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*This missive was forwarded to Grazzug in Jandvik *

Ah, mercenaries…. We must exchange missives more often. I have been quite busy since you rescued me from the sunken fleet off of Stormheim’s northern shore.

You remember my fondness for technological advancement since our mutual campaign in the alternative variation of Draenor, yes? Where my admiration for Iron Horde technology was born of its savagery and surprising ingenuity, I find the Legion’s work to be far more invigorating! The pseudo-titanic nature? The travel through the nether itself? Their… fel reavers? Have you seen the upgrades on those monstrosities since the initial campaign through Outland?

I wish to study one of these fel reavers up close, but alas the Xorothian knights have not been so eager to allow me to do so. I shall have to settle for a fel reaver’s core. Go then and retrieve one for me, would you? The Royal Apothecary Society shall pay you generously.

- Valrand Blightwhisper



Valrand Blightwhisper wants the fel reaver’s core. He has ‘a use for it.’

Event spoilers beyond this point. I suggest only the one coordinating the event reads this so all the details aren't given out immediately:

While one could second guess giving a deranged apothecary access to a fel reaver's core and the mechanisms around it... moral quandries can come after the gold is spent. The only fel reavers are at Wrynnfall and the Dark Stockades. The latter is the one we’ll want to use in this event.

We arrive just as three Xorothian Cultists siphon the souls of dozens of caged Legionfall soldiers and has them absorbed into the fel reaver as part of preparing for its reconstruction and return to functionality. We promptly execute them, retrieve the core and flee from the scene as a large mo’arg and legions of little gan’arg arrive on the scene.

The cultists will be warlocks with 6-8 health each and can summon swarms of imps ala Zelch.

If mobs aggroing is too annoying, use people with flight to bring us up to the platform above the fel reaver ruins and we’ll do the fight up there (while ICly below)

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