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We finally managed to track the Golden Fleet to the east of the Maelstrom, heading due south. We rendezvoused in Tirisfal and departed on the elven ship, the Sunvalor’s Lament, before heading after them.

For hours the rains fell and battered the hull and the waves rocked the ship. There were constant reminders why I hate traveling by sea.

We were able to catch up to the fleet after several days. It was a damn marvel to look at, with all that gold and…. We used a cloaking spell conjured by some of Sunvalor’s apprentices to conceal ourselves and move in along the fleet. Eventually we found a ship that was particularly ornate, nearly as fancy as the head ship where I can only assume that Zul himself was seated.

We then readied our skiffs and approached the ship in two groups. Mine acted as a distraction while the other, headed by Hedva and Tabaki, infiltrated the reliquary.

It turns out my team was more poorly off than expected. On the deck we cleaved through a dozen trolls before an elder approached us. He was called War-God Zul’ambwe, the Blade of Rastakhan, and he… he was a damn good warrior. He could tell by our every movement what were going to do. He read our body language in a way that we could never catch him by surprise and he and his guards actually managed to overpower us.

Meanwhile, our other party encountered problems from the beginning. The damn fools couldn’t get the drawbridge open and then alerted the sentries and had to put them down and then….

Well… at least they managed to find a wide array of Zandalari artifacts. There was a cloak of black and white fur – pandaren fur – from the war between the Zandalari and pandaren in ages past; there was a spiritbinder’s staff; there were magical bracers and anklets and a whole collection of weapons and armor.

Tabaki’s new ‘apprentice’ took the cloak from my understanding, and Alyarra catalogued and teleported the majority of what she could get her hands on to Sunvalor’s sanctum in Quel’thalas. Tabaki himself retrieved the bracers and anklets.
They then came up top to rendezvous with us and were confronted by Zul’ambwe.

While the others struggled to hold fast against the Zandalari champion as my party had, Tabaki – wearing those Zandalari artifacts – seemed immune to the other troll’s talent. Hell, from what I saw, it looked like he was acting as randomly as could be. He was practically dancing about until he wasn’t. He danced, he lashed out, he danced, he lashed out… and the Zandalari could not touch him. In the end Tabaki tore the bastard’s heart out.

Maybe he’s right to be disturbed by it all. The bracers are inscribed with the images of a raptor loa called Gonk and the Hakkar the Soulflayer. It’s possible that killing with them on only feeds that evil spirit….

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