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#13198412 Apr 18, 2017 at 08:52 PM
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If your character/s had a Dalaran Coin from the Dalaran Fountain like in the achieve [The Coin Master], what would it/they say?

"Profit, profit, profit. A word so nice, you say it thrice." - Strakk Crashgear
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Bauron Ironhorn's Gold Coin:
"May the Earthmother watch over us as we fight to protect Azeroth."

Strakk Crashgear's IOU Note:
"I wish for some free coins sitting at the bottom of a fountain. Well what do ya know, I got my wish."

Hectur Banebreath's slightly charred Short-Shorts:
"Please feed the homeless... to the homeless. That would be hilarious!"

Kalaanar Silversun's Copper Coin:
"I just want a legendary artifact and to be remembered by all. Except Grazzug. If Grazzug forgot me, that would be splendid."

Clorg's Silver Coin:

Rastath's Silver Coin:

Truzzak's Copper Coin:
"I wish for... eh... I forget."

Yongo Windpaw's Copper Coin:
"I wish for a dumpling... better make that three... although I am feeling hungry... six would be delightful! But it's a holiday, so I'll celebrate with a total of nine. Actually, I wish for ten dumplings, just to make it an even number. Oh, it's quite possible that I might run into friends! I'll need enough to feed any company, so how about fourty? Of course I'll be willing to eat any that my friends cannot finish."

"Profit, profit, profit. A word so nice, you say it thrice." - Strakk Crashgear
#13211570 Apr 25, 2017 at 11:09 PM
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Legren Kerrel's Tarnished Gold Coin:
"I wish this wretched city would even pretend to remember what we gave for it."

Krolbrim's Silver Coin:
"I wish for their souls to rest peacefully."

Thogran Bloodsear's Copper Coin:
"May Azeroth one day no longer have need of people like me."

Dogann's Dented Copper Coin:
"May I never stop growing stronger."

Simon Redgate's Oily Gold Coin:
"I wish that I could remember what the whispers said."

Nharos' Scarred Silver Coin:
"I wish for every wretch in the Burning Legion to die in fear and agony. Just as they did."

Vandion's Tarnished Silver Coin:
"May we not become the monsters we fight against. Not yet."

Gundead's Plain Copper Coin:
"I wish I remembered why currency is needlessly wasted like this."
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