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Hail Bauron Ironhorn,

I was given your name by your kin at the Ironhorn Enclave. They know of our struggles in these times and I remembered your kind coming here and aiding us in weeks past with the kobold issue. While that has admittedly not yet abated fully, we do have another and more direct issue to contend with right now.

Windripper Peak has been seized by the blasted harpies. Our people have been transformed into small critters and have been taken as prisoners… and the western half of our city here, Skyhorn, is at risk of falling to those witches permanently.

With our forces still facing Crawliac’s followers to the west and the Feltotem of the north… we can use your support in securing our holdings.

- Amon Skytalon



The KMG and their allies are tasked with helping to secure the western part of Skyhorn, including the Windripper Peak... and the Skyhorn there.

Event spoilers beyond this point. I suggest only the one coordinating the event reads this so all the details aren't given out immediately:
Simple eveht. Begin in Skyhorn, work the way across the bridge and right up the mountain to the horn there. Fight gigantic Fleshrender Roc (12hp) and a harpy caster who uses wind magic (8hp).

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