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#13621750 Jan 25, 2018 at 01:35 AM
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Bringing Character Prompts back to see if people are interested in doing these again. After last Saturday's event, the big debate is whether or not to kill Viktoria, given her current status as Izmennik. So this prompt asks, if your character/s was involved in this storyline, would he/she be in favor of killing Viktoria Velikaya or trying to save her?

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#13621752 Jan 25, 2018 at 01:37 AM
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Bauron would definitely want more information before making a decision like that, such as to what extent Viktoria was under a demon's control, Magrag's role/initial plan, whether Izmennik's plan was to crush Mel'korath's army entirely or assume control over it once their leader was slain, how much the Scythe knew and whether restoring her to her previous state would be possible. That said, Bauron wouldn't recommend going to Magrag because he trusts Magrag about as far as he can throw Thunder Bluff. Bauron would also see this as another example of why all fel-users are dooming themselves in the long run. He is not a fan. Assuming Viktoria did get saved, he'd expect Hedva to discipline her. A lot.

Strakk doesn't really care what happens to Viktoria.

Hectur is in favor of saving Viktoria. Maybe it's because he's come to care about the lives of his fellow Scythe after all they've done together. Or maybe it's because he's completely nuts. Who knows with him.

Kalaanar would be in favor of killing Viktoria, though maybe his mind could be changed if enough Highblades wanted to save her.

Rastath is in favor of killing her, especially after their encounter in Azsuna. I mean, he even reported her to the other demon hunters at Mardium so they could hunt her too.

Clorg's go-to is to crush. If he ran into giant green fireball known as Izmennik, he'd want to hit it with an axe. Though he may consider trying to punch the demon out of her at first.

Truzzak falls into the same category as Bauron.

Yongo is not a part of the WFL, nor is he involved with this what so ever. That said, if he was, he'd be fully in favor of saving Viktoria (who he did officially meet when he assisted her in finding the sha teapot) though he'd find Izmennik very unnerving.

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#13624448 Jan 27, 2018 at 03:02 AM
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Zelch definitely wants to see if Viktoria can be saved before anything else. He isn't going to write someone off just because they have a bit too much demon in them. The fact that he firmly believes Magrag is more to blame just gives him more conviction.

Zeimer, being undead and Scythe, is sad to see an undead be corrupted and would want to save her, but realistically feels there's no chance of a traitor to really be so misunderstood, so would likely expect her to die first.

Zaguld is fully experienced with being consumed by Fel due to bad choices and fighting to save oneself. Definitely votes saved

Zhyntalah sees someone has turned themselves into a demon, so definitely votes dead. Though the fact that she has been fighting other demons does give him the slightest pause.
#13625303 Jan 27, 2018 at 04:18 PM
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Those more likely to spare her/try to save her:

Magrag had higher hopes for her. He believed she would only be stronger after accepting her power and turning it against the Legion. He wasn't completely wrong but he also expected more than for her to allow her corruption to overtake her. She went from being a Trojan Horse in the ranks of the enemy to being a dangerous wildcard. His companions feel the same and would hope to salvage her soul.

Arestra, having recently become a demonic monstrosity herself (aka a demon hunter), is generally sympathetic as well. But because she's a demon hunter she's more familiar with the realities of demonic possession/corruption and will do what needs to be done if it comes down to it.

Talarien would see her as a 'test case' for a project he's working on.

Grazzug, meanwhile, leans towards sparing her for the sole reason that she may have saved his life when he was pushed through a portal into a Legion world by the doomlord, Kan'Rogal. She pushed him back to Azeroth just before the portal closed behind him. He'll leave the ultimate decision to Hedva though.

Lao, a reluctant Fenrosh, and Aly are also more or less in this camp.

More likely to see her dead:

Dithavus. To him she's another Putress. He was still alive and in Gilneas when Putress was betraying the Horde and Alliance at the Wrathgate but Dith does know the fallout from the Wrathgate incident. The Forsaken cannot afford another demon-infested traitor.

Kezzik. 'Nice kid back in the day but now she's not only a threat to the world but to what is most important.... The Horde's bottom line.' He also has a draenei in his ear talking about the corruption of the man'ari and how they, for the most part, could not be saved in a period of over ten millennia. He knows we can work miracles but this would be excessive even by those standards.

The rest I can think of would hack her head off with little hesitation. Somewhere deep down they'd probably feel some degree of empathy for her, but they also recognize that it was her choice to become an abomination. That goes doubly so for Agrol. He was twisted into a death knight against his will. Veli chose to become corrupted.
#13649966 Feb 10, 2018 at 07:27 PM
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Upon learning of the events that befell Viktoria, Denfehlath was - more than anything - shocked.

She had known the Countess to be benign and powerful, but the fact that she would turn to the Legion... It felt all too familiar to the mage-turned-Valarjar, and she resolved that upon her return to the Highblades' ranks her first act would be to accompany those of the Warforged Pact and save her old friend.

Denfehlath retains faith in Viktoria that she could be reclaimed - corruption was a powerful thing, yes, but Fehl had experienced a similar fate and managed, somehow, somehow, to overcome it when others thought her beyond saving. So, by all accounts, why couldn't Viktoria be saved, too?

On a more sentimental note, Denfehlath had full intentions to share tea with the Countess again, and by the sun - she wouldn't let that slip through her fingers.
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