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Pre – Operation Notes

The Nighthold has fallen.

Gul’dan is defeated and the forces of the Horde and Alliance, along with the supposed revolutionaries in Suramar, have recovered the Eye of Aman’thul.

We actually have a moment’s reprieve on this island hell.


There was an incident near Haustvald where one of our patrols encountered an Alliance unit. A skirmish followed and we were lucky to have taken no casualties. Going to have to tell the men to be more careful when they patrol near Greywatch.


We were camped out in Jandvik when something happened down south. The sky turned dark and the sky became dotted with Legion ships, practically encircling Dalaran. A regiment was prepared and boats were readied and we crossed the sea towards the Broken Shore – the heart of the conflict – to join the battle. It was bloody, but this was not the ambush and disaster that ended in the deaths of the warchief and the human king. This was a true battle, coordinated and our forces were united to cut down the demon filth.

We broke through the demonic lines and joined the main offensive. It was strange to see so many from our two factions without the symbols of their faction loyalties. Hunters were dressed in rugged leathers, warriors were fighting alongside the Valarjar, warlocks menaced demons with their own slaves, shaman wore garb of the Earthen Ring….

It was by my damn luck that I just so happened to encounter the few Alliance fanatics on the field. They were Falconwright and they accused the former Warforged Pact of breaking their accord with the Alliance.

Last I heard it was the Alliance who attacked Sylva--- our warchief’s fleet. We did nothing to instigate this latest faction conflict.

When this business on the Broken Shore quiets down I’ll have Braktar, or Arestra, or Bloodsear look into these accusations.

Heroes of the Horde and Alliance shattered the demonic portals, stemming the tide of their invasion force, and then we fell upon their flying vessels. The champions of the order halls – the Ashbringer, the Battlelord, the Netherlord, the Huntmaster, the High Priest, the Grandmaster, and so on and so on – brought down one of the Legion vessels… which caused it to collapse atop their fortress. The explosion took out hundreds of demons by itself.

The battle was… what’s the word…

Between Ungrim’s death and the chaos that caused, our fracturing alliances with the vrykul of Northrend and Stormheim, and all the losses we’ve suffered against the Legion… it was damn good to have a win.


The forces of the supposed ‘order halls’ have rallied together in a union they’re calling the Armies of Legionfall. Our vessel docked on the banks of the Broken Shore to find that this burgeoning army was in the midst of securing the southern point of the isle. We found them there and pledged our services to the army.

We’ll help them destroy the Legion and, damn it, we’ll get some coin in the process.


There was a lot to do in securing the island. The Legion are relentless and they aren’t letting us hold ground for a damn minute. The bastards retook most of the island within hours of the Legionfall offensive, pushing them all the way back to their outpost at Deliverance Point. Even now they’re summoning in more soldiers at what they’re calling the Garrison of the Fel. There are strange eredar knights atop felsteeds riding down our warriors even now.

I’ll be heading out to assist against these ‘Xorothian Knights.’ Sunvalor’s son and the others should start arriving soon to help the local garrison. There were some saying that vrykul were spotted securing a point out east. I’ll send word down the line to have them reinforce the position. They could be our allies.

Post – Operation Notes

Word has reached me of the party’s success at Aalgen Point. That’s good. From what I’ve heard we needed that win. Three ancillary positions have been lost so far today and that damn ship, the Sentinax, is relentless.

From what I’m being told my orders were passed around more than I would have liked. Of those mercenaries I issued word to… somehow members of both the Conclave and the Hidden Path had heard them and relayed the instructions to Sunvalor’s unit. This may have caused what happened on the field….

Sunvalor’s team made their way to the newly secured vrykul position – Aalgen Point – to reinforce the position. Reports indicate that the Valarjar actually had things under control at the time. They found Einhar there with several warriors of our fractured coalition. They were fighting alongside the Valarjar. Hell, half of them were among the Valarjar as aspirants. They were granted that honor for their part in the Battle for the Halls of Valor and now they serve the Battlelord and their ‘all-father’ Odyn. Einhar insisted that many of them might even become full metal-skinned warriors out of it.

Valtenath asked Einhar if that meant Ungrim, the king of the Thoravir, had also ascended. He had fallen in the hours after out battle at the Halls of Valor, succumbing to his wounds, his exhaustion from hours battle, and his elderly age. Einhar shook his head and turned to the golden val’kyr who oversaw the encampment. She explained that Ungrim’s soul was taken to Helheim by the val’kyr that served that sea witch, Helya. She fell shortly before the battle for the Nighthold, but many of followers, the kvaldir, remain in Helheim and continue to wreak havoc there and on Azeroth’s seas.

With all forces currently watching the Broken Shore against the forces of the Dark Titan, it may be up to the Valarjar, or us, to liberate Ungrim’s soul from Helheim.

It was shortly after that conversation that the Legion attacked. Cannons belched felfire from a distant hill. The vrykul rallied around the val’kyr there and they, several mounting storm drakes, left to take out those cannons… leaving the Warforged forces to hold the line until their return. Little did they realize it was a lure meant to take them from Aalgen. Fel bats appeared from the hill above, carrying wrathguard, and they attacked.

The accounts of the battle are quite brutal. The felbats especially brutalized Sunvalor’s party. During the battle they also saw a black-armored doomlord, who confirmed that the battle was indeed an ambush. They sought to take out Nharos in retaliation for the death of Mel’korath’s daughter.

Luckily they held the demons off long enough for the Valarjar forces to return and drive the doomlord away.


Thogran found me in Jandvik to inform me of a possible threat within our ranks. Someone had been speaking out of turn, getting the information around Deliverance Point. While my first thought was reckless fools with too loose a tongue… he believes it was a traitor. That someone within our ranks who is leaking information.

He is going to keep an eye out.

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