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Your character's full name: Denfehlath Zephyrwise

Outside affiliations The Valarjar, Reliquary, and old ties to the Kirin Tor Academy and Order of the Cloud Serpents

What skills does he/she have? Professional, personal, any particular talents? Remarkable knowledge of the schools of arcane and intricacies of spellcasting both as a mage and warlock, including summoning rituals, magical law, and history of spellcasting rituals and its evolution over time (including, but not limited to, the usage of reagents until Deathwing's re-emergence, and the Pandaria campaign); some knowledge of hand-to-hand combat; knowledge of archaeology and an interest in history

A brief description of appearance Denfehlath is a short, but strong elf, standing at 5'5" with a mane of fiery hair that curls down to her lower back when left unbound.
Calculation and thought itself, one would think, is etched into her facial features. Her jaw and nose are sharp, her eyes naturally narrowed and her lips relatively average in their fullness perpetually defaulting back to a slight frown with a diagonal scar running from one side to the other that she brandishes with pride.
She has various tattoos, the most notable being a Pandaren-style tattoo of a golden cloud serpent winding from her left shoulder to just past her elbow. Otherwise, there isn’t much to be noted - Fehl is nothing if not ordinary underneath it all, and she prefers to keep it that way if possible. After all, what’s better than a wallflower?

Who he/she is - This is more detailed than the other entries. Please make this several sentences or longer. Include anything pertinent to your character's story. Their personality, their motivations. Fehl is a rather strong elf, actually, when it comes to martial prowess, magical knowledge, and personality.

Where she once had a hot temper, she is cool-headed and friendly. As she would put it, wisdom came with learning and her ventures with the Sunfire Seekers until her departure, and various near-death experiences in Draenor and beyond as a soldier only tempered that.

She keeps her social circle small, and has a limited range of those she trusts, if only to protect her family after what one could only define as a rocky past (if being generous) - desperately attempting to prove herself trustworthy to the Sunborne Highblades, she's pulling out all the cards from her sleeves and showing raw determination, valor, and cunning to accomplish the tasks at hand.

Becoming a mother to two, Nymarrah Evenglow and Ethyniel Ebonvale, has made her more fiercely protective of her friends and family than ever - with the Legion on Azeroth's soil and the threat of domination looming overhead, it's brought out a side of her she never truly knew she had, and her interactions with the vrykul and Valarjar have imbued her with a deep-rooted sense of honor and duty to the frontlines.

Have they had a mentor? If so, who was it? Illiani Lor'areth

I finally got around to this I'm so sorry it's late
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