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Pre – Operation Notes

Thogran hasn’t reported any treachery yet, which is, in itself, a good thing. Now I’m paranoid though. Anyone in our ranks may be a spy or possessed or something of that sort. We may want to keep the demon hunters around.


We haven’t won many battles here on the Broken Shore. The Legionfall are struggling to maintain their positions and matters are only worsening as Legion ships have been sighted over Val’Sharah. They are dividing our forces to weaken us against their offensives. Damn demons….


I have summoned a team to Valdisdall. We are going into Helheim and retrieving the soul of Ungrim the Thunderscorned. This will keep our coalition from completely falling apart and will secure the Valarjar a new warrior of great strength and renown.

Post – Operation Notes

We met in Valdisdall, where Garagrim and the Thoravir have made their home for the time being. Garagrim tried to both talk us into allowing him to join the venture and at the same time talk us out of it after we proved unwilling to let him. He did not doubt us, but at the same time he did not want to sacrifice our lives and our souls on a narrow chance of victory.

We were faced with one complication as our team mustered for the battle. Getting into Helheim. It used to be that a horn was blown in the Helmouth, which summoned the might ship – Naglfar – and the vessel would take souls down into Helheim.

Champions, and Helya herself, have destroyed the Naglfar. Without it there are very limited ways to get into the vrykuls’ hell. Fortunately, as Garagrim told us, the Runebearers had opened a sustained portal into Helheim under Haustvald.

Helheim was a place like few others....

I was having damn flashbacks of Garrosh’s Landing in the Borean Tundra and snow and bone-laden hell that was Dragonblight. Dense fog covers the area and longboats line the bone-riddled shores. Ships leave, sailing into the shadows, and others return, all carrying brutish kvaldir. Even without their queen, these villains remained ravaging and reaving. The skies around it were like a dome of ocean water except for a single piercing ray of light that shines down from the Halls of Valor.

To the east there were dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of kvaldir. They were arguing, celebrating recent acts of piracy by presenting their stolen winnings, and others were tormenting the souls of their victims… locking them in enchanted cages.

We passed Helya’s hound and entered the ‘Eternal Battlefield.’ It was filled with dozens, hundreds, thousands, of skeletons, some laying lifeless and some up and killing one another… just like in Northrend. There are few actual kvaldir there and they were working to maintain strange stone pylons throughout the field. We also saw Helya’s body hovering half-submerged by her shattered throne. It was… quite a sight.

With the help of priest from the Scythe we eventually found Ungrim's half corporeal body floating in front of the strange tree, held there by ethereal chains. He was writhing in agony as we approached. Unfortunately, before we could find some way to help him down a black spear pierced his heart. With a final cry his spirit sank into the tree.

We turned to see his killer and were confronted by a val’kyr crowned with a black helm and at her back were ethereal, raven-feathered wings. She was, according to our contacts, likely the black val’kyr called Sister Geiravör. She wielded a spear that exuded darkness and used it to then raise a kvaldir from the shallow waters around us. His face, though covered be coral growths and shells, was clearly that of Ungrim.

The battle was long and bloody and we nearly lost ‘Duzan’ and several others before the end… but Sunvalor managed to free Ungrim in the end. He plunged his Thoravir sword into the kvaldir’s chest and electrocuted the creature. It fell back against the tree and erupted. Coral, shells, and sea weed is scattered about, leaving behind only a desiccated skeleton.

Val’kyr then came as though they were summoned and recovered Ungrim’s soul from the depths of Helheim. He was elevated to the Halls of Valor after telling us that his son was to lead the Thoravir from now on and that he would return to aid us if his all-father allowed it.

We also recovered the Black Spear of Valkyra from the val’kyr’s body and had it taken to Sunvalor’s father’s vault in Dalaran.


We dispatched another party to retrieve the ancient glaives of Valhar the Valorous. After dispatching the Felskorn who were also after the weapon we learned the glaives had already been taken. During the battle that followed an eredar bastard called Zandun stole Ironhorn’s Warhammer, the Oathkeeper, and told us that it would become the ‘Oathbreaker.’ Nearly killed Bauron in the process and collapsed the cave around the party….

We later found Nharos and from her we learned Magrag had passed through there before with his follower, Glaerion Silverlance, and while there he claimed the glaives. I'd almost forgotten the old warlock was out here, thwarting the Legion as we have been. I know he hates Mel'korath probably more than we do. The eredar took control of his cult from under him those years ago....

Part of me still thinks he can be a worthy ally, but between what he did to Arestra and the grudges held by many within our ranks....

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