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Do Forsaken Dream of Undead Sheep?
The Epilogue of Izmennik.

Part I.

Space surrounded her, no ground beneath her, no strings above her; just the void of space and a planet in all its splendor before her. A voice thundered and thumped inside her head.

“See the world before you, Viktoria Velikaya. I would gift you the power to see it… burned to ash…”

The voice was slow, methodical, and behind each word, each syllable was a power she had never felt before. As his words shifted in her mind she saw it, green fire swept in and the surface of the world began to crackle with it. Cracks tore asunder entire continents, the water turning to steam as the oceans drained into fire. She watched as fire rained from the sky, the oceans burning away, even the clouds of steam turned quickly to ash. She could see giant portals opening to the world below, they began to pull at the very strings of reality. Minutes, hours, days, seemed to pass by as she watched with glee in her heart at the death of a world.

The voice echoed in her mind again.

“This power could be yours…”

The world cracked into two, more fire now pouring out of the core, twisting into the Great Dark Beyond. Ash billowed away from the world.

“If you only accept… my g..i..f.t.”

The voice faded into another.

“V. Wake up.”

Light wandered into her eyes as the world, the real world, faded into focus. The sounds of the Undercity echoing into her eyes, the sounds of Forsaken peddlers, the shifting of feet across the stones, the oozing of, well, ooze. They were somewhere in the Undercity, maybe above the Trade District, or below it. The room they occupied was small, it was once a crypt, and where she laid was once someone else’s final resting spot before the Forsaken moved in. There was candles lit showing a few comforts of home. There was another “bed” opposite hers, between them was a table with books strewn across it along with a chair. There was a small stove that burned brightly in the room, on top of which was a small tea kettle.

“Here, V. Drink!”

She felt the warm cup pressed to her lips and she let the warm liquid flood her mouth. Tea. It was tea. She let out a sigh as she tasted the herbs that were bitter on her tongue, the heat filling her dead body with warmth she missed. Almost she could feel like she was back in Gilneas, alive, for the briefest of seconds, before it faded away. Her eyes turning to the voice. Words escaped her mouth.

“Kat?” She whimpered.

“Yes, I’m here, V.” Katarina responded.

Viktoria finally saw her sister, dead… like her. She reached out and grabbed her sisters hand, holding it and then speaking.

“Thank you.”

The words escaped her lips, before she looked back up at the ceiling, reality fading from her eyes again.


Katarina had dragged her sister back from Gilneas to the Undercity with the help of Minzel’s demon. All the while, Viktoria slept… or was no longer in this world, whatever the case may be. She had watched her, as days lapsed by. She would sometimes sneak out of her room to get supplies. The first was wrappings for herself. During the spell, Viktoria had grabbed her hand as Sargeras descended upon the world. Her sister not realizing that her hands burned her own. The burnt flesh was repairable with the right fleshcrafter, she would figure, but for now she had wrapped in linen and then wore a glove over hand. Then she made sure tea was ready for her sister when she woke.

Some guests came and went. Denfehlath, who was there for the spell came a few times to check in, sometimes bringing her companion Nyctoph with her, other times coming alone. Katarina would serve them tea and would have to regretfully tell them that her sister had not woken up yet. Denfehlath brought some flowers for her sister which Katarina tenderly cared for. Nyct seemed confident that with time Viktoria would come around. Sometimes though, in the dead of night, Katarina had doubts if her younger sister would ever come back to the land of the living and if she did, would she be the same. So when the day came, maybe three to four days after the spell, her sister stirred, she almost thought her mind was playing tricks on her. However as soon as she was here, she was gone again into whatever dreams a Forsaken could have. Katarina fell back into quiet despair while she kept brewing tea for her sisters return.

More to come...
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