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Pre – Operation Notes

Well… there was some questions I needed to answer when I returned to Valdisdall. It seems the vrykul did not respond well to having a massive cask of magical brew summoned into their city and onto one of their own. The image of the cask and squirrels materializing in the air and dropping on a vrykul's head would have amused me to no end not even a decade ago when we warred with the vrykul clans of Northrend.

It’s strange to think of that year of my life as the ‘simple times.’

Fortunately, the cask was taken into the custody of my mercenaries and is secure for our attack.


Sunvalor sends a report from Suramar. I have no idea what the hell he’s doing there instead of assisting us with the Legion, who still hold the Halls of Valor. His messages were vague too… which doesn’t help. I thought it a code, but not even his own spawn know its full meaning.

I had to delve back into my old reports to understand a shred of this. The Dusk Lilly rebels in Suramar have made ground against the Legion and have even begun a civil war in the streets of Suramar. It sounds as though other armies of elves – not small factions like I had previously thought – have joined in to reinforce them. This supposedly includes blood elves, night elves, and even the damn Silver Covenant.

The Silver Covenant were responsible for his firstborn being locked away in the Violet Hold with the other Sunreavers for years. Hard to imagine they’ll get along….

Apparently they are working together though. There is some other business about ‘tears’ being recovered from Val’sharah and an ‘Eye’ being in Suramar that is vital to the war effort. Could he mean the Pillar of Creation? The Eye of Aman’thul??

Maybe I overreacted to calling him treacherous before.



I have been working with the Thoravir smiths for weeks to create a new suit of armor. They apparently want both Sunvalor’s son and I to look the part of vrykul warriors in our own right. Warriors for the Makers, they said.

Not sure if the elf has worked with them as much as I have, but my armor is looking damn impressive so far. Titansteel has been reinforced with other local metals and I had them worked through my clan’s own elemental smelting processes. We’re going to integrate the Fury into the armor and have designed furnaces to integrate into the armor.

They may want me to look the part of a titanic warrior, but I will always be a Blackrock at heart.


Our armies are organized, decently equipped with both vrykul and Horde armaments, and we are prepared with the storm brew to attack the Halls of Valor.

At least I thought so….

The leaders of our coalition have been discussing things of late. There were more… heated talks the other night. While Stendarr and I believed we could launch our assault within the week, Ungrim and his boy, as well as Hlín and Valtenath, believe its better that we put our forces to the test. They have been training, but have not fought a coordinated, protracted battle yet.

Ungrim has a plan for his trial run. We won’t just attack some felskorn outpost. No no no….

We’re going to besiege Hrydshal and kill the thane? Jarl? whose tribe he left to reform the Thoravir. This thane then challenged Ungrim to a duel in order to lure him and his honorguard away from the tribe… so they could be divided, more easily captured, and, of course, twisted to serve the Legion by the dreadlord Zalingyr.

He sold out Ungrim and his people to the Legion. He and his drekirjar need to take a few blows.


Organizing at Cullen’s Post hasn’t been too chaotic. Our forces from the north, from Vrekt, and from the Thoravir are all set. A few demolishers were even brought up from Kalimdor to fire on the city.

We haven’t had much opportunity to use these beauties.

Post – Operation Notes

The battle started with our first bombardment of the north and eastern walls. We had to get their attention away from their western flank. The thane was supposedly a coward, who was going to sit in his mead hall while his clan did the defending for him. An accurate judgement, it seems….

I was surprised to see Ungrim actually looking like a king. He stood tall and was equipped from head to toe in ornate leystone and titansteel armor, designed to resemble Sunvalor’s blade… Storm’s Vigil. His helmet was a glorified crown and had a high runehorn fur crest. He looked quite impressive. Kingly, even.

Garagrim was there, Stendarr as well – and he was there despite an attack by the kvaldir against his village – and the four representatives that led our Northrend-born allies also stood at the ready, directing their Dragonflayer, Gjalberon, Hyldnir, and… er… vargul for the battle ahead. Our Senior Peon even kept his kin together and firing off the demolisher, with some demands from assistance from our actual engineers.

Bombardment began and we rallied for our first push. It was then the strike team arrived to receive their orders. The tactics were pretty simple. We would gain their attention by laying siege to the city’s front gate. As we battered the gate down and marched on the Drekirjar, the strike team was to circle around to the city’s rear gate and take advantage of the hills and Stormheim’s strange hooks to navigate their way into the city and its mead hall.

As they departed for the rear far bridge over the Stonescar, the rest of us made the final touches. The vrykul held up their tower shields – taller than even a tall tauren – while my mercenaries took up the battering ram and maneuvered their way under the shieldwall. Ungrim and I advanced to the front while Garagrim led our strike team. He knew the terrain.

The battle went about as well as I expected. The demolishers weakened the walls, but firing across the Stonescar Gorge didn’t help for accuracy. The gates were shattered, but it took damn longer than I would have liked. By then the battle was merely distraction while our strike team made their way into their ‘mead hall.’

Speaking of…

I’ve gone through the reports and while it was, as usual, a bit of a mess… they did make it there eventually. Apparently there was some problem with the defenders at the gate, who fired harpoons at the party… skewering Nharos and nearly doing the same to Tabaki. The troll probably would’ve been killed if not for that rhythm he hears.

The efforts of the demon hunters and our other warriors saw the initial defenses fall, with Nharos and Hedva dealing with the sentries and harpoon guns. On Garagrim’s order they used their grapplers to navigate the city. They ronda— rendezvoused with Arestra in the watch tower and hooked their way to the mead hall.

As Ungrim had expected, the thane hid behind champions from his Pathfinders, Longaxes, and Stormbreakers. Elite warriors of the Drekirjar. Before they could face the thane… they had to cut through his best men. The first one fought well enough before Victor— Viktor--- Velikaya used her fel fire to burn him from the inside out. The second fought well too, but the manner of her death was less…. Clorg used his grappling gun by accident and impaled her with it. He then wound it back, ripping her heart from her body. The third, the Stormbreaker, didn’t stand a chance. When he stepped forward to fight, Garagrim dueled him personally and removed his head.

The battle with the thane was more chaotic than the others. At some point Anuarii Ebonvale and Denfehlath Zephyrwise showed up and assisted the party, a brazier was overturned… setting the hall on fire… and he brutalized several of the warriors present. Garagrim eventually beat him and thrust him from the mead hall and into the battlefield that was his city. Out there he was finally killed by Nharos, who disemboweled the bastard and, from Valtenath’s report, started gloating about how Skovald and his Legion masters would fall.

Garagrim retrieved the bannerhead of Thorrm, last king of the Thoravir, and the party retreated to catch their breaths. This, of course, meant killing their way back through to the rear gate….

It was an impressive feat. No pit lord kill like our battle at Feltotem, but still admirable.

We retreated after Valtenath send word of their kill. We left the city partially intact, and, unfortunately, still in our enemy’s hands. Irglov’s death was enough to please Ungrim though. He considered the bastard the clan’s greatest dishonor and his death was that taint on the Drekirjar being washed away somewhat. All they have to do now is turn their backs from Skovald and maybe the titans can forgive them.


A party was sent to engage Legion forces spotted in Azsuna. A Wrathguard called ‘Warbringer Mox’na’ has been wreaking havoc out there of late and apparently Clorg had somehow gotten over there… how I still don’t understand… to claim the bounty. Strakk’s robotic squirrels saw this and reported back to us that Clorg needed back up. A small party from our pact – Hedva, Minzel, Denfehlath Zephyrwise, and her brother, Oriphane – journeyed to Azsuna to find him and assist with dispatching the demon.

That’s when things become confusing. The reports suggest that the party found Clorg combatting the demon on a bridge. They intervened and the demon distracted them by knocking Clorg into the water below. As the damn peon still doesn’t know how to swim after all this time… he had to be saved. Fehl managed that while the demon retreated over a hill and into some ghostly gathering. They described it as being much like a wedding of sorts. A ghost wedding.

The demon rushed through the spectral crowd and Clorg, enraged by his near-death experience, chased after him into the crowd… where a spirit somehow connected to him and possessed him. This Netelenus – the spirit possessing Clorg’s body – proved an ally against the demon and martialed the wedding guests to fight at the party’s side.

The demon fell soon enough and the spirits helped to part their kinsman from Clorg’s body. Clorg, exhausted, then passed out and needed to be carried from the field by the elves.

This served as a good reminder why I have not sent my forces that far from our base of operations in Stormheim.

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