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Pre – Operation Notes

The petrified warriors we rescued from the basilisk near Hrydshal were sent to Sunvalor weeks ago. He ignored them and left it to his apprentice, Leryssa, to see them freed. By the time she broke the basilisk’s effect on the warriors, they were already dead. I stormed into Sunvalor’s little library and confronted the bastard him directly about their fate, but he shrugged off their deaths and claimed the vrykul were not his priority.

His eyes are on the lands of Azsuna and Suramar, the home of the supposed Nightborne elves. The Shal’dorei, he calls them. There may be as many damn elf types as there are troll at this point….

Apparently there are a group of elves planning to go to Suramar and join in a revolution being put together back a faction called the Dusk Lilly. I don’t know any of this elven politics and I don’t care to know it. The bickering and warring elves bring us no closer to the defeating the Legion at the Halls of Valor or bringing down Mel’korath.

I would compare this to Shadestrider and her defection, but we have no formal ties keeping him on task with us. At least his Highblades are still joining us in the field….


News reached Valdisdal this afternoon that the Bloodtotem tauren advanced into the Blind Marshlands and launched a raid on the Feltotem outpost of… Feltotem. their treacherous kin’s village there. It was part of a two pronged operation including our Illidari allies, some of my mercenaries, the Scythe, and the Highblades.

While Maur and his warmongers led the raid against Feltotem directly, the others went south to attack a tauren burial ground where the fel-ridden cattle were empowering a ritual that perverted shamanistic magics with fel energy.

Hiwani, the former spiritwalker of the Bloodtotem turned deranged demon lover, was creating the aberration of fel and elemental power. Well… our party cleared out the worst of the fiends in the grave site (Eredar, the reports suggested) and killed Hiwani’s winged, shadowy clawed servants that Zelch has named dreadtauren.

The ritual was cut short, but still finished. The creature – an abomination of tainted stone and dirt and felblight – emerged from the swamp in the rough shape of an elderhorn stag. The battle was long and arduous but the “felemental” and the former spiritwalker were both killed…. The latter, I hear, was taken down by Arestra’s glaives.

The fate of the aberration is more bizarre. Hiwani supposedly kept it alive through the use of what Kasaya called her Spirit Totem. Zelch used his own magics to tear the totem free of the creature, which caused it to grow unstable and crumble into the swamp….

Of course that’s the end of the good news.

The broken slimy remains of the creature were not fully destroyed. Some slunk into the seas and vanished there.

And then there was the fate of Maur’s raiders. They stormed Feltotem and managed to take out several of the dreadtauren before the all powerful pit lord showed himself. Aggadon has been skulking in Feltotem, giving his blood and creating legions of dreadtauren.

Maur and perhaps three others of the raiding party – which numbered nearly two dozen – are all that survived. And Maur lost an arm during the engagement, the poor bastard.


Now that we know where Aggadon, the Black Scourge, lieutenant of Prince Mel’korath, hides in a cave known as the Lair of Devout in the coastal village of Feltotem. There the demon’s blood is distributed to Torok Bloodtotem's people, willing and unwilling. The fact he’s in that cave gives me an idea….

I’ve amassed our forces and prepared to invade the settlement. The tactics are simple. We hit them in a pincer movement from the north and south while also launching an amphibious strike… rendering them completely surrounded and easy to pick off.

The Skyhorn have offered us aid in the form of their eagle riders. They will be invaluable with the felbats that fill the skies above the village.

This will be a good fight.

Post – Operation Notes

Our warriors crossed through Shipwreck Cove with minimal difficulty. The falcosaurs tried to put up a fight, but they were driven back by our warriors. Torygg’s Fist, the Chieftain’s Pride, and Sunvalor’s ship… that he named after himself... held the coast and kept the Fel-addled tauren from escaping by sea.

The Skyhorn were late, but they did arrive in time to see the brunt of it.

Valtenath led the strike force into Feltotem while our southern team kept the Legion forces’ attention. The Highmountain coalition was generous enough to provide reinforcement to our southern line, backing us with Highmountain, Rivermane, and even those Stonedark drogbar.

The strike team’s reports were clear in what happened. They approached the southern gate and fought off several dreadtauren before pressing into the city. There they had problems with the felbats, who apparently decided to take Kasaya into the air and kill her by dropping her back down to the earth. Fortunately, it failed….

They found Aggadon in the Lair of the Devout, where the reports indicated he was skulking. It was a damn good thing he was in there too. I had planned around that fact when I issued Kasaya join the strike team.

The demon apparently looked much the same as he had in Ashenvale some months ago... with his thick, black scaled hide; felfire burning in his eyes and in a crest down his back; with large fangs and far larger claws, and his wings outstretched. He was also covered in stitching under his armored plates… which concealed the wounds left by Viridia, Nharos and Maur’s raiders.

He intended to ambush the party in the cave, summoning dozens of powerful dreadtauren to his side to engage the strike team, but I had put Kasaya with them for a reason.

She called on the elements and through them was able to collapse the cave, and, hell, part of the damn mountainside, on the pit lord and his minions. Even then Aggadon managed to survive… though his army did not… and he engaged our men.

The battle was long and the demon, though wounded a dozen times over, and even though he was crushed by a damn mountain… nearly killed everyone present. Zelch was the one to bring him down in the end. The way he did it though….

Zelch used a staff of his own making topped with the Eye of the Basilisk, a relic he picked up years ago that he was supposed to return to me after a contract in Stranglethorn. I had forgotten about it and it seems over time the warlock twisted the old troll trinket until it suited his needs.

With the Eye of the Basilisk, Zelch used some strange spellwork to actually twist and transform the pit lord into a gigantic soulstone. When I finally saw the statue that contained the demon’s soul with my own eyes, I admit I was surprised. Zelch explained that the Eye, which once turned its victims into crystals like basilisk eyes do... the ‘Eye of the Basilisk’ now turns its enemies into their own soulstones.


I received a letter from one Hazk Shortfuse. I remember the name, but I couldn’t recall from where. Kerg reminded me that the goblin was once Hazk Jinglepockets. He had joined us shortly after the initial flight from Tanaan in Draenor. He came to us while we built the foundations of Grazza’kar and helped kill a gronnling that had taken to eating our dead. He seemed like a decent enough sort… for a goblin… so I inducted him into the mercenaries. He then went on to wreak havoc for weeks, straining our ties to the Scythe and Seekers; he nearly killed half the leadership between our factions, and nearly blew Grazza’kar apart by blowing up our war mill. The latter only happened because Isaedra called him out for stealing fish oil from her private purse. I remember that damn well because that fish oil was left in my quarters in Armbreaker Hold alongside a novel about debauchery.

After Talgar stopped their quarrel the goblin fled the garrison. I had him hunted for weeks and was planning to let the Seekers flog him for his insolence. It was them he annoyed the most….

He wanted to rejoin the Kalimdor Mercenaries. While I would love nothing more than to throttle the goblin, he now seems to imply he’s taken up the mage ways… and mages are something we can use more of right now. I have offered to let him rejoin us, but the goblin will first need to show a sign of good faith.

He will have to pay off the bounty the Seekers placed on him during the Draenor campaign.


Sarr sends word. His team - Ahsionie, Gorgrok, Ti’cha, Hila, the ‘Leopard Chief,’ and himself – finally managed to meet with representatives of the vrykul clans of Northrend. In a way. They met with the Dragonflayer clan’s remnants and were turned away because of the Horde’s part in killing their fabled king, Ymiron, and because the Forsaken plagued their villages during the war against Arthas. The Winterskorn just attacked the party and nearly killed Hila. Fortunately that Frostwolf’s made of stronger stuff.

The Hyldnir – the frost-skinned warriors of the Storm Peaks – also refused us, claiming to be serving the interests of the Watcher, Thorim, around Ulduar.

It’s damn well infuriating, but I think we may need to call an end to our pursuit of allies among the Northrend vrykul.

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