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1, What is the full name of your character?
Emneise Westsun

2, What is the name of your character as it appears in-game (including special characters)?

3, Level and class:
(Currently) 100 Rogue

4, How long have you been roleplaying in WoW and without?
I have been roleplaying since 2002 (Dark Age of Camelot). I joined WoW when it came out, my main focus on roleplay. I have been in and out of the game, as one does, but no matter which MMORPG I joined, the writing was constant.

5, What is your age range? (Options are 14-17, 18-21, 22-25, and 26+)
I am in the 26+ age range.

6, What is the back-story and history of your character? (Feel free to be as detailed as you would like.)
(( Heads up, I made this with the knowledge I currently have of Belf history and some touch up reads on the wowppedia. If any of this is not lore appropriate, please know it was by mistake and I'm happy to take constructive criticism / assistance to tweak it to become more lore appropriate.))

Long before today, Emneise was nothing more than a house maid. Her own family had never amounted to a great deal of wealth in either physical coin or society's graces, and thus Emneise was raised by a mistress of a noble family as a maid. Once she was old enough, she grew into her own paying role. She was a part of the staff for House Malon'anore, and though she held favor among the head of staff and footmen, she was hardly of any true or valued dignity.

Magic was a part of the entire society, but Emneise learned little that did not directly apply to her every day routine and duties. Still, when the world seemingly changed forever, Emneise was no exception to the suffering of society. The House did as they could to supplement themselves and their service staff with manacrystals, rationing them out with priority to the House first, but tensions arose. The Lady of the House was a kinder soul than her husband, but desperate times had called for desperate measures. Members of the House, their children and even present guests alike protested that the service should be fending for themselves at this point. Withdrawals were no joke, after all. While the Lady remained steadfast in her decision to be fair, his Lordship was more attuned to logic and far more easily swayed to discontinue offering manacrystals to the staff. Only the superior individuals of society should survive such a plague in itself.

When the service were advised of this, the divide among them began between those making enough to afford the black market and those who could not.

Emneise was not so fortunate.

Deft fingers found their way around in a convincing manner for nearly a year before someone noticed pieces of their crystal hoard missing. One by one, the wrong member of staff was accused, but fortunately enough for them, the Lady of the House was merciful and in this, she insisted that the guilty parties be dismissed rather than legally prosecuted.

Emneise used her newly acquired skills of theft outside of the home, fearing if she stayed inside, she would inevitably be caught. It was more important to her to keep a steady income if she was going to survive than to risk her way of living and survive only to starve. She was successful, and with her stolen goods, she lasted far longer than the rest of the staff had. By the time the problem had been resolved, and a replacement for the former Sunwell birthed into Quel'thalas, Emneise remained with a mostly new staff and new butler of the home. The Lady, she was sorry to see, had not survived the cravings. The rations had not been enough to satisfy her body's dependency, and she grew wretched. The Lord remained, his reign turning for the worse in a harsh new world of losing his wife to a fate he considered worse than death.

With this in mind, and doom on the horizon for how things were to be should she remain employed there, Emneise turned in her resignation to House Malon'anore and moved on towards a brighter future. The very same deft fingers found a fancy for the shinier things in life, and what better way to hide stolen gems than to recycle them into her own works and turn a profit? It wasn't as steady as maid's work, but it was getting her by. Until now.

((There are obviously more pieces, but I've not written them out just yet!))

7, Tell us about the personality of your character.
Emneise is all about processes. What is the fastest yet most efficient way to get the job done? Choose that one.

Her professional life and personal life are separated and this is non-negotiable in her opinion. She prefers to play by the rules of authority, be that the Warchief herself or the guards serving her. If she breaks the rules (i.e. theft, sneakiness, etc), she accepts and understands the rules and law, and does not argue the consequences as she sees it as the punishment for being caught. If one cannot perform the action, one does not deserve the reward.

To her friend(s), Emneise is well-spoken if only for the calculation of any remark made. She does not bother with idle chat unless it calculates into her process for creating a positive sense of presence within a group. She plays well with others, because not to would be counterproductive. She finds it difficult to act casual with superiors and is more likely to address them formally despite after hours.

8, What does your character look like?
Emneise is host to tan skin and tawny brown hair. Her eyes glow a bright green hue like any other sin'dorei. Her arms have strength that is hidden, strength that doesn't even come close to the strength of her legs. Her frame is lean, not shapely, as if the muscles she's acquired in recent years hang off of a set of bones. She appears underfed, but healthy otherwise.

If one were to catch her in the daily routine, they would notice a great amount of detail going into tending to and mending jewelry pieces. Her goggles would either be worn over her eyes as they are the magnifiers for view of such intricate objects, or they'd be atop her head as she takes a break - careful not to simply 'set anything down' just anywhere. Her clothes would be looser, and her hair less kept. This surface level of her is still careful, yet not as strictly presented. She prefers it this way.

If ever provided another uniform by an employer, an observer would find it meticulously cared for and polished.

9, What does your character think of their warchief, Sylvanas Windrunner?
A new warchief was necessary. If what they say is true, and Vol'jin asked this of her personally, then his dying wish is to be accepted and upheld. To go against this is to tread into the shallow waters of traitors and ruin the somewhat frail unity of the Horde. I will not be caught on the opposing side of History.

10, The following questions are designed to get a better grasp of your character within their race and position within the Horde. Only answer the question(s) specified to your character’s race. If the question does not apply to your character perfectly, still try to answer to the best of your ability.

Blood Elf: In the time before the Sunwell was restored, how did your character deal with their addiction to the arcane?
She utilized mana crystals to curb those withdrawls and pain. ((Longer version of this in the Back Story))

11, Which pages of the site did you read?
To confirm my interest in the site, I began with the Who We Are and read up on the presumed lore posted there. As my character is a blood elf, I focused mostly on the lore stated in the tab The Sunborne Highblades. Once I finished with that, I went to FAQ & More, because I assumed my questions would likely be listed there and answered. I read through them, saw some blurb in italics that was rather confusing in context to the other material present (until I realized it was an easter egg to prove others had read the material) which sparked my interested on the Rules (since there was a FAQ about the description of WHY some rules exist.) I realized there was yet another italics blurb on this page, so I made a point to read the others just in case I missed anything. The words on What Makes Us Different only confirmed what I had heard about the content of roleplay from this guild.

12, What does the large feline like to eat?
Polish sausages.

13, Can you initiate roleplay on your own? How often do you? How do you?
Yes, I am capable and do so daily. My favorite method of doing so is to read TRPs of passersby (wherever my character happens to be in the world), and if they have anything inviting in their 'currently' status or at-a-glance options, I will utilize it. For example, if someone's currently status states they are 'reading a book,' my character would notice this and ask what book they are reading. Sure, sometimes this ends with the other character insisting on reading rather than talk to a stranger, but sometimes, it leads to more. That "more" is worth the potential 'rejection', as it were, but I've always felt there are more people to play with in this game than not.

14, What does the tiny automobile use for fuel?
I'm not certain, but it drives on bright rainbows. (Or is that what 'runs on' means? I may be confused, but bright rainbows are absolutely involved.)

15, How involved do you like to be in the guild community outside of the game? Do you enjoy using forums / mumble,

I love and prefer forums to be included in a guild because I am able to read them and pass my day on while at work. I enjoy out-side-of-game chats (such as Discord or Skype) because I am able to connect or otherwise talk with others while at work. However, neither of these are deal breakers for me. When at home, I still enjoy forums but am easier reached in-game. Voice chats can be fun, but I tend to not join them during roleplay because my roleplay suffers due to the distraction.

16, Why do you want to join Warforged Legacy?
I heard that the guild was lore-heavy, heavy roleplay, utilized rolling systems, and is known for the maturity within it's ranks. All of these things are on my list of preferred guild traits.

17, Do you know anyone in the guild, and how do you know them?
I just joined a guild A-side with two of your members, Anuari and Denfehlath.

18, How did you hear about us?
I heard about you from Anuari when I asked about how H-side RP was. Last time I roleplayed Horde was when BC came out, back on Thorium Brotherhood. They advised the way you utilize rolling systems in your events. They mentioned you were lore-appropriate and strict on the matter. Both of these sounded like home to me.

19, On average, how often do you log into this character and play? Try to be specific.
Since my recent return to WoW, Emneise is my main and highest level character. Of the hours I am available (Monday - Friday: 7pm S(erver)T(ime) 10pm ST (unless otherwise specified / in a scheduled event) and most any time / sporadic on the weekends (again, unless otherwise specified / in a schedule event)), I am typically on her. My A-side character is Zenke, the character that shares a guild with the other two above.

20, What was the name of the last guild you were in, and why did you leave it?
The last guild I was in was pre-Legion, and it was my own. It was known as <Aethlvohl Trading Co>. I left it (into the good hands of my friend) shortly after Legion came out (maybe a week or two into it) because real life came up and I could no longer lead / play the game regularly.

I no longer have an interest in running a guild, so I am seeking one in hopes to become a member.

21, Anything you would like to add? (Tell us about yourself, etc.)
My name is Miranda. I work a 8a-5p sorta job, have a husband, have a kid. I love to write, and with that, roleplaying keeps me practicing. I'm adaptive as far as how much or how little per post dependent upon the needs and requirements of the group involved, and I enjoy creating a story within the lore already provided.

In the case that I am not accepted into this guild, I would like to thank you for the consideration and taking the time to read my application.

22, If you understand that a reason will not be provided if your application is denied type: "I UNDERSTAND" in response to this:
I understand.
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This application is approved for interview.
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So you are aware, I sent a message to Grazzug lastnight. I only post this now so that my lack of response on this thread is not seen as disinterest or miscommunication in any way (per the rules.)

I eagerly await to find out whom to speak with / message in game as I know it is my responsibility. I may not be able to tonight (I have a real life event going on until about midnight server time), but I will check in first thing tomorrow morning.
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