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Post - Incident Notes

A team was dispatched to Highmountain. In all this chaos with the Legion we haven’t given enough thought to backing up our allies throughout the island when they aren’t under heavy siege by the demons. The team met in Skyhorn and they set off to dispatch the harpies that were causing trouble out there.

The harpies fell quickly enough and gave the Skyhorn the freedom to better reinforce us on the front lines.


Word has come in from Deliverance Point. A recent attack conducted by the Legion has resulted in the destruction of the local command center and the Nether Disrupter, but repairs have already begun. It seems like those buildings are toppling weekly….

The report came from Braktar about an incident in the camp. Sunvalor’s son was there under the healers’ tent, helping to hold a screaming orc down while healers from the Conclave and Cenarion Circle surrounded her. Every prayer or incantation only seemed to worsen things while she screamed.

A worgen druid interceded and tried her own healing spells, which actually seemed to work… at first.

The orc threw herself upward, screamed one last time, and then erupted. She was torn apart there as several demonic spiders’ heads and legs begin ripping out from her body. The largest of them – which nestled in her skull – tried to escape, but was hunted down and slain.

Rastath then used his demonic sight to determine that there were more spider eggs inside a Forsaken soldier who was part of the same patrol of the orcish woman who died. Zelch performed some magic to banish the eggs inside her rotting body back to the Nether.

They reported the incident to General Nall Yezhu of the Shado-Pan, who now serves the monk order, and ice mage called Rusalka. I still find it strange to hear about orc mages. There’s just something wrong about it. They learned that the patrol was trying to find a position to build an ancillary base in a grotto near the Weeping Terrace. They hoped to launch an attack on the Weeping Terrace and the Felborne there. There was some attack by demons the likes of which most had never seen. They were described batlike – but not felbats – and they were forced into a hasty retreat. Some were wounded and were proving hard to heal.

This is a matter we should look into.

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