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Pre – Operation Notes

Hazk arrived in Valdisdal last night with a coin purse in hand. He told me it was the payment for forfeit the Seekers’ bounty on his head. I took the purse and he quickly admitted it was only forty of the sixty gold he owed. We’re going to be withholding a good share of his future payments for the time being. At least until he’s made up the remaining twenty gold.

Damn goblin. At least he’s smart enough not to try swindling me his first day back…


Returned to Jandvik and met with the other heads of our coalition. Ungrim was irritated to hear that his kin from Northrend have been so quiet. He’s decided to contact them personally. He hopes word from another vrykul may actually spur them into action.

I remain doubtful.


The last few days in Jandvik have been hectic with the naga invaders from the south, but they aren’t the most interesting news of the day. Word from our forces watching the Gates of Valor has come in and what they’ve been seeing is… interesting.

Gigantic titan constructs have emerged from the gates and started to repel the demons from the entrance. They are guarding the Halls of Valor more actively now as Skovald’s forces entrench themselves around the periphery.

Jarl Stendarr was particularly happy to hear of this. He is very eager for the coming battle. When I asked him why, he replied that he was going to die in the battle to come… and that he hoped to die in such a glorious way that Odyn’s val’kyr would descend and take him to the Halls of Valor.

The old chieftain has been fighting his whole life, but he hopes this one last fight will be the one that brings him to the titan’s side.

I asked him many questions through the night about Odyn and his val’kyr. Einhar pitched in several answers about Odyn’s Valarjar as well.

I think we’ll be keeping these particular details from the Scythe of Sylvanas for now. Perhaps they already know of the val’kyr here on the isles and perhaps not. I’ll have to gauge them… subtly.


For weeks we reached out to the vrykul tribes in Northrend. Nharos reasoned that those vrykul who remain since the war against the Lich King could be valuable allies against the Legion as we storm the Halls of Valor. Those we actually managed to reach? Ha! The Dragonflayer spat on our delegation, citing the death of their king; the Winterskorn attacked them without excuses; the warriors of Sifreldar refused as well, claiming to be busy elsewhere….

But now Ungrim has reached out to them and they actually sent word back. The Hyldnir, the same frost-skinned warrior women of Brunnhildar and Sifreldar, are now willing to speak for us to some of the other clans that still hold loyalty to the titans. Their letters don’t seem very eager, but I’d guess they have some distant, ancient ties to the Thoravir, or at least share the titan keeper Thorim as their god. Probably why they are helping us…

It’s an opening and not one I’m going to refuse.

Post – Operation Notes

We – a team of mercenaries, myself, Valtenath, and both Ungrim and his boy, Garagrim, and Stendarr - disembarked from Jandvik some time ago and met with other agents in the Icecrown Glacier region.

We met with the vrykul representatives at a place they call Valhallas. The vrykul there used to fight in the Valhallas arena to show their worth to the titans and then, for a short time, they fought to prove themselves to the Lich King.

Ungrim met with the arena master, Gjonner the Merciless, and the delegation of potential allies. Among them there was Brijala Thorsdottar, a spearmaiden from the Hyldnir who has a polar bear pet she rides around on; there was Thorek the Younger, an axe-wielding self declared barbarian of the fallen Dragonflayer tribe. He wore a cape of red dragonscales and wore a drake skull as a shoulderguard; there also was Khazador of Gjalerbron, who claims to truly hate the Alliance for slaughtering the still-sleeping vrykul of the Howling Fjord. I didn’t bother mentioning the Horde’s part in that campaign… and last of them was Glanlar the Black. He wore a heavy robe and shawl and wears a shoveltusk skull as a mask. He’s some rune mage vrykul.

Ungrim convinced them of our cause, but we had to prove ourselves to them in exchange for their warriors’ aid. Gjornner called us pitiful and weak and spoke of us as though we were peasants… but he also allowed us to step into the arena. The arena master decided to oversee as we engaged in battle after battle to prove our might to the vrykul we wished to ally ourselves with.

Our first enemy was a vargul – a vrykul cursed to undeath – called Deathblow. He wasn’t terribly difficult to take out… as he was barely more than a mindless corpse with a giant sword, but he was supposedly a powerful warrior and a ‘thane’ in life. Gjonner called him something like Banana hogg… Banahogg? Banaharg? Sillarra managed to decapitate the wretch using one of Isaedra’s swords.

The next real threat we encountered was also a beast raised into undeath. It was supposedly a storm giant of the Storm Peaks. He came to Valhallas and died there and was bound to the Lich King as a mountain of flesh…. The frozen undead giant was called Karstaag the Frostbound and damn did he put up a fight. Nharos and half the demon hunters were knocked out, and the rest of us were no better off…. Luckily, Isaedra managed to dismantle the beast. The rest of us were more focused on the body, hoping to break the giant down while she more wisely took out its head.

Gjonner wasn’t impressed by either bout. He said we were nothing before the Ymirjar, Scourge nor Valarjar. He said we remain unworthy of ‘ascension,’ but admitted that the other vrykul saw our potential as allies. I headed up and met with the others. Ungrim and his son had charmed them and we showed them our combat skills. We now have new allies.


I forgot to mention in my previous report that Hazk had showed up and ended up in a confrontation with Isaedra, who he wronged so many months ago. I had to intercede before she went and killed him.

I need to find a proper use for this goblin before he gets himself killed….


I have come up with a way to have Hazk prove himself and properly make up his bounty! For the time being he will be shadowing other members of the pact for the time being. For now I’ve assigned him to accompany the Scythe of Sylvanas. This way they won’t be able to sneak around so comfortably.

Hazk whatever-he-calls-himself-now will report back to me on their activities.


All leads in our hunt for the storm brew cask continue to run dry. I’ve sent a runner to Dalaran to meet with Arestra Shadowsear. She’s been out of the roguery game far too long anyways, and I suspect we can benefit from seeing her back into her former position. Even if she is… what she has become.


Scythe have run off and done something in Kalimdor. Reached out to my sources, but they hit a wall. The information about their activities was actually sanctioned by the Horde and is classified.


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