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Pre – Operation Notes

Tracking a massive fleet of gilded ships is more challenging than I thought….


The first stop on our effort to unite the scattered vrykul against Skovald is Morheim. The village, named after a great champion of old, sits on the coast. The coasts are avoided by the vrykul, as they live in fear of the Kvaldir who appear along the coasts here from time to time. So while Skovald’s armies or Tideskorn and Drekirjar live in fear of the waters, these other tribes are left relatively uncorrupted by Legion influences.

Ungrim suggests we gather the heads of the Bilgefin murlocs and present them to the chieftain there. Apparently those fish have been pestering them of late, so bringing trophies of our slaughter will earn the tribe’s attention. Einhar suggests we take their fins to make stew with.

I don’t understand why he’s making stew every time I see him….


The party arrived in Morheim to find the village in ruins. From what they could tell, the local tribe had been dead for a few days already and were in the midst of decay under the sun. They found a specter in one of the homes and it described out the Bilgefin murlocs snuck into the village one night as the vrykul slept and began to butcher them in their sleep. Even as they woke and started fighting back, the vrykul were swarmed and slain.

Damn murlocs didn’t just come up with this strategy on their own either. After killing their raid party leader – apparently one called Grrvrgull the Conqueror as if a murloc is worthy of that title – the village was searched. The party found a message burned into the door of one of the homes. The scrawl was in demonic and read “I delight in your failure once more, mortals. You will find no more allies on these isles.” The murloc attack was probably conducted by the dreadlord from the other night, Zalingyr, and he must know of our plans to unite the vrykul.

It’s up to us now to find these other clans before it’s too late.


Valtenath and Braktar approached me shortly after the debrief. They waited until none of the Scythe were near to mention that it was possible that there was a powerful artifact weapon in Morheim. The two of them had scoured the village after the operation and found nothing, but the statue inscribed as the ‘Champion of Morheim’ was built in such as a way that it could have been holding a weapon.

They do not trust the Scythe with this information. With how secretive those Forsaken have been lately, I can’t blame them.


There was a storm last night and a great rumbling of the earth. With our luck that was the Legion claiming the Aegis from wherever it has been buried. Ungrim believes it’s an omen and that we must move to meet Jarl Stendarr in Vrekt sooner rather than later.

He has also deployed his son, Garagrim, to meet with Jarl Throndyr of Jandvik. Hopefully these operations go well. After Morheim… we need a win.

Post – Operation Notes

Ungrim led our party to the southern coast, to Vrekt, and it was only natural that we found the city in ruins. By the looks of the village, it had recently been though a landslide, which buried much of it under dirt and stone. What that failed to account for is the sunken ships by its harbor and the pyres erected to burn not only both vrykul and naga corpses.

The naga had attempted to destroy Vrekt and were rebuffed by the village’s surviving warriors.

We expected to find the village deserted or at the very least hear cries of mourning, but instead we heard laughter and cheers. We traveled up the hill and found Jarl Stendarr – elder he is – and his people had set up tables and were feasting to their recent victory over the naga. They were drinking to the great deaths of their companions and to their future journies to the Halls of Valor. At the head table, aside from Stendarr, were two others. One was a Felskorn called Malag, who was there to recruit Stendarr’s people, and the other was his daughter Hlín.

Ungrim announced our intentions to recruit the tribe. When Malag advanced to fight us, Hlin challenged that we had been given that the vrykul call ‘guest rights’ and doing so would only break Malag’s potential pact with Vrekt.

Ungrim then offered we would fight on behalf of our coalition and that we would fight Malag, who represents Skovald. The winner would have Stendarr’s loyalty. The dueling banner was planted and we handily defeated the dog. Well… teh demon hunters mostly. Nharos held him with a sigil, that strange one – Rastath – nearly cut his legs out from under him, and Sillarra – the child killer – finished him. Jarl Stendarr and the people of Vrekt joined us, with the Jarl leaving his trbe under his daughter’s command as he leads their military in our coalition.


With the news from Jandvik – that our coalition now stands at three tribes – it’s time we begin to search for more of these fabled artifacts. Between all of the intel I’ve gathered these last months, and with the Golden Fleet soon to be found, I believe we can stand a good chance against the demons soon.

Nharos has proposed we also reach out to the shattered tribes out in Northrend. This is something to consider.


More chaos here in Stormheim.

More chaos that can be traced back to the Scythe of Sylvanas.

Some new plague was put together – Bloodsear says by Valrand Blightwhisper – and was used on a patrol from the Gilnean outpost of Greywatch. From my understanding the Scythe was going to field test this new plague.

I have no idea how that type of mission resulted in the Runewood being set ablaze, but it managed to happen….


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