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1, What is the full name of your character?


2, What is the name of your character as it appears in-game (including special characters)?


3, Level and class:

64 Death Knight. I understand fully that I need to be 70 to join,but that will happen soon, as this is not my first character. If you prefer, you can ignore this post until I update it with confirmation that I have reached the required level. (I'd really prefer that you read the rest of the application rather than deleting it, however.)

4, How long have you been roleplaying in WoW and without?

About a year and a half, on and off. Spent some time in Final Fantasy 14 as well.

5, What is your age range? (Options are 14-17, 18-21, 22-25, and 26+)


6, What is the back-story and history of your character? (Feel free to be as detailed as you would like.)

(Despite deciding to roleplay a Drakkari, I have no intention of being a 'special snowflake'. Ali'kuno really isn't any more powerful than a "normal" Death Knight.)

Ali'kuno is a Drakkari Troll hailing from Northrend. In life, he lacked some of the brutal instincts of many of his kin, preferring instead to spend his time as a known jokester and philanderer. He had the singular accomplishment of winning the heart of a voodoo priestess and subsequently made the singular error of fooling around with another woman behind her back. In retaliation, she cursed him into undeath, raising him as a mindless thrall, forever to guard Zul'drak from invaders and draining the life forces of said invaders in order to prolong his own existence. This continued for generations.

However, fate would take an unexpected turn for Ali'kuno during the events of the Wrath of the Lich King as he is turned from mindless zombie into a Death Knight. His consciousness is restored and subsequently shackled to the Lich King.

Following Arthas' defeat, Ali'kuno would aimlessly wander Northrend for a time before grudgingly pledging his support to the Ebon Blade, as there was nothing left for him anywhere in his former home. Later, he would accompany several other Death Knights to Kalimdor. The idea of the city of Orgrimmar intrigues him.

7, Tell us about the personality of your character.

As a Drakkari, Ali'kuno carries some of the savagery of his culture with him, and has a limited knowledge of other customs. However, he is able to work in a group due to the structure he endured as a servant of the Lich King. In life, he was originally a light-hearted, lovable jokester who enjoyed eliciting smiles from those around him. He still carries these personality traits with him as a Death Knight, but it is more of a facade and coping mechanism rather than anything else. Though he makes a valiant attempt at optimism, his humor often shifts toward the harsh, biting, and cynical.

8, What does your character look like?

Ali'kuno is eight and a half feet tall (a bit short for a Drakkari). He has pale skin and a shock of white hair that is pulled back in braids. He has quite large tusks. He maintains his armor well, but prefers functionality over flash.

He is quite obviously undead, but is held together in a form that approximates his former life.

9, What does your character think of their warchief, Sylvanas Windrunner?

Though he would certainly have one or two sly cracks to make about her, he is largely indifferent.

10, The following questions are designed to get a better grasp of your character within their race and position within the Horde. Only answer the question(s) specified to your character’s race. If the question does not apply to your character perfectly, still try to answer to the best of your ability.

Troll: As a troll of the Darkspear Tribe, what roles has your character played in establishing and defending the Horde since the tribe was rescued from the Darkspear Isles? And lastly, how do they feel about their chieftain taking on such a prominent role in the Horde?

The Darkspear tribe interests Ali'kuno somewhat, but he lacks experience and opinions on most of recent events involving them.

11, Which pages of the site did you read?

FAQ, Rules, Recruitment, etc.

12, What does the large feline like to eat?

13, Can you initiate roleplay on your own? How often do you? How do you?
Yup. Not all that often. Due to my schedule, I kind of have to pick and choose my times. Usually I'll message someone first and ask if they want to roleplay, then decide on a feasible reason for our characters to talk, decide who goes first, etc.

14, What does the tiny automobile use for fuel?

15, How involved do you like to be in the guild community outside of the game? Do you enjoy using forums / mumble, etc?

I'm not opposed to it, but probably won't actively seek it out. I'm fine with using it if instructed to, though.

16, Why do you want to join Warforged Legacy?
Looking for a solid, lore-adhering guild. You guys seem to be as solid as they come.

17, Do you know anyone in the guild, and how do you know them?
Afraid not.

18, How did you hear about us?
Guild Finder.

19, On average, how often do you log into this character and play? Try to be specific.
3-4 times a week, for a few hours each.

20, What was the name of the last guild you were in, and why did you leave it?

Red Vanguard. The guild kind of imploded in on itself, as far as I can tell. I had to leave due to changes in my life that required my full attention.

21, Anything you would like to add? (Tell us about yourself, etc.)

I studied writing, teach English, am laid back, and have a great sense of humor. Also modest. :D

22, If you understand that a reason will not be provided if your application is denied type: "I UNDERSTAND" in response to this:


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You seem like a great sort and your interest is appreciated, but we'll be denying your application at this time. Good luck in your guild search! We need more trolls out there!
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