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Our operations on the Broken Isles continue. A party was sent to Stonehoof Outpost with a tribute for the Highmountain tauren to show our desire for an alliance. Our party arrived to find the outpost under attack by Skovald’s vrykul and so we proved ourselves twice over in killing them and in offering our tribute.

Even after all that work, the tauren still wanted the party to clear out a surveillance outpost in the mountains south of the position. Between the drogbar and a massive ettin in the region, they were lucky to only need to confront the drogbar. The tower was claimed for the tauren and we secured our ties to the Highmountain tauren.


A party was sent to Pandaria following a lead about some ancient artifacts of the last pandaren emperor. Some lorewalker gave Tabaki a series of letters and old scrolls that spoke of ancient pandaren artifacts and one caught the attention of Countess Velikaya of the Scythe of Sylvanas.

The party initially met in the Valley of the Four Winds and made their way up to the Veiled Stair, where they were told of the ancient treasury of the emperor that vanished some years ago in the cave network leading to Kun-Lai.

They went into the saurok-infested cave and navigated their way through. Eventually this led them not to Kun-Lai, but another village hidden in the mountains over the Jade Forest. In the village they found an ornate chest the locals had been keeping. Invar found it from my understanding after a very long search.

Unfortunately, they were followed. Swarms of Saurok pursued them from the caves and descended on the secret Aerie in the hundreds. Sunvalor’s apprentice, Alyarra, conjured a portal to the Shrine of the Seven Stars and the party – as well as the locals who were forced to evacuate – went through.

The treasure, it turns out, was a tea set….

Six cups and a kettle.

To me it sounds like the operation was a complete waste of time, but Velikaya was very pleased… and the Scythe have been very tight-lipped about the tea set. Alyarra believes it may have some magical properties but nobody’s telling me a damn thing.


A group of vrykul defectors from Hrydshal asked that we meet them over some valuable intel about their masters. When we found them, they were petrified by what we thought was dark magic.

Nope. Just a damn large basilisk that took far too much effort to kill.

Sunvalor is working on unpetrifying them now. Is that a word? Unpetrifying?


Kasaya was sent ahead to Highmountain to meet with the Skyhorn. Between her connection to the spirits of wind and the eagle-riding tauren there, I thought it would be nice to start establishing ties with the locals. She and Zelch, who was in the area investigating rumors of fel corruption in the local tauren population, encountered a large party of demon hunters.

Kasaya and Zelch accompanied the demon hunters into the Witchwood to meet with the Bloodtotem to talk alliances. They were supposed to prove their might to Torok, the Bloodtotem chieftain, and met with a Spiritwalker called Hiwani to that effect. We wanted to end hostilities with them in Stormheim and in Highmountain and, at first, they seemed willing to hear us out. Hiwani sent the party on a job of some kind to recover the heads of a massive ettin in the Witchwood and present them as a trophy to Torok in this ‘Cave of the Blood Trial.’ That and fighting one of Torok’s ‘warmongerers’ was supposed to be a trial to earn the tribe’s respect. Instead, the party found spilled demon’s blood in the middle of the Bloodtotem’s camp. Arestra led them to the blood – her demon hunter senses leading her – and the party was ambushed by Bloo--- Feltotem tauren.

The account of the battle is one of brutality. Nharos went into a demon form and broke one’s spine, Rastath took it one step further by tearing out one’s spine, Sillarra used her here beams to bore a hole in their leader’s head and the last one was killed by a night elven demon hunter who happened to be in the area to report on possible fel corruption in the tauren ranks. He told them that the spiritwalker, Hiwani, was actually trying to convince the more reluctant in her tribe to take on the fel corruption over time.

The night elven demon hunter, Irastrius, also revealed that Prince Mel’korath sent the pit lord, Aggadon, who we could only kill with the help of a damn dragon, to Highmountain to help corrupt the Bloodtotem tauren. He is also behind Zalingyr in Stormheim and all sorts of business out here….

Luckily, our efforts with the Bloodtotem weren’t a complete failure either. Kasaya ended up negotiating with the Witchwood outpost Bloodtotem, convincing them not to join Torok’s corrupt tribe members. Their group, led for now by one Maur Bloodtotem, is going to side with the Highmountain coalition. It is a fraction of their tribe – who dominate the whole northern half of Highmountain – but they are a good lot.

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