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Pre – Operation Notes

The Scythe have now been invited to join operations around Dreadwake’s Landing, which seems to be the heart of the warchief’s war effort in this land. This ‘generous’ offer was extended to the other factions in the old Warforged Pact, but I don’t think we will be dedicating too much time to her personal crusade. We have the Legion to deal with and our vrykul allies to help against Skovald.


Negotiations in Northrend are going nowhere. The remnants of the Dragonflayer clan have no interest in working with us, citing the death of their king, Ymiron, and the plaguings of many of their villages during our war in Northrend. The Winterskorn have attacked our envoys over and over without a word and even the what are they called? Sifreldar have refused us, claiming to be serving the Watcher, Thorim, right now in the Storm Peaks.


Word of some business in Highmountain. Arestra’s out there and has requested a few bodies to back her up with some Bloodtotem business.

Post – Operation Notes

There was some business in the Rivermane’s land that our Bloodtotem allies in the Witchwood wanted to assist with. A ‘Bloodtotem’ shaman called Shara had passed through. She was one of Hiwani’s apprentices, so Maur believed she was Feltotem. Arestra’s party went out to the Fields of An’she and found the village there was destroyed. Its villagers were all dead and torn apart by the fel-tainted bears that filled the area.

After the bears were cut down, the party followed Rastath’s keen fel-tracing abilities. His ‘spectral sight.’ They followed Rastath into the Bloodhunt Highlands and found the whole region was overtaken by fel corruption. The elemental that dwelt in the lake was corrupted, the trees were corrupted and even spikes of fel power had torn through the soil.

After a thorough search, they discovered this Shara at her hut. She had captured several Bloodtotem children that she intended to magically age, as had been done to the orcs, and use them in the Legion’s armies. There was a battle and she nearly corrupted Kasaya if not for Arestra removing her arm. In the end she was killed, but not before she set the hut containing all those children and pups on fire. Irilandra, Arestra, Zelch’s felguard, and Rastath recovered the children as Kasaya doused the fire.

The reports also mention a large elderhorn with white fur that hampered them the entire time they were in the highlands. They claim to have killed it repeatedly only for the beast to appear again and again.

It’s an elderhorn. A damn moose….


The Bloodtotem children were taken to Thunder Totem. Those with family members among the uncorrupted Bloodtotem were restored to their families, but the many whose parents were twisted by the Legion were found orphaned.

From my understanding, Irilandra and Zelch were asking around Thunder Totem about adopting those younglings.


Minzel came to me asking about the contracts we had received from the Skyhorn. One such contract was about the local kobold. Between the harpies under Crawliac, the ettin in the mountains, Torok’s Feltotem, and the Underking and his mongrel drogbar, they are too stretched out to deal with the kobold raiding their graveyard.

The Bluewax kobold apparently massacred the grave tenders, desecrated the bodies of the Skyhorn dead, and even stole the bones of their ancient chieftains. While the bones of their chieftain's ancestor, Oenia Skyhorn, were returned... something happened since to make the kobolds deranged.

Minzel seemed very eager to take up the contract and I later learned that it was because Magrag told her to take the job. She was going after some great source of power that turned out to be a demon’s skull.

After cleaning out the graveyard, the Sepulcher in the Skies, Minzel’s party discovered felfire candles burning on several of the kobold’s heads. They then went into Candle Rock and met a demonic spirit inhabiting a dead kobold’s body. It demanded tributes from the kobold, lest it bring the ‘darkness’ on them.

The demon, called Skal’ach, has been dead for centuries… but its spirit still inhabits its skull. It bargained with Zelch and Minzel to secure its freedom and it established a contract with them to serve them in exchange for their help in restoring its powers.


Word from the demon hunters is that the binding rituals used on Skal’ach were ineffective. The demon manipulated the wording and the names it uttered to render the rituals completely pointless. He is not bound to Minzel or Zelch… and is instead serving his own interests, which just happen to coincide with the goblins.

The demon hunters will be keeping an eye on the fiend. As will I.


The drogbar attempted to mount a raid on Thunder Totem by using a large group of craggy-hided elementals. This crystal fissure they tore open was the focus on our operations in assisting the Highmountain tauren. Bauron led the party and within the caverns they encountered a massive creature called Wrathshard. It nearly killed Valtenath, but was fortunately banished to Deepholm by Kasaya and Huuza. Surprising to hear that Huuza is back on the field, but his is a welcome presence. It's also interesting to know he's using his more shamanistic talents more.

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