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Pre – Operation Notes

The elves arrived on their ship today. Not as many as in our last campaign, but, then again, they Seekers did abandon us then. They seem to be led by Talarien Sunvalor’s son, Valtenath. He came ashore with a team of Reliquary and some of what I assume are new Seekers. They barely gave introductions before departing into the mainland to treasure hunt.


Erad led our first party into the Valley of Swords. He spoke of large grotesque creatures, vrykul, and… other tauren there. They were fighting. When his team tried to engage with one of these tauren, who he said have antlers. Weird. they attacked, saying the Aegis would be theirs.

We’re going to have to reconsider our approach. The Scythe had suggested taking a prisoner and interrogating them.


he goblins have done something right. There are these strange hooks all throughout the region. Apparently they cover Stormheim as a whole, making it easier to navigate despite its rocky and hilly terrain. The goblins found a sort of hookshot rifle half-buried in the mud and have created their own. We simply push a button to eject a chain-bound hook and press it again to pull ourselves up towards it… wherever it landed. Assuming it sticks there.

Should be useful. I’ll see them distributed among the mercenaries, the elves, and the Scythe… assuming they continue to stand at our side. In our arguments shortly after the landing, they were divided between our mission and their Dark Lady. Some wanted to pursue information about her, while the rest of us wanted to reclaim the Aegis.

They questioned our loyalty to Sylvanas as our warchief. And for good reason, I guess. Ever since Hellscream’s fall, the Blood Oath of the Horde has rung hollow in my ears. I will follow her by my obligation and for my loyalty to our previous warchief, who elevated her, but I do so cautiously. Seeing how she brought the plague to use it in this war… my confidence in her is not high.


We’ve decided to take a vrykul as our prisoner. The tauren don’t appear to be local and we’re not sure the other creatures – the drogbar? – are even capable of speaking Common.


Word from the elves already. That’s surprising. I thought we’d be on our own out here.

Sounds like they’ve begun excavating around that giant statue that lumbers over the coast. They’ve encountered a doorway or a seal of some kind and want in. Kezzik has volunteered to open for them, so I sent him and his incredibly bored employees.


We were getting ready to depart into the Valley again to find ourselves a prisoner when word came in from the elves. Apparently they are having problems with Nitris and his sappers. I’ll delay our operation a few more hours and send the team to deal with the elves’ mess.

Post – Operation Notes

This land may be unknown to us still, but we are learning just how dangerous it is damn quickly. Our forces could see the battle from the foothold far below, even through the raging storm, but I needed to know what happened firsthand. Naturally, it was our party who was fighting. From what I gathered, it was pretty extraordinary.

The party I dispatched went up the base of the mountain they call Nastrondir and found the elves fighting with the goblins over how to breach the seal into the statue’s inner corridors. They called it ‘Nashal the Watcher.’ The elves claimed there was a key to get inside. A key usually held by vrykul pilgrims or something. The goblins just wanted to blow it up, as is their way. They said it would be a controlled demolition, but the elves did not want to see the seal’s historical value lost.

The party eventually searched the area around the statue, fighting off the local storm drakes (and apparently Kezzik was chased around by a whelpling. Even imagining it puts a smile around my tusks). Eventually they found an axe in a nest of sorts that Zelch determined was the right size and shape to use as a key to open the seal. It’s possible that a vrykul pilgrim came to this land only to be taken and eaten, the key lost to history….

They opened the door with no problems and entered. The Reliquary team started running around, doing all their research, while the party found a staircase and took it upwards to the top of the statue. Got right into its head apparently. Kezzik said they could see through the eye holes.

I guess that’s why they called him ‘the watcher.’

Once they reached the top and took a look around, the party stumbled on some sort of altar. On the altar was a bowl or something. In it was a vrykul’s skull that had been pierced through by a massive, forked-blade sword. Half the party was cautious about the weapon, except for Valtenath, who decided that it should be retrieved… after it was properly catalogued. Apparently that’s important to the Reliquary.

Kezzik pulled out his S.E.L.F.I.E. camera and photographed it – and himself – several times… to the irritation of everyone around him. Once content with that, the elf climbed onto the altar and pulled the sword free.

Just before they could start their way back down, they heard the beating of great wings. Looking through the statue’s eye holes they saw a storm dragon nearly as big as an Aspect. Valtenath claims it spoke. Apparently it roared that "The blade of the Thorignir shall never again see the open skies!" and blasted Nashal’s head with its lightning breath. The party escapted. Not back down the mountain, but through an opening that led onto the statue’s arm.

The beast landed on Nashal’s axe and breathed lightning at them again. They ducked and dodged, were thrown around by the wind and then the creature’s fangs and claws. The party used its grapple-launchers to hold the creature down as best as they could, but could not for the life of them even wound the beast.

Valtenath claims that throughout the fight, being so close to the thunderous skies, his sword began to, as he says, wake up. He described it as starting with the feeling that the air around him tingling. Next the blade began to resonate heat as sparks of energy formed between the two blades. He says that there was a rush of power through the sword. In that moment he raised the blade to the skies on a strange instinct… and somehow steered a descending bolt of lightning into the dragon’s back.

Now what I saw then was the dragon writhing and thrashing before breaking free and taking to the skies to escape… before being struck again. It dropped, a burning, writhing husk, into the mountainside.

Fortunately, there were no casualties. Even that Forsaken, Swerto, survived a fall from the statue. I didn’t ask if his body was broken. The Scythe apparently fix that sort of thing all the time.

They all returned to camp, Valtenath holding his lightning-powered vrykul sword, and briefed us on what had happened. It’s a remarkable weapon. An artifact of its own right. He claims he’s unsure what to do with it now. Whether he brings it to his father, uses it in battle, or simply returns it to be studied where it was found.

Legren raised a point. Do we want the elves alone to carry such a weapon? What of the rest of us…. I know the Seekers were supposedly good at finding artifacts and storied items. Are Sunvalor’s kind the same? All I know for certain is I want to know about these weapons, these artifacts, and where they can be found. I want to search the whole world over and retrieve what we can.

We need all the weapons we can get a hold of to defeat the Legion.


Our operations have been delayed. With the team still recovering from their injuries, the others being so focused on securing that elven tower, and with the foothold still under construction, we have put off going into the Valley.

I had hoped to send a few men in today, but I found the Forsaken were… absent. No idea what they’re up to. Maybe something for Blightcaller or that Dread-Captain Willar I saw in camp the other day. I did hear Hectur Banebreath say something about a Queen’s Reprisal. The name is familiar….


My efforts to reach out to our Alliance ‘allies’ has still seen no results. Nothing from Greyback, nor Mitchell… not even from the gnome in Dalaran. They want to make trying to salvage some form of peace impossible. Maybe we should respond in kind. Maybe I should find them one by one, take their heads, and mount them on spikes outside of our camp.

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