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Our last attack on the Legion's smelting facilities near the Lost Temple ended disastrously when we were swarmed and routed by fel bats. FEL BATS! Amon Skytalon of the Skyhorn tauren up on Highmountain guaranteed us air support! Get to Vengeance Point, and you can even climb Highmountain if you have to, in order to find out where the hell they are!

*signed with the sigil of the KMG*



The Skyhorn tauren intended to support the Warforged in a recent operation, but when push came to shove… they were nowhere in sight. Grazzug has ordered that there be some investigation into what happened with the Skyhorn air support.

Event spoilers beyond this point. I suggest only the one coordinating the event reads this so all the details aren't given out immediately:

The party will go to Vengeance Point as directed. There they'll find a large group of Illidari. Izal Whitemoon, when asked, will say that the Skyhorn tauren did in fact arrive to reinforce the KMG and their allies in the latest offensive. They went south from the isle and after that they were out of sight, out of mind.

The party goes south and turns east towards where the Lost Temple is - their obvious route - only to find (in the Twisted Grounds) that the Skyhorn have been slaughtered. At this point we can go one of two directions depending on the NPCs in the area.

If the fel stalkers are present we'll encounter a massive black-scaled felhound with longer tendrils than normal and massive, jagged teeth. This is one of Hakkar's prized beasts that has outlived its master. Their scales are nearly invulnerable, but crits can penetrate them… and as only crits can hurt the beast… don’t give him too much health. 10-14 should be enough.

The other option is the felborne. If they are up we will encounter a felborne battlemage named Valen’drel, Fifth Blade of Zalithrias. He fights with two swords – one arcane and one felfire – and uses abilities from both warlocks and arcane/fire mages. Make him a decently tough fight, maybe Anu style it.

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