discord, but I'm willing to use others as is necessary/preferred.

16, Why do you want to join Warforged Legacy?

This group seems like an amazing one, and a good friend of mine also roleplays here. I'd enjoy being able to meet the group he often talks about, as well as meeting new people and making new connections both in and out of character!

17, Do you know anyone in the guild, and how do you know them?

Hazk. We've been in guilds together several times, and communicate a lot ooc even when unable to be in game.

18, How did you hear about us?

I was referred by Hazk!

19, On average, how often do you log into this character and play? Try to be specific.

Typically once per day for at least an hour, unless my work outside of game leaves me too exhausted (which isn't often).

20, What was the name of the last guild you were in, and why did you leave it?

The Arcane Collegiate. Due to struggles between members, the guild mostly dissolved save for a few members that may or may not still be active under the name.

21, Anything you would like to add? (Tell us about yourself, etc.)

There's not an amazing amount of things to tell, really. I'm a firm believer in OOC communication, both ingame and on other platforms. I love watching things pan out in directions that may not have been what I expected. I'm adaptive -- I tend to respond with a similar style to those I'm roleplaying with, and have no qualms with adjusting to roll systems for combat-based events. I enjoy raiding and have gotten through 11/11 H on Antorus, the Burning Throne, and though I haven't kept up with it the past few weeks due to starting work I would not be opposed to tanking or dpsing any runs that may come up!

22, If you understand that a reason will not be provided if your application is denied type: "I UNDERSTAND" in response to this: I UNDERSTAND
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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, Vynz. It's been a busy week! I'd like to have a OOC talk before making a final decision just to hammer out a few details. Feel free to contact me in game.
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