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Pre – Operation Notes

Apparently my mercenaries and our allies who fought at the Gates of Valor were little more than a distraction. While we waged our battle there was another party who entered the Halls of Valor itself. Whoever they were they managed to defeat the challenges posed by the Keeper, Odyn, and they were awarded with the Aegis. Skovald was there as well and they killed the Felskorn’s “god king” before they departed the halls.

I didn’t believe it at first, but I was given permission by the Kirin Tor to enter the hall where the Pillars are kept and there it was. A massive shield that gave off an aura of power so immense…. Well, I’m not sure I’d consider it world shaping or whatever the elves and ancient creatures boast of it… but it felt powerful regardless.

With the Hammer, the Tidestone, and the Tears of Elune already gathered… the book only mentioned one more Pillar of Creation: the Eye of Aman’thul. Where it is? Hell if I know.


The coalition we spent so long building has continued to fracture. All of our Northrend allies have gone silent but for Glanlar the Black and his vargul. They still cling to some vague hope of redeeming themselves in the eyes of the Titans… maybe shedding their rotten bodies in favor of something more metallic. I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t want to end up like the Forsaken.

Hard to conduct further operations in our current situation, but we’re trying…. The Legion still has forces spread across these Broken Isles and there’s talk that the battle for Suramar is about to reach a fever pitch. A damn shame we’re in no position to join in earnest.


Arestra has sent a request our way for some mercenaries to join her Illidari party at the Illidari Stand in Azsuna. I don’t like the prospect of sending forces so far from our secure territory here in Stormheim, but, hell, risks need to be taken for us to end this war.

Post – Operation Notes

I owe those demon hunters a drink.

While the battle raged in the streets Suramar and the forces of a coalition between Silvermoon, Darnassus, and the Silver Covenant besieged the Nighthold, intel came into the Illdari suggesting that the Legion was about to get backup from one of their aerial warships. Nether ships? Whatever they call them, one such vessel was hovering over Faronaar in Azsuna and was being prepared to fly to Suramar and defend Gul’dan’s forces as they twisted the power of the Eye of Aman’thul – the apparent source of the nightborne Nightwell’s power.

Arestra’s missive was her request to reinforce her strike team, which would be dispatched to prevent that ship from making the trip to Suramar. And judging by the fact Khadgar has claimed the Eye of Aman’thul with the help of the elven coalition… I’d say things went well.


The reports from the battle have come in slowly. Apparently Zelch was nearly killed again, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The operation started in Faronaar, where the Legion had been battering the Illidari extra hard. First the strike team journeyed to an outpost they called the ‘the Perch’ to meet with some of their demon hunting kinsmen. They received intel there from an Illidari night elf called Irastrius, who told them about fel essence radiating from some spider-ridden burrows near the installation. At first they believed it was some sort of communications being performed – maybe to the ship – but nothing came of their search. Can’t help but wonder what it was… if anything more thatn a gathering of those spider demons.

He also told them of a missing patrol and the discovery of one of their own, Taelus Felscar, who had been found cold and pale, with one long gash across his back… at the Altar of the End Times. They determined whatever killed him had taken his soul. They also spoke regarding an assassin in Mel’korath’s service, who apparently held command over the ship….

They managed to get aboard the ship via a portal the demon hunters had found hidden near the whelpling warren the Legion had created to hold them and drain them of life and mana. They got aboard and the demon hunters used their spectral sight to see the crew hard at work and demonic battle lines forming on the base platform, readying to be transported to Suramar to join the battle for the Nighthold. They claimed to have seen hundreds of demons. They also found the spirit of Taelus Felscar aboard the ship….

The spirit revealed Gul’dan’s plans for the Nightwell. That wretched warlock intended to take the corpse of Illidan Stormrage and use it as a vessel for Sargeras to inhabit. The stakes were all the higher when they went below deck. They had to prevent the ship from leaving, after all. They killed the eredar who were hard at work readying the ship for departure and they looked over some of the screens. Zelch and the demon hunters could read the demonic text. They found an assassin’s dossier projected through magic as if looking at an ethereal page. It had names of notable figures like Jorach Ravenholdt, Kalecgos, Karlain, Khadgar, Melis, Modera... and more relevant it had myself, Hedva, and Talarien Sunvalor, and Zelch. Under the goblin’s image was a long script, possibly listing his crimes against the Legion. I guess turning Mel’korath’s lieutenants into glorified soul stones did not please the eredar one bit.

As they were destroying the mechanisms that would allow the Legion to warp the ship over to Suramar, Taelus’s projection appeared again. He asked that they go back above deck and that he was dying. He told them that the dreadlord, Zalingyr, had been aboard the ship mere hours earlier with several inquisitors… interrogating him. And the spirit warned Arestra’s strike team that the dreadlord had company as well. It was the assassin… but his spirit dissipated before he could say anything further. I’m told it was used to fuel the ship.

The assassins struck. Fortunately, the party had a demon hunter whose eyeless eyes are keener than any other I’ve seen… Rastath. He spotted an assassin before she could strike and cut her down. He then dispatched a second while two others wrought havoc among the rest of the group. Thankfully Hedva and Talgar managed to get them, skewering one with her spear and flattening the other’s head with a spiked club.

It was only then that their leader attacked. Vaanti, as they called her, descended on the party and nearly killed Nharos, Zelch, Hedva, Arestra…. She wielded shadow as a weapon and could move at such speeds and in such ways that even the demon hunters had a difficult time keeping an eye on her. She could vanish only to reappear behind someone, sheering through them with her strange magic swords.

The fight became increasingly desperate as the Legion’s forces began to catch up with them. The army who was forming ranks within the ship before had become aware of the strike team’s presence and they had begun to advance up the decks of the ship to attack.

The assassin’s shadowy illusion was dispelled eventually and the shadows left her long enough for Nharos to hone in on her and blast her with her demonic rays of… what Nitris calls “eye lasers.” Nharos then took her swords and used them to claim the demon’s soul.

Anuarii conjured a portal that enabled everyone to make their retreat from the ship as the Legion’s forces caught up to them. To make things worse a magical image projected of Mel’korath, who apparently had wanted to wish Vaanti well in the coming battle.

The assassin was his daughter.

Nharos had better watch her back….

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