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Pre - Operation Notes

We've been at sea for days.

It's the same every time.

This damned sea sickness. I still remember leaving the Eastern Kingdoms for Kalimdor that first time. Sailing for weeks, going around the chaotic maelstrom. Storms and powerful waves that rocked the human ships we were forced to take. I remember the rocking on the ships as we sailed to Pandaria, from Tanaan to Frostfire Ridge… even our last trip to the Broken Isles. Hopefully our efforts there this time will be more successful.

It’s the same every time, but I don’t think I’ll ever be used to it.

While we were already trailing behind, that storm last night has widened the gap that separates us from the warchief’s fleet. We’re maybe two hours behind according to the shaman. I’m sure we’ll catch up before we arrive in Stormheim.


There’s some activity ahead. Lights in the skies and over the sea and booming echoes on the wind.

There’s fire… maybe. The fleet might be under attack. I will have to consult the shaman before we make our approach, which will already be hard enough with the rockiness of the coast.

Could this be the Legion? All ready to drive us from the shores? I damn well hope not.


There’s no doubt of it now. The warchief’s fleet lies scattered and in utter ruin. It’s all on fire and it looks as though plague is leaking from some of the vessels, killing the water and wildlife around them. I’m not risking the hulls of my ships on that.

We’ll enchant our skiffs and take them ashore.

Post - Operation Notes

It was only seconds after we came ashore that Forsaken emerged from a defensive bulwark up the hill. They ordered us over to the nearby apothecary ship, to, hell, they never specified. They didn’t even give us time to ask about the warchief or our allies in the Scythe.

Still… we listened and went back out into the plague-ridden waters. I could hear a sizzling sound as the water corroded everything it touched. Luckily my boots are of Blackrock iron. They could hold out.

The Forsaken vessel carried the name ‘The Black Rose’ on the bow. It seems to have been the source of the blight that was leaking out into the sea, which made sense. It was the apothecary ship. The deck and the area surrounding the ship was riddled with abominable creatures, with excess arms, rotten skins…. I can only assume the plague had an effect on the crew.

We killed the creatures and once they were silent, an apothecary emerged from the interior of the ship, with Dithavus of the Scythe of Sylvanas at his back. The latter was looking better since he was torn apart by ravenous demons in Tanaan. From what he explained, the Forsaken saw the creatures coming and abandoned the ship. They took their skiff ashore, leaving him an the apothecary stuck behind.

We returned with Dithavus and found Hedva and the other Scythe. They explained the situation. The Skyfire – the vessel that took out the Destroyer – had emerged from the cloud-line, bombarding the fleet into oblivion. The Seventh Legion, backed by many worgen, then boarded the Forsaken ships while gryphon riders assailed them from the skies. The warchief disappeared during the battle and hasn’t been seen since… so it was up to her champion, Nathanos, to deal with the Skyfire.

And he did.

Knocked the damn thing right out of the sky with Genn Greymane on it.

After these revelations, Hedva told us of a patrol that had left recently. It was headed by a dark ranger and had not yet returned. We thought we would investigate. Good thing we did too. They were under attack by wave after wave of more worgen. It was damn hard, but we drove them off. We searched the dead for orders but found nothing of the sort. The only thing that stood out amongst family letters and junk was a pistol with the ‘Cornwallis Industries’ icon emblazoned on it.

It this a coincidence? Or blatant betrayal….

The scouting party was going to a nearby tower, so we took point while they returned to issue reinforcements that way. It was an old construct. Stone. Ageless. Elven. Owl imagery everywhere. No idea what that means…. Their leader, Tyrande Whisperwind, tends to be followed by a ghostly owl.

Well, we secured the tower and soon after Forsaken flocked into it and set up defenses. It was a good start, but things did not stay so secure. Within the hour there were Alliance forces swarming towards the tower. They wanted a tactical position to use against us and despite our holding off the first two waves, there was no way in hell we were going to hold the position long. We were battered and wounded and standing over the bodies of plenty by then.

We had to retreat.

Back at the foothold we then argued over our next step. There are no options here. We can play the defensive game for now, hold the Alliance at bay should they attack, but our focus has to be on the Aegis. Without the Pillars, the Legion win. And there’s no way I’m trusting a loot-hungry, half-deranged adventurer with something so important. They’ll probably put it in the Orgrimmar auction house.

We need to set up scouting ventures. Make a plan.


That elven death knight, Alinthial, gave me a book called ‘Who Watches the Watchers’ by some Reliquary scholar. It is a less detailed account than the one in Alodi’s book, but it had some different information. It mentioned a Valley of Swords that is actually supposed to be nearby. We’ll have to check it out.


Kezzik Nitris arrived on his zeppelin and came ashore with teams of researchers, a foreman, some miners, and sapper teams. When I asked how the hell he was alive after Gorgrond and the destruction of his sky-golem with him in it – he laughed and said something about ‘science.’

I just can’t… even….

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