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Pre – Operation Notes

I had Bloodsear and Raketalon look into the Scythe’s recent activities. They were in Dalaran, asking around about a ship called the Queen’s Reprisal. It seems it was the warchief’s flagship during the invasion. The only proper warship in the lot, with metal reinforcements on the hull and both good cannons and a ramming spike at the head. Not just a few paltry catapults.

Well they went about asking questions and eventually chartered wyverns out to Azsuna. They came back much later with a journal or something and gave it to the Forsaken authorities.

It seems that they went looking for their queen despite agreement to stay focused on the damn Pillars of Creation. I won’t say anything. They have their loyalties. She was their queen long before she was our warchief. They want to know what’s become of her.

I can’t blame them, nor can I stop them. Our alliance is no longer the Warforged Pact. I don’t command them. Hedva holds that leash.

I guess I’ll just have to try and keep a closer eye on them.


Valtenath has decided to keep his blade, and has been checking in regularly. I admit I’m surprised by this. I thought he would continue to run about with his agents and Reliquary lot, doing their own operations throughout the isles.

It will be good to have him – and that sword – around.


I’ve finally managed to scrounge up a party together to go into the valley and find a vrykul to question. Building and fortifying the foothold has taken nearly as long as it took to build Grazza’kar, and the efforts of the druids and shaman to clean up the water has been taxing on them. Not much can be done to salvage the coast.

I think I’ll write Oskenon and Krolbrim in Val’sharah. See what business keeps them there….

Post – Operation Notes


At least we have learned a hell of a lot.

I can barely stand, my armor is dented, and I’m pretty sure I have cracked ribs. And I made it out much better than some of the others.

We journeyed up the path towards the Valley of the Sword. We were going to capture and interrogate a vrykul agent who fights down there, but it turns out we had no need to fight at all. We found a vrykul camp overseeing the valley. In it was a vrykul wearing a horned leather helm that covered his face, and armor of red leather and golden scalemail.

We were ready to fight him, but instead he invited us into his camp… to share stew with him. The vrykul calls himself Einhar, son of Rhaval, and calimed that he was asked to wait on us by someone he calls ‘Old Havi.’ He was very forthcoming in what he knew.

Hell, now we know exactly what is happening in Stormheim. There is a new clan called the Felskorn – they were once called Tideskorn, I think – and they are ruled by a vrykul they call Skovald. According to Einhar, he and his brothers – Angol, Uldgar, and Voldgar – united to kill their father to claim his crown. They then killed each other and not long after he killed his kin, Skovald was recruited by the Legion. He has since united the clans of Stormheim under his rule - Tideskorn, Drekirjar, and a group of supposed runeshapers – and claimed himself the god-king. Apparently this is heresy to the titans, who the vrykul see as gods.

Skovald, it turns out, has since embarked on a quest known as the Path of Valor to prove himself worthy of walking ‘Valhallas,’ the Halls of Valor in Common. That is where the Aegis is. I’m told from his description that these ‘Halls’ are likely to be a titan facility… and that this Odyn is a Keeper, or what the elves are calling Titanforged.

Einhar also let us know that some clans have not joined Skovald. The clan in Jandvik, some distant settlement, has been in isolation, dealing with their own issues lately. There are chieftains or jarls in the coastal villages or Morheim and Vrekt we can reach out to… and there was a schism in the Drekirjar clan, who dwells nearby. A clan that was absorbed into Drekirjar long ago – the Thoravir – has broken ties and set off on their own, calling Skovald to be a traitor and a heretic.

The vrykul even knew of Valtenath’s sword and of Magrag. The warlock and his party, the demon hunter they call Glaerion, and someone else, passed through some time before we did. What he told the elf I don’t know yet. We left to see to the trials while he lingered behind.


We learned that in order to get the Aegis, we would need to accomplish three trials: the Trial of Might, the Trial of Wisdom, and the Trial of Valor. The first of these was held in the Valley of the Sword. We had to get the attention of the keeper there, Yotnar, and complete his trial.

We found the Keeper standing vigil in front of a fortress of sorts. We dueled one another to prove out mettle and it actually worked. Yotnar invited us inside to perform the first trial.

It did not go well.

He destroyed us. And I don’t just mean our pride. We could not pierce his stony hide and he summoned four metal giants he called Valarjar, who hoisted spears of light towards us. The spears claimed Kasaya, Hedva, and Legren, and Zelch and Clorg were crushed… the first under his boot and the second in his fists… and Alinthial was not only defeated, but used as a weapon for added insult. She was thrown at me and I spent far too long keeping her body from being crushed or stepped on afterwards. In the end Swerto and I, who held firm the longest, were brought down by beams of titanic energy.

Valtenath was there when I regained my wits. He claimed to have bested a Felskorn champion before coming down to aid us. And I think he resurrected Zelch from the dead. The old goblin's probably feeling his mortality now....


Not only are we behind Skovald, at least one ‘hero,’ and possibly Magrag… we are also too beaten and battered to try again. Rather than throwing the rest of my people at this Yotnar, I’ve decided we have to re-prioritize. We need to fight Skovald. Do what we can to keep his kind from claiming the Aegis.

We have some information. The clans at Vrekt, Morheim, and Jandvik… and those renegades who betrayed the Drekirjar. If we can unite them as allies at our side, we may have a chance to take on Skovald’s Felskorn army.

Einhar had also mentioned more artifacts. The armaments of old kings, magic inks, and a spear… even a mace and ancient glaives. These are leads worth looking into.

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