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Pre – Operation Notes

The Scythe off and vanished again this afternoon. Seems they followed some of the Dread-Riders and a salvage team to scout around the ruins of the Skyfire. A group of Forsaken later returned with the bodies of some of their dead. Some had been mauled and others were riddled with bullet wounds that look like they burned them. I heard mentions of ‘blessed’ bullets. Would such things actually help against Forsaken? Or would they just make their wounds hurt like hell?

Dread-Rider Malwick, who helped spearhead the destruction of the Skyfire, has been reported killed in action. Brought down by Gilnean agents and someone they’re calling the ‘Houndmaster.’


Braktar approached me with a strange idea. Strange... but damn impressive if we manage to pull it off. A raid against the infamous Golden Fleet of Zandalar. They apparently have a treasure ship or two among the fleet, meant to preserve the ancient Zandalari relics that would otherwise be sinking into the Great Sea. This will require some planning… but if we pull it off?


We’ve dealt with some Alliance spies that were overseeing the foothold. They carried orders from Lorna Crowley of the Gilnean Liberation Front, whose words came from Genn Greymane. He’s looking for Sylvanas Windrunner even now and has scouting parties throughout Stormheim trying to find her. Stubborn old dog is still alive and hounding the Horde’s every step. Don’t they realize the Legion is at our doorstep!?

The information was sent to the Forsaken in charge of the Horde’s campaign here.

And still nothing from our former so-called allies….


Einhar has sent word. Apparently he has set a meeting between us and the Thoravir king’s son, Garagrim. He says it’s a matter of life or death. I’ll muster some of our forces.

Post – Operation Notes

Demon hunters.

Sometimes I question if they’re utterly mad….

The operation began when we met with Garagrim and Einhar. The latter was making mutton stew while the ‘prince’ was brooding over his father’s fate. I’m not sure what qualifies as kingly for vrykul, but an armored sleeve covering his arm, and a golden chain going from his ear to his nostrils? I expected at least a crown or helmet over his fiery hair or some kind of ornate braiding in his hair or beard. He looked more like a thug in the Drag than a prince….

It turns out that Thane Irglov of Hrydshal issued a challenge to him. An honor duel of sorts. Ungrim agreed to the duel and left his peoples’ hiding spot with his kingsguard. He went to their sacred battling site and was ambushed there.

It also turns out the Legion knew where the Thoravir were hiding. They were attacked and most of the villagers, civilians, tradesmen were taken. Only Garagrim and a few others escaped and have been hiding in the hills since.

Garagrim pointed us to the Kingsfall Pass. Apparently Irglov had the king and his people taken there to rot in cages until they either bend or break. And like hell we were going to let that happen.

We made our way to the pass, which leads to the ancient lands of Suramar. Just being near that part of the continent made me light headed. There was this tingling sensation as arcane magics basically washed over us from the elf city there. Other than that feeling, the only thing notable about the pass was a solitary tower. Around the tower’s base, and fixed and hanging from it, were many cages. Dozens. And each was filled with vrykul. Men, women, children... and all were worn thin and exhausted.

There was a child there who pointed at Sunvalor’s son and kept pestering for others to look at him. Apparently his sword is important to the clan’s history somehow. As Strakk set the vrykul free, we scouted the area, and Illidari Nharos informed us that there was powerful demonic magic at work up in the tower. Good thing we went up there when we did. We found Ungrim there being tormented by a dreadlord called Zalingyr, who was trying to tear the vrykul’s soul out of his body so that he could inhabit it. Like the dreadlord Balnazaar did to the Scarlet Crusade. Our forces attacked him and his inquisitor minions, but he put up some sort of shield. We had to kill his servants – and naturally Zelch and Minzel took their fel grimoires – and then the dreadlord retreated.

Naturally, here’s where everything goes to hell.

Ungrim and his people were now freed. The vrykul king took Valtenath’s sword as it’s not only important to their clan, but his family were the original wielders… and he started leading his people away from the pass and towards where Einhar and Garagrim were camped out.

The demon hunters insisted that the dreadlord was still near. It was possible he was among the vrykul followers, still trying to claim Ungrim’s soul. We followed and overtook the vrykul party and then, without warning, one of the demon hunters – Sillarra – threw her glaive into that whelp who kept talking about Storm’s Vigil. She then started rambling about the mother being a demon and at that point Ungrim was about to cleave her in two. Everything fell into chaos as Swerto raised his blade to kill her and Zelch and Nharos were eyeing the vrykul and… in that moment the child’s mother was revealed to be Zalingyr. He conjured a spell that drained the life not just from Ungrim, but from all of his followers… and most of us.

It was only after Swerto leapt up close to the dreadlord, taking several of the dark tendrils into himself – crumpling like rotting fruit before our eyes – that we had an opening. Valtenath seized Storm’s Vigil back from the vrykul king and somehow used it to strike the dreadlord with lightning. Hell if I know how. All of these artifacts are far above me….

The dreadlord shattered into a cloud of bats that flew off in every direction. Fortunately, things started to improve quickly once the demon was cast out. Irilandra - one of Sunvalor's allies - saved the child from a permanent stay in the Shadowlands - and we were able to secure an alliance with King Ungrim and his Thoravir. While his clan has to hide from Skovald's forces long enough to recover their strength, we have to venture around the coastal settlements of the Broken Isles and secure alliances with the local vrykul tribes who have yet to take a side. It seems for all their demon strength, Skovald’s clans still fear the water… or more specifically… the Kvaldir that dwell in it.

Morheim, Vrekt, and Jandvik are next. And fortunately we've been given leave to go to friendly vrykul settlements like Valdisdall near the supposed Runewood.


I’ve been learning a bit lately about these vrykul and their titan gods. They worship this ‘Odyn’ who they call father to Thorim. Hell, they’ve been very forthcoming. He’s a warrior who seeks the greatest of warriors to elevate them to the Halls of Valor, where he grants them the rank of ‘Valarjar.’ These Valarjar are metal skinned half-giants who serve the titans. Just like they did against us when we fought in the Trial of Might.

There is another one though. One they call Helya. She was supposedly a sorceress, turned evil witch after betraying Odyn, and now she’s to blame for the Kvaldir. The writings claim she takes the souls of unworthy vrykul (and some that Odyn wanted that she takes out of spite) onto a ship that sails them to another land they call Helheim… which she rules over.

Is that what happened to the souls claimed in Northrend? Were they dragged off into some vrkul hell?

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