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Pre - Operation Notes

Strange intel has come in fro the Isle of Conquest garrison. Two vessels passed through the area, launching an attack on the Horde and Alliance garrisons there. Most notably they had torn sails that flew the ‘L’ of Lordaeron. This report made more sense when it was pointed out that the ‘L’ flown on these ships were actually a blazing scarlet. Broken remnants of the Crusade or Onslaught, it seemed.

There was some effort to pursue these presumably Scarlet Crusade vessels, but the Horde who pursued these vessels later reported them circling around the Borean Tundra and disappearing after a Kvaldir raid stopped the Horde’s pursuit. They were able to escape.

Agrol actually reported where they had gone. It was the first I’ve heard from him since the Broken Shore and all his report had to say was the ships had gone to Onslaught Harbor….

A team was dispatched to investigate. The accounts of the Onslaught Harbor operation are strange ones to say the least.

The whole harbor was a ruin. The ground was littered with torn tents, broken crates, and dozens of half-frozen, rotten, corpses wearing the white and red tabards of the Scarlet Crusade. Hlabina and Valtenath’s reports suggested land itself was haunted.

It appears the Scarlets had decided to take up residence in the area again. The crumbling walls were being reinforced and the two ships were found anchored on the rotting docks. Most importantly was the fact that the Scarlets reclaimed their old cathedral.

Invar Marris circled around the cathedral while the rest of the team moved in. There they found a group of humans - including warlocks in their ranks – and they battled. Invar broke in through the stained glass at the cathedral altar and ambushed their leader, taking up his own weapons in the battle. The weapons, it seems, are another artifact of the Crusade. They apparently emanated the Holy Light in Invar’s hand and burned the skin off half the forearm of the hand gripping the blade.


Hlabina and members of the Scythe have all mentioned Agrol’s behavior in their reports. His behavior was strange and he invoked the name of his ‘master.’ The last time I heard him talking like that was when we fought together in Northrend… when he spoke of the Lich King. This ‘Deathlord’ Agrol has been serving in the Ebon Blade begins to worry me.

I’m going to have to speak to him and find out what the hell’s going on with him.


Kezzik Nitris brought a zeppelin into Stormheim with supplies. Something happened up there, involving a large storm dragon, and the zeppelin crashed into the side of Nastrondir. A party was put together to rescue the crew – included Kezzik himself – and they were brought down from the mountain and returned to safety. We lost many supplies, but the situation can be salvaged.

This was a good test of those hookshot tools….


I’m sitting in the Filthy Animal now, dizzy and confused… and filled with a deep-seated rage I have not felt in years. I was meeting with Sunvalor, who had intelligence about an assassination attempt in Stormwind against the young wolf cub, Anduin Wrynn, that was stopped by Garona Halforcen of all people, when I ran into some of my men.

Minzel was there and decided to tell me not only about an alliance she has made with Magrag, but that she’s used her damn fel magic to resurrect Talgar into some… broken form of himself. Velikaya was there and when I confronted the goblin, I pushed her aside, and she dropped one of those cups from her pandaren tea set. When that happened and the cup shattered, I lost my senses. All I saw was red and all I wanted was blood.

I was filled with sha energy from the cup… and Sunvalor had to draw it from me after having turned me into a damn cat with his magic. The conversation did bring new, valuable intel…. We learned that Mel’korath has many servants on the Broken Isles. There is one who carries a rank called ‘procunsul’ and another who serves as his assassin… Vaanti.

Magrag is working with Minzel to lure out the prior and find the latter. We shall see where that goes.


Stendarr sent us a contract regarding something called ‘Storm Brew.’ It apparently gives its drinker the might of the gods. His ally, Melba, who dwells at a meadery in a hilly area called Storm’s Reach, is one of the few yet living who can make this drink. I’ve sent a team out to find this Melba. They are to place an order for a cask of this storm brew, as well as some of her other brews… Goldenapples, Black Brew, and Woodheart. This should serve to help the morale of the men. Some good brews.

And, hell, I can get some for myself. The last time I had a personal stock of ale, Kalaanar Silversun ruined it with some magic potion that changed me into a woman.

Never again.

Post - Operation Notes

After two days without word from the party at Storm’s Reach, I sent Strakk out there to find out what had happened. The party found the two mercenaries I had sent, dead, and their cart was broken at the side of the road. They were ambushed after leaving the meadery and were butchered by Skovald’s damn Felskorn. The brews were salvaged, including one that had a sword stuck in it… that the demon hunter Illarinae took out and Strakk patched the hole with something he calls ‘Leak-Be-Plugged gel.’

Before they could recover the dead or move the cart back onto the path, a vrykul stormed out and challenged them. He claimed to be the apprentice of a brewer called Morjirn and issued a challenge for a one on one battle with one of the party – Strakk, Hedva, Zelch, Illarinae, and Velikaya – and they accepted.

Illarinae accepted his challenge and they fought. The battle was close, but, even with the attempts of Hedva, Strakk, and Zelch, to aid her… the vrykul killed Illarinae.

Portals was called on and he brought Erad and a small party to assist Strakk’s party with retrieving the dead and the brews. Illarinae’s body was frozen to preserve it… as they hope she can be saved, but I have not heard yet if they succeeded in resurrecting any of our dead. For an effort to try and salvage morale… this damn well backfired.

Despite what had transpired, Strakk still went to Meadery as the contract demanded. He met with Melba’s apprentice, Aegira, who told him that Melba herself has been dead for nearly two years. Morjirn, whose apprentice the team killed, killed her and stole the pattern for Storm Brew from her body. Without the pattern or any way to get a hold of it, Aegira cannot make us the Storm Brew… but she does believe there’s a cask of it out there somewhere on the Broken Isles.

I’ve asked Raketalon, Bloodsear, and my other contacts to look into the Storm Brew and where it can be found. We shall see if any good comes from this debacle….


For once the damn Scythe have been open about their side operations. Hedva came to me with a request for one of the shaman in my ranks to assist them with some problem involving an elemental-related problem.

The Old Wolf came to Stormheim from his usual vigil at the Maelstrom with his fellow Earthen Ring members. He spoke directly to the elemental and learned that there was a corruptive power trying to warp its mind. It turns out that an eredar sorcerer was behind the magic and after a brief confrontation, he was sent plummeting to his death.

Ships coming from the Howling Fjord can now safely enter the region to reinforce the Forsaken outpost of Dreadwake’s Landing.


Possibly the worst part about being allied with the Kirin Tor once again is the fact we now need to renew all of our licenses. In order for Portals to continue functioning as our portal-conjurer, he needs to renew his D - 6 license, as well as as sign several non-conventional portal documents to be able to conjure portals for us throughout the Isles without being hounded by the damn mages of Dalaran. The Sunreavers didn't make us do this!

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