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In light of recent events, how do your characters feel about the Nightborne and Highmountain Tauren joining the Horde? Do they believe Alleria deserved the treatment she received at the Sunwell? How willing are they to cooperate with their new allies?
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Denfehlath sees the Nightborne as kin of some kind, regardless of the other side's view - the Alliance, who she wholeheartedly believed would take the shal'dorei in, shunned them instead. It took her by surprise, especially given their new King's status as a paladin and the fact that they so readily took the ren'dorei into their ranks. As for the Highmountain tauren, she sees them as a proud people and looks forward to seeing their contribution to the Horde. She is personally curious as to what knowledge the shal'dorei will contribute, given their long-standing history and legacy as powerful arcanists. Call it an old habit that dies hard, but Denfehlath will learn anything she can about their grasp on magic.

Emilenth, being a shal'dorei herself, is thankful that the Horde chose not to turn their backs on the shal'dorei. She remains unconvinced of Sylvanas' motives, and worries for her younger kin because of the possible consequences their place in the Horde may bring them - but, for now, she continues to loyally follow Thalyssra and trust in her judgment.
She's largely neutral towards the Highmountain tribes, instead choosing to learn what she can and then pass her opinion once she's more well-educated on their history, culture and practices.
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Zelch is quite happy that the Highmountain Tauren have joined the Horde. Not only are they strong allies in battle and magic, but it also means that his adoptive daughter Riah will still have her original people's presence in her life without needing to go back to the Broken Isles. A shame some of those Feltotem practices didn't survive the trip though...
Regarding Alleria, Zelch can understand wanting to visit home again... but he also understands too well that sometimes there's a reason you can't just go back. She may not have deserved what happened to her, but he thinks it was naive of her to expect a warm welcome.

Zeimer... frankly doesn't care much about the Highmountain as people. They'll serve their purpose as shields for the Forsaken, and he'll fight for them if only to preserve that purpose, but aside from that, it's unlikely he'll give them more than the time of day. As for Alleria, she should have done the smart thing and joined her sister instead. Look where the alternative got her.

Zaguld is of course delighted that the Horde is strengthend by such a proud and spiritual people who fought so hard to purge themselves from the shackles of the Feltotem tribe. He greatly looks forward to working with them.
He is not unsympathetic to Alleria's desire to rejoin her kin, but is too wary of the void to fully trust her motives.
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Legren: Is repulsed by the Nightborne moderately less than other Elves; they aren't the ones he has issues with and he can't deny that seeing their magic in Suramar was impressive. He couldn't care less about the Highmountain; one gaggled of dumb Tauren is the same as the next. As for Alleria, he's only disappointed she didn't die a miserable death.

Krolbrim: He's ecstatic the Highmountain are joining up. Totally neutral on the Nightborne; he has no problem with them, though. He isn't even aware of Alleria's visit. Too much to do.

Simon: Uncaring about the Nightborne and Highmountain. VERY interested in the rumors about Alleria's trip to the Sunwell, and what she brought with her. Disappointed it was successfully dealt with, though.

Nharos: Kind of too busy being caught up in how lost she is without the Legion to fight to care. Alleria's "betrayal" would sting a bit, though. She'd be glad the Nightborne joined up at least; the ones that are left are admirable.

Gundead: If they can be useful, he doesn't much care about the Highmountain or Nightborne. As for Alleria, he's disgusted that Lor'themar didn't take the opportunity to assassinate an enemy operative when he had it. Sloppy.

Bloodsear: The Nightborne and Highmountain are both good additions to the Horde's forces, and he's pleased those worked out. He's annoyed by Lor'themar's handling of Alleria though - killing her would've been above and beyond, but he should've at least arrested her instead of letting her get away. And on top of that she went on to start leading a band of Blood Elf traitors? What the hell are they doing up there in Quel'thalas?

Voranos: Largely ambivalent towards the Highmountain; they're a tactical asset, nothing else matters to him. He's glad to see the Shal'dorei join up, though, feeling the same kinship with them many Blood Elves do. On the other hand, he's deeply hurt by Alleria's betrayal - old as he is, he's followed pretty much her entire career (aside from the Army of the Light bits) and seeing her betray her people is a bitter pill to swallow. It's also, privately, made him wonder if maybe she doesn't have a point. He's considering if maybe the Blood Elves are on the wrong path...but he'd never betray them regardless, so it's a moot point.
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Bauron is delighted that the Highmountain, descendants of HULN HIGHMOUNTAIN, are joining the Horde. The two groups of tauren have a lot to learn from each other. He relates far less to the Nightborne, but is pleased to see their people find allies in the Horde after going through so much. As for Alleria, Bauron's not as judgmental with shadow users as he is with warlocks. A Baine quote from The Shattering sums it up for him. “My people do not think the darkness is evil, Anduin. It is a naturally occurring thing, and therefore right.” That said, letting powers like that get so out of control that they threaten others and their sacred sites is not okay with him. So it makes perfect sense to Bauron that Alleria would be booted out of Silvermoon.

Strakk isn't going to object to the Horde having some more muscle in the form of the Highmountain. As someone who's spent a fair amount of time in Silvermoon, appreciating their fancy stuff and checking out blood elf babes, Strakk's looking forward to having another breed of elf in the Horde. Once things in Suramar calm down, he's fully planning on strutting around the city and checking out its nightlife. In Strakk's opinion, Alleria's a babe, but she's also a mess. He ain't touching that.

Hectur's looking forward to having more living races around to pester and creep out. Hectur lets his crazed mind think about what would happen if Alleria was taken captive and given to the Dark Lady. What an interesting reunion that would be.

Kalaanar is neutral about Highmountain tauren. Besides the antlers, he considers them the same as the standard tauren. Although Kalaanar is still not great at interacting with races outside his own, he hopes to get along well with the Shal'dorei due to the sense of kinship forming between blood elves and nightborne. As a paladin, he's very pissed that Alleria nearly corrupted the Sunwell.

Rastath doesn't really care.

Clorg might be seen as a little dim and too eager for battle by the Highmountain, but other than that they'll get along reasonably well. Clorg and the Nightborne, well... given that he has a hard time telling them apart from night elves, things aren't going to be off to a great start. As for Alleria, he's sure he can 1v1 her.

Yongo is delighted by the prospect of befriending beings of the allied races. He's pretty sure that if Alleria and the blood elves of Silvermoon just sat down and discussed their problems over a nice meal, the incident at the Sunwell would blow over.

"Profit, profit, profit. A word so nice, you say it thrice." - Strakk Crashgear
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