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Pre – Operation Notes

Hazk has sent a vague report back on the Scythe’s activities in the Southern Barrens. They were investigating an officer of the Horde. One… Eyeripper. Name vaguely rings a bell. He’s served for some time and even holds my rank as a Champion within the Horde military.

Apparently there are some who think he’s up to no good. His garrison at Desolation Hold did have something suspicious about it too. One of the towers was filled with the dead…. They were going unburned and unburied. The Deathstalker who they worked for seemed to believe that he could have ties to the former Scourge’s Cult of the Damned.

First Scarlet Crusaders, now the damn cult?


The forces of our little coalition have begun rallying at Jandvik. Apparently there was some issue involving the kvaldir, but our Northrend allies have arrived with several score fighting men and women… and vargul. Damned undead vargul. The rune-mage claims they will be of use, but I don’t like working with the same ---


I've started receiving reports form our forces on the mainland with some details as to the situation off of the Broken Isles. The Eastern Kingdoms have really suffered from their onslaught. Duskwood going traitor, Stormwind being targeted over and over by the Legion; the Twilight Highlands have supposedly been overrun and Valtenath reported an attack recently against Hearthglen that the Silver Hand broke. Back in Kalimdor, we've seen infernal assaults on Thunder Bluff, an attack on the Exodar, and satyr beseiging Moonglade. This isn't even mentioning Pandaria, which has been under heavy assault. There are even rumors that the Legion have taken sections of Ulduar from the Keepers.

Another reminder of how important it is we win here and now… and why the storm brew is essential.


Word has come in from Arestra. She wants to meet one of our rogues in Dalaran for some sort of intelligence gathering operation. I’ve sent Thogran.

Post – Operation Notes

The party supposedly arrived at a human-dominated camp and from there found the outpost of one ‘Mister Shackle.’ They claim to be a salvaging operation, but through Bloodsear, Crashgear, and Arestra’s intel… we know they’re pirates.

Before they could speak to Shackle, reports say Arestra leapt off and attacked his ogre bodyguard. Turns out the damn ogre was a demon in disguise! Even in the far corner of some pirate camp, the Legion’s poking its nose in.

They managed to learn the story about the attack against the vrykul… which didn’t go much further than what we previously knew. The ship was attacked, the vrykul were killed, and several ornamental weapons, some armor, and a cask of ale were retrieved. The prisoners they took later confessed the brew was indeed the storm brew and they claimed they were tasked by Skovald’s – I can only assume the false god-king – mother, Bretta, to take it somewhere safe from her son.

The first mate of the ship who captured the vrykul vessel seemed to like this information and immediately went rogue. He blasted a hole in his captain’s chest and declared a mutiny. The ogre – one Arag’Hidar – had been hiding away with it since.

Naturally the team confronted the bastard after brawling with, and killing, about half of Shackle’s damn followers. That’s going to be disastrous if we ever want to work with them again.

They eventually found the ogre among a large crowd of other ogre pirates at the base of a large ship called the Manflayer. The mutineers were hanging some gnoll they claimed was a member of the ‘Uncrowned.’ I’m told it’s a loose association of rogues, but cannot get any more intel out of Arestra about it. ((A note on the side margin says: “Will need to corner Crashgear later about this.”)) Not to see a potential asset die, Valtenath sent Crashgear to save the poor bastard while the party distracted the rest. Huuza assisted the goblin by calling on the wind to hold the gnoll up.

Invar was supposedly doing a decent job trying to silver tongue the ogres, but that was cut off quickly when that damn tea-peddling halfwit interceded and tried to offer that they kill Shackle for the ogres in exchange for the storm brew.

Negotiations fell into chaos and then completely fell apart soon after. The ogre made them an offer though. He’d give us the cask of storm brew – still untapped – if one of the party there could beat him in a duel.

When whatshername Velikaya offered to fight him, they let it happen. The duel was a farce from what I hear. The reports say the damned ogre lowered the anchor he was going to use as a weapon and instead drew an oversized dwarven pistol (A note in the margin says: “Shackle called them Drake Busters…”) and he blasted her with it.

When the smoke cleared, the Forsaken was sprawled across the ground with her leg and part of her midsection blasted off. Of course, this also shattered her entire collection of tea cups. I still remember the sha influence that overtook me when I broke one. He broke all of them. A darkness overtook the area, sha influences engulfed the ogres, and in the chaos they set off a charge that Thogran and Strakk had been collaborating on. As some ogres scattered, others were blasted by explosive charge or plagued by the toxin that charges contained.

Strakk summoned several dozen of his spy squirrels to teleport the cask to Valdisdal, where my agents picked it up, while the others attempted to corner and confront the Arag’Hidar. Only he was already gone….

The one-legged tea-peddler wanted to burn the island down and kill the ogres for wronging her, but the others were smarter than to risk further bloodshed. They left shortly after.


It’s a damn good thing we acted when we did. Word has come in that Dead Man’s Bay was attacked by the Legion. It wouldn’t surprise me if that dreadlord was watching us again, gathering intel that we were picking up. I still want that bastard’s head after the tower, after Morheim….


We went to speak to the vrykul they called Katterin the Blessed. A great alchemist, Ungrim said.

A recluse, they said. Well not anymore it looks like! It turns out the witch has gone traitor, choosing Skovald’s side in this conflict….

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A Limb for a Limb

Arag’Hidar opened his eyes. As the ogre’s senses slowly returned to him, one thing became rapidly apparent. Smoke had overtaken the night sky. Fires surrounded him, covering much of his isle.…

There was a loud cracking sound that caught his attention next. The ogre forced himself back up into a sitting position and looked over to where his newly seized vessel, The Manflayer, sat upon the rocky shore. Much to the ogre’s horror, the ship was ablaze with sickly green fire.

The sick smells of sulphur, brimstone, smoke and charred flesh filled the nostrils of Arag’Hidar’s two heads and he began to recollect just what had happened. The night previous there was an altercation. A party of Horde races came to him on behalf of his former employer, Mister Shackle, and began to sputter on…. They had wanted the storm brew, the drink of the titans who forged Azeroth, which was said to imbue the drinker with titanic might. The storm brew Arag’Hidar had claimed in his mutiny and that would serve as the key to his ascension as a pirate admiral.

He offered that the newcomers send one champion to battle him. If they won, he would forfeit the barrel on his honor… and if he won, they would scatter… or perhaps he would have made them swabbies and cabin boys and girls on the Manflayer. He used one of his Drake-Busters to handily butcher the little creature that was put up against him.

She had been a Forsaken. A small, fragile looking waif that barely stood over four feet tall… and he nearly blasted her in half with one shot from the old dwarven pistol.

Then everything had descended into chaos.

He still couldn’t remember exactly what had happened. Arag was overcome with thoughts of loathing towards his former employer, who denied him his own ship for years. He had served under the black sails for years and was even a first mate on his ship, but he was treated little better than a token brute. They did not realize what he was…. Few knew that secret. Hidar was overcome as well, but while Arag was overcome by hatred, Hidar was blinded by anger.

When he regained his senses, he was on another island nearby. He returned to find many of his crew had been scattered or killed and spent hours rallying who he could. Now something… something had happened.

An acute pain overtook the ogre as he tried to stand. He looked down and saw the source of the agony he now felt. His foot – what was left of it – was charred black. Bones were exposed through the meat and blubber of his shin. Much of his skin seemed to have melted away….

Smoke and sickly green fire had overtaken the island. There was only one thing the old captain could do. Exactly what he had done when the Horde vessel he served on was sunk near the isle of Tol Barad so many years ago….

Retreat so that he could fight another day.

Arag mustered all of his strength and crawled away from the island, sparing only one more glance back at the utter ruin wrought by his great scheme. The Manflayer was lost, the storm brew was gone, and his crew had been slaughtered. To make it worse it all happened so quickly that the ogre wasn’t even sure what had done it. Had the Legion turned their eyes to a group of lowly pirates?

No, it was something else.

Arag looked back once again and saw a small shadow standing in front of the burning warship. A tiny shape….


It had taken him a long time, but Arag’Hidar – momentary captain of the Manflayer – escaped on a skiff and landed north of Dead Man’s Bay. He bandaged his leg as best he could, but the ogre could do little with the limb. Nobody could salvage it at this point.

He retrieved a thick plank of wood and used it as a crutch to make some distance onto the mainland. He needed a plan, a way to salvage what he could before….

“Stop right there, ogre.”

The voice was quiet and high pitched. It was almost comical. Arag turned to see what had spoken and it was his parrot (who wasn’t really a parrot), Polly. She was a gnome salvor he had captured and put in a parrot suit to serve as an amusement for himself and his crew. Now the pink haired little cretin stood before him with a rifle slung over her shoulder.

“You’ve been bad, Arag’Hidar, fake captain and mutineer. The Shadows wanna have a word.”

The ogre snarled, “You really think you will be able to stop me? I can crush you between my finger and my thumb and you threaten me!?” He tossed his crutch aside and stood at his full imposing height.

The gnome smiled. “Me stop you? Nah. That’s up to the others.”

There was a whistling through the air and a twinge of pain… and the ogre collapsed into the mud. The last words he heard were, “Agent Pocketwrench looking for extraction to the Hall of Shadows. Got the cargo.”
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